Dave's BrewFarm Featured Image

For Sale: Dave’s BrewFarm

Ever dream of buying a farm, brewing beer using ingredients from the garden, and living off the grid? It may seem like a idyllic dream, but it's … [Read more]

GABF 2013 Featured Image

Wet, Hot American Festival: Highs and Lows of the 2014 GABF

The Great American Beer Festival is an overwhelming experience: a cavernous hall in a convention center in downtown Denver packed with 50,000 people … [Read more]


Lift Bridge Expanding, Nearly Doubling Its Brewing Capacity

Apparently Lift Bridge has been working on a relatively hush-hush expansion project since last winter. As the ambitious initiative to nearly double … [Read more]


Garret Oliver hits back at David Chang’s love affair with shitty beer

If you’ve been paying attention to any beer-related Twitter feeds the past 24 hours, you’ve probably seen chef David Chang’s controversial GQ opinion … [Read more]


Vote for the Kind-of-a-Big-Deal Awards 2014

Return to Top … [Read more]


Slay to Gourmet: Walleye Fish Tacos

As the sun starts to hit the tree line, I can feel a noticeable change in the boat. Rod tips start to bounce more frequently, the bait cache is … [Read more]

Insight Brewing Now Open Feat

Now Open or Damn Close, Fall 2014

In this edition of Now Open (or Damn Close), we take a look at four very different breweries. Insight Brewing There's Insight Brewing, the … [Read more]


Craft Culture: The Art of Letterpress with Studio on Fire

Photos by Kristine Erickson Do you know any graphic designers? If you do, ask them to see their business card. Odds are high that your friend’s card … [Read more]

Waconia Brewing Featured Image

Now Open: Bob and Pete DeLange’s Waconia Brewing

UPDATE October 23, 2014: Waconia Brewing is now open When Bob and Pete DeLange open the doors of Waconia Brewing Company this October they, like their brother Kevin, will officially hold the title of “brewery owner.” Perhaps partially spurred by … [Read more]


Style Profile: Barley Wine

We explore barley wine, an often misunderstood style that warms the throat—and heart. Illustration by David Witt As much as many of us wish it weren’t so, winter is on its way. Already there is a chill in the air and the long days are quickly … [Read more]


A Town Hall Meeting with Brewer Mike Hoops

In anticipation of Town Hall's Anniversary Week, we rap with Town Hall Brewery's Mike Hoops. Photos by Aaron Davidson Name: Mike Hoops Hometown: Glencoe, MN Works at: Town Hall Brewery, 1430 Washington Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55454 Turn-Ons: … [Read more]


To Age or Not to Age?

All over this country good beer is dying. These are not dramatic or heroic deaths, not the explosive demise of dropped bottles nor the panicked jerk of clumsily overturned pints. These are slow, invisible deaths, stretching over weeks, months, and … [Read more]

Fresh Hops // Photo by Jamie Schumacher

Harvest Season: Minnesota’s Fresh Hop Beers

The fall hop harvest has all but come to a close, but the fruits of those labors are just now ready for enjoyment. Fresh hop ales are hitting shelves and taprooms all across the state to ring in my personal favorite season of the … [Read more]