The Mill, September 2 2014

The Mill: Dabbling, Kielbasas, 99-packs and More

The Mill is back to work, back to school, back to the grind. Now that September is upon us, it's imperative to squeeze out every last ounce of summer. … [Read more]

BD SUMMER 14 Promo 1

The Summer Beer Dabbler Is Coming to Midway Stadium on September 6

As you may have heard, the Summer Beer Dabbler is getting a new lease on life—literally. On September 6th, from 5 to 9pm, the 6th Annual Summer Beer … [Read more]

beef tartare

Eat This Now! Beef Tartare at Tongue In Cheek

It's either a surge of joy or pangs of regret. It's that feeling when you see a plate leave a kitchen destined for another table. You've already … [Read more]


How can you help turn beer into food for the hungry? Drink FINNEGANS.

There are hundreds of breweries in the country whose business plan include a charitable component -- giving away a percentage of profits to support … [Read more]

Beer at the MN State Fair Featured Image

The Growler’s Guide to Craft Beer at the Minnesota State Fair 2014

This year brings a new S'Mores Beer, the return of the popular Mini Donut Beer, and even more places to find your favorite craft beers. The … [Read more]

Polenta at The Third Bird

Sneak Peek: The Third Bird

"Kim has vision for a space, injects an energy, and puts the right people in the right place like nobody I've ever seen before," claims Lucas … [Read more]


Now Open (or Damn Close): New Breweries in Minnesota and Beyond

Each issue we take a look at a few new breweries on the craft beer scene. In issue 14 we take a closer look at Drekker Brewing (Fargo, ND), Oliphant … [Read more]


The Caves of Mushroom Valley

Bygone Industry and Entertainment of Subterranean St. Paul “A whole economy and countless legends lie locked from view inside those rustic cliffs.” … [Read more]


Bad Weather Brewing moving to St. Paul, building brewery on West Seventh Street

The forecast looks bright for Bad Weather Brewing as they finalize plans for their brewery in a 12,000 sq ft warehouse along St. Paul's West 7th Street. Founders Zac Carpenter and Joe Giambruno recently signed a lease for their future brewery … [Read more]

Map of Flanders, Belgium, 1609 ce Featured Image

Homebrew Recipe: Provisional Sour Belgian Brown

Plan ahead, that’s the ticket! It is entirely the wrong weather to drink something strong, dark, and malty—but experience tells us that six months from now, we might want a beer exactly like that. And unless you have refrigeration, it’s too hot to … [Read more]

Schell's Black Forest Cherry

Schell’s Noble Star #4: Black Forest Cherry

The fourth interpretation in Schell's Berliner weisse series has landed. If you're not yet in the mood for changing leaves and sweater weather, you will be now. The malty base beer for Schell's Black Forest Cherry was aged for a full year in large … [Read more]

Chipotle Cultivate // Photos by Jeremy Zoss

Chipotle’s Cultivate Celebrates Sustainable Food, Live Music, and Local Beer

When you think of brands that host hip outdoor events, names like Red Bull and New Belgium Brewing may spring to mind. Chipotle, on the other hand, probably does not—at least not yet. It may not have featured the extreme sports of Red Bull … [Read more]

The Growler's MN State Fair Bingo Featured Image

The Growler’s Minnesota State Fair Bingo 2014

The Growler is headed to the Minnesota State Fair. What's that? You are too! Be sure to play our State Fair Bingo game for your chance to win the Grand Prize of Two (2) Tickets to the Summer Beer Dabbler at Midway Stadium on September 6.  Here's … [Read more]

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