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Now Open (Or Damn Close): Bank Brewing

Bank Brewing Featured Image

Now Open (or Damn Close) heads west to Bank Brewing, near the South Dakota border. By Brian Kaufenberg Photos courtesy Bank Brewing In the small town of Hendricks, MN, on the South Dakota border, Bank Brewing recently opened a new craft brewery in a historic creamery in disrepair. The name Bank Brewing may be familiar […]

UPDATED: Now Open (Or Damn Close): Maple Island Brewing Company


Now Open (or Damn Close) heads east to Stillwater, where Maple Island Brewing Company’s founders are hard at work. By Brian Kaufenberg Stillwater, birthplace of Minnesota, was once the seat of wealth and culture in the state. In its Golden Age, Stillwater boasted the largest opera house, the first electric lights west of Chicago, and […]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Gull Dam Brewing


Now Open (or Damn Close) finds Gull Dam Brewing, in the heart of northern Minnesota’s vacationland. By Brian Kaufenberg Photos courtesy Gull Dam Brewing Mark Anderson, private pilot, entrepreneur, and Minnesota State House Representative, has added “brewery owner” to his resume. Mark and his wife Barb are ready to open Gull Dam Brewing, a process […]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Urban Growler Brewing


Now Open (or Damn Close) talks to Deb Loch and Jill Pavlak about their new brewing venture in St. Paul. By Brian Kaufenberg It’s been a longer road than Deb Loch and Jill Pavlak ever imagined, but their dream of opening their own brewery is finally a reality. Located next door to Bang Brewing in […]

Now Open (or Damn Close): Sisyphus Brewing


By Brian Kaufenberg UPDATE: Sisyphus Brewing’s Grand Opening is set for July 11, 2014 at noon.   When Sisyphus cheated death for the second time, the gods sentenced him to the eternal task of rolling a boulder up a hill, only to have it tumble down at each attempt. In his essay The Myth of […]

Now Open (or Damn Close): Tin Whiskers


Now Open (or Damn Close) visits St. Paul’s newest production brewery: Tin Whiskers By Brian Kaufenberg The science of brewing brought three electrical engineers together to start Tin Whiskers, St. Paul’s newest production brewery and taproom. Jake Johnson, Jeff Moriarty, and George Kellerman met at the University of Minnesota and worked together at a small […]

Now Open (or Damn Close): Bauhaus Brew Labs


Not your great-grandfather’s Bauhaus. By Brian Kaufenberg The Bauhaus was a school founded in 1919 by German architect Walter Gropius with the aim of uniting art and design into a single creative expression under the slogan “Art into Industry.” The Bauhaus, literally “house of construction” in German, bridged the gap between artistic beauty and utilitarian […]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Day Block Brewing


A storied Minneapolis building gets a new lease on life. by Brian Kaufenberg  Jeff Hahn, CEO of Internet Exposure, describes himself as an entrepreneur. Perhaps that’s what drew him to the historic Day Block building in Minneapolis. Built in 1883 by Leonard Day, a local businessman involved in the flour milling and lumber industries, the […]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Wenonah Brewing

Wenonah Brewing Featured Image

An industry veteran and his friends create some buzz along the Mighty Mississippi. by Brian Kaufenberg  Tucked away in the picturesque river town of Winona, Backwater Brewing was quietly brewing beer since 1995. Few people recognize them as a pioneer of the Minnesota brewing renaissance, but Backwater Brewing was making beer when there were only […]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Junkyard Brewing


Now Open or Damn Close looks at an up-and-coming outfit from the Red River Valley. By Brian Kaufenberg In Issue 9 of The Growler we featured Fargo Brewing Company, the first craft brewery in North Dakota since 1965. Well, the Fargo-Moorhead area has another brewery that many may not know about. Across the river in […]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Gun Flint Tavern

Gun Flint Tavern Featured Image

The North Shore welcomes another craft brewery. By Brian Kaufenberg There is a place in Grand Marais, at the head of the Gun Flint Trail in northern Minnesota, where organic food and craft beer were a way of life well before the trend hit the Twin Cities. When Jeff and Susan Gecas (pronounced GET-chiss) opened […]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Bemidji Brewing


Now Open or Damn Close Rounds Up the Latest Players in the Region’s Brewing Scene By Brian Kaufenberg Bemidji Brewing A utility meter reader, an adjunct professor, a substitute teacher, and a therapist walk into a kitchen and start brewing beer. No, it’s not the beginning of an old joke. It’s the beginnings of Bemidji Brewing […]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): ENKI Brewing


  Now Open or Damn Close Rounds Up the Latest Players in the Region’s Brewing Scene by Brian Kaufenberg ENKI Brewing Bikers on the Cedar Lake Regional Trail have a new reason to stop in Victoria, Minnesota, just a 23-mile ride from Minneapolis. Inside the old town creamery, a redbrick building built in 1917, ENKI Brewing Company is serving […]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Burning Brothers Brewing


Now Open or Damn Close Rounds Up the Latest Players in the Region’s Brewing Scene by Brian Kaufenberg Burning Brothers Brewing The offerings at the newest addition to St. Paul’s brewing scene are as unique as its founders. Dane Breimhorst and Thom Foss are professionally trained fire-eaters who performed for many years at the Minnesota Renaissance […]

Now Open (or Damn Close): Blacklist Brewing

Now Open or Damn Close: Blacklist Brewing

By Brian Kaufenberg Blacklist Brewing Gypsy brewers Brian Schazenbach and Jon Loss of Blacklist Brewing have shirked the conventional brewery model from the beginning. In fact, their opposition to large-scale, industrial operations is engrained in the very name of the brewery, a reference to an unwritten brewer’s code that said any brewer that uses wild […]