Weekly Set List: Must-See Concerts Feb. 4–10

Hopefully you all survived Tuesday’s “blizzard.” Fortunately, the weather looks a little more show-friendly this weekend and into next week, and … [Read more]

Classical renegades: The genre-bending experimentation of Liquid Music

When you imagine a concert presented by the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, you probably picture the classical pros playing Beethoven in their new … [Read more]

Schell’s completes purchase of Grain Belt sign; will release Lock & Dam Lager in April

August Schell Brewing Company announced this morning they've completed the purchase of the historic Grain Belt sign on Nicollet Island. Plans call … [Read more]

Craft Cocktail: Sangria at Cafe Ena

“I bought El Meson 12 years ago, and that’s where it all started,” says Hector Ruiz, smiling at the bar of Cafe Ena in South Minneapolis. When he took … [Read more]

Wine from weird places: Is there value in seeking out wine from obscure regions?

Part of what makes wine beautiful is that in many ways it is unknowable. Built from the caprices of sun and rain, yeast and age, excellence in wine is … [Read more]

Craft Culture: Handmade timepieces from Padron Watch Company

January and February can be the dreariest of months for retailers. The Christmas bustle turns a sharp corner, and long days spent trying to keep up … [Read more]

The Minnesota Spoon: Marinated skirt steak fry bread sliders

I’ve always struggled with winters in Minnesota. But even though there are at least 100 reasons to hibernate and avoid human contact, I’ve found that … [Read more]

The increasingly blurry line between brewpubs and breweries

Brewpubs and breweries both have "brew" in their titles and both places serve beer; and that's largely where the similarities between the two business … [Read more]

Insider’s Guide to the 2016 Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival

Snow is falling, Rice Park is filled with ice sculptures, and darker beers are dominating local tap lines. Winter is here, friends, and with it comes our favorite cold-weather festival—The Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival. As a sister company to The … [Read more]

‘Brewed For Us’: The top-secret Founders beer you’ll never get to try

Founders Brewing Company seeks to live up to its motto, “Brewed For Us,” in many ways today. But it took the Grand Rapids, Michigan, brewery some trials and errors to get to that point. Owners Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers started Founders in … [Read more]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Disgruntled Brewing

“Disgruntled kind of describes me,” says Brett Doebbeling, co-owner and head brewer at Disgruntled Brewing, soon to open in Perham, Minnesota. Although he’s successfully run his own drywall company for the past 15 years, before that Doebbeling says … [Read more]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): u4ic Brewing Incorporated

When u4ic Brewing Incorporated opens this weekend in Belle Plaine, Minnesota, it will follow the now familiar path of being helmed by a homebrewing hobbiest-turned-full-time brewer that many of the state’s new breweries share. Jeff Luskey started … [Read more]

Homebrew Recipe: Thunder Dragon Belgo-Bhutanese Blonde

In keeping with this month’s cosmopolitan theme, we’re going to bash together some disparate elements to make a global whole. Using a Belgian blonde ale for the superstructure, we’ll mix in the nontraditional adjunct of red rice—the chief … [Read more]

5 great under-the-radar beer cities

Every craft beer drinker has a list of the quintessential beer towns to visit in their lifetime. While the cities widely regarded as beer meccas in the United States remain affixed to the top of those lists, the explosive growth of American craft … [Read more]

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