Hopvale Organic Ale Featured Image

Summit Brewing Company releasing Hopvale Organic Ale

Trends may come and go, but session ales thankfully seem to be around for good. Summit Brewing Company is helping the cause with its release of … [Read more]

Ol Guerrero Stout Featured Image

Bent Brewstillery releasing Ol’ Guerrero Barrel Aged Chilean Double Stout

Bent Brewstillery's El Guerrero Chilean Double Stout is growing "older, wiser" after a restful stint in oak barrels. The newly reborn Ol' Guerrero … [Read more]


How to Properly Store Homebrewing Ingredients and Supplies [Infographic]

Over the past few years, home brewing has become a popular hobby as beer lovers everywhere are trying their hands at creating their own signature … [Read more]

Nomad 2015

The Nomad World Pub Turns 10

The Nomad World Pub on Minneapolis' West Bank has a special place in our hearts. Seldom does a place elicit such strong feelings of love and hate … [Read more]


Straight from the Source: Sisyphus Brewing

Photos by Doug Hoverson The architecturally-minded drinker might think there was something a bit unusual about both the taproom and the brewhouse at … [Read more]


Slay to Gourmet: Venison

Story and Slay photos by Jon Wipfli Gourmet Photos by Matt Lien Driving through the silo-dotted Wisconsin landscape in the fall and early winter … [Read more]


Homebrew Recipe: Wheaty Brown

Illustration by David Witt Poor, unloved brown ale. It’s not IPA, so almost by default nobody cares. It doesn’t have the cultural cachet of Irish … [Read more]


Brewer Profile: Niko Tonks of Fair State Brewing Cooperative

Fair State Brewing Cooperative's head brewer gives us a fair hearing.  Photos by Aaron Davidson Name: Niko Tonks Hometown: Yarmouth, Maine Works … [Read more]


Brewers Association Releases Top 50 Breweries

The Brewers Association, the not-for-profit trade group representing small and independent craft brewers, released its annual ranking of the top 50 craft and overall breweries in the U.S., based on beer sales volume. Minnesota breweries August … [Read more]

Vine Park Brewing Featured Image

Vine Park Celebrates 20 Years of Brew-Your-Own Beers

Anybody can brew their own beer. From department store kits to all grain systems at homebrew supply centers, a range of products are out there for people to make their own beer at home. What those recipes tend to ignore, though, is the social side of … [Read more]


Now Open (or Damn Close): 56 Brewing

A simple Twitter post from NorthGate Brewing this past summer announcing their plans to expand in a new location was the spark that lit the fire for husband and wife Kale and Kerry Johnson. Kale, a professional engineer and five-year homebrewer, … [Read more]

Crowlers Featured Image

Cans and Growlers meet in The Crowler

Cans have taken over as the craft beer container of choice. So it makes sense that the can craze should extend that into taproom takeaways in place of those cumbersome 64 oz. glass jugs. Enter the can growler, or Crowler. It’s not the death of the … [Read more]

Homebrew Recipe Marzenbier Featured Image

Homebrew Recipe: Märzenbier

If you’ll indulge me in a bit of autobiography: Oktoberfest (the lager style, not the party) was one of the reasons I started brewing. Its clarity in the glass and the bright purity of its flavor seemed so alchemical to a brewer of 5-gallon batches … [Read more]