Surly announces new Featured Artist for 2014


Illustrator and Designer Erica Williams tapped to create artwork for Surly’s anniversary beer, SurlyFest, and Darkness in 2014 Erica Williams is a Minneapolis-based artist and illustrator who produces screen printed posters and apparel for touring bands, letterpress prints, and work for group exhibitions. Now she joins the talented list of Surly Featured Artists to create the artwork for [...]

Kyle “Moonguts” Coughlin: The “M” Stands for “Moonguts”


By Joseph Alton The Growler: Tell us something strange about yourself? KC: Since I was 18, I have not been able to figure out what my first tattoo should be. People are constantly surprised that I don’t have any yet. Ten years of indecision and I keep saying that I will do it “this year.” [...]

“Jawsh” Lemke: Aerosol as an Art Form


An Artist Profile of Josh “Jawsh” Lemke. By Joseph Alton The Growler: Tell me something weird about yourself? Josh Lemke: I have a very healthy obsession with Futurama, which includes a giant tattoo of Bender on my leg and many collectibles. G: How would you explain yourself to someone you have never met? JL: I’m an [...]

Local Brewers: Boldly Going Where No Brewer Has Gone Before

Brewers Boldly Go

Craft Culture: Craft is Fluid at the American Craft Council


Minnesota craft breweries to be featured at the American Craft Council show, April 11-13 By Liz Scholz Over the past few issues in the Growler’s Craft Culture series, we’ve covered the local maker movement in Minnesota, from a pop-up menswear market to hand-sewn leather luxury bags. But what does “craft” mean? Is it your grandma’s [...]

Issue 11 Crossword and Word Find

G11 Crossword revised 1.29.14 G11 Crossword Solution revised 1.29.14 – NO PEEKING!   G11 Word Find revised 1.29.14 G11 Word Find Answer Key revised 1.29.14 - NO PEEKING!

Louie the Loon, Issue 11 Style


Live Beats and Good Eats in Minnesota


By Brian Kaufenberg Amsterdam Bar & Hall 6 W 6th St, St Paul  Each night, the Amsterdam Bar & Hall’s three “X”s shine out onto 6th Street in St. Paul, calling to Twin Citizens who have long written off the nightlife in the downtown area. For those who are wise enough to heed the call, [...]

Altered Esthetics Explodes With New Pop-Up Exhibitions Program


MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Altered Esthetics -who is a nonprofit organization ran by artists, for artists- will be hosting pop-up exhibitions at a number of locations around the Twin Cities area entitled “Ae Without Walls” These exhibitions are a celebration of Altered Esthetics decade-long influence in the Arts District and in surrounding communities. No stranger to pop-ups, Altered Esthetics has [...]

DWITT Pop-Up Shop at The Ale Jail, December 18th

DWITT Pop-Up Shop

Let the beer lover in your life know you care this holiday season by surprising him or her with something truly original. Local artist, DWITT, will be showcasing his art at The Ale Jail just in time for the holidays. You may recognize DWITT’s work from The Growler Magazine, as well as The Heavy Table [...]

Kind-of-a-Big-Deal Winners 2013


We know you have been eagerly awaiting the results of our Kind-Of-A-Big-Deal poll. We collected thousands of votes online in October and November and are excited to share the winners with you. Minnesota’s growing craft beer scene would not be possible without the work of these brands and individuals, as well as your appreciation and support. Thank [...]

Winter Seasonals

Winter Seasonals

A Not at All Suspicious Interview with Jeff Nelson


For this issue’s Artist Profile, we catch up with Jeff Nelson, a local beer artist (and aspiring elephant portraitist). By Joseph Alton The Growler: How would you explain yourself to someone you have never met? Jeff Nelson: Suspiciously. G: How did you get into beer art? JN: I used to customize cardboard Hamm’s coasters at [...]

J.W. Hulme: Making it in Saint Paul for over 100 years


Our Craft Culture series explores Twin Cities artists, makers and brands who consider craft a way of life. By Emily Weiss Photos courtesy of J.W. Hulme In the last issue of The Growler, we kicked off our Craft Culture series with a profile of Katherine McMillan, founder and CEO of Northern Grade, a pop-up menswear market [...]

Novel Written in Northern Minnesota Woods to be Released at Bemidji Brewing


By Brian Kaufenberg Have you ever wondered what it would be like to quit your job, move to northern Minnesota, and live off the grid in a tent in the woods? That is precisely what novelist Daniel J. Rice did to write his first novel, This Side of a Wilderness, which follows the story of Eli [...]