Northgate Brewing Fiddle Smasher Scotch Ale


Northgate Brewing Fiddle Smasher Scotch Ale ABV: 8.0% IBUs: 30 Do you think the local craft beer scene is coming along okay? Who said no? You’re wrong. Northgate is just one of the many talented newcomers. They brewed this beer to celebrate their one-year anniversary. Thanks for the gift, Northgate! A real grainy wheat bread smell pops [...]

Clown Shoes Undead Party Crasher


Clown Shoes Undead Party Crasher ABV: 11.0% Well, apparently some winery didn’t enjoy “Vampire Slayer” being used in this beer’s title. So we now have Undead Party Crasher. Wow, does Clown Shoes knock it out of the park when it comes to stouts. Molasses and a vanilla sweetness battle with each other immediately. There is a [...]

Stone Brewing Company Double Bastard


Stone Brewing Company Double Bastard ABV: 11.2% This is a sight to behold. It’s mostly translucent with this super-cool, vibrant blood orange thing going on. The head is almost nonexistent. Tropical fruit and nectarines and burnt sugar jump out of the glass. Is this Cointreau? Some alcohol sharpness is also present. It becomes a nice melange of [...]

Pour Decisions Brewing Company Maroon and Bold


Pour Decisions Brewing Company Maroon and Bold ABV: 9.0% Whoa! This is way darker than I anticipated. It’s a deep, cloudy brown (maroon, if you will) with the head timidly convening as you pour it. Alcohol, dates, and dark bread are prevalent, but none will assault your olfactory senses. This is like no other beer [...]

Indeed Brewing Haywire Double American Black Ale


Indeed Brewing Haywire Double American Black Ale ABV: 11.5%, IBU: 100+ Using ten pounds of hops per barrel and “Hopped Wort” as mash water, this beer screams HOPS! With distinctive notes of citrus and the feel of sappy pine, they top it off with malt to give a subtle hint of coffee, toffee, and cocoa on the [...]

Brewery Bosteels Deus


Brewery Bosteels Deus ABV: 11.5% Deus is the only beer in the world truly worthy of being called “The Champagne of beers.” During an intensive, hands on, yearlong aging process in the Champagne caves of France, this Belgian strong golden ale is transformed into a spectacular and entirely unique beer. This painstaking process is well worth [...]

Moylan’s Our Dark Secret


Moylan’s Our Dark Secret ABV: 8.0%, IBU: 92 This ale is the American version of the collaboration between the Northern Californian brewery Moylan’s, Norwegian brewery Nøgne Ø and Australian brewery Hargreaves Hill. Our Dark Secret is a very limited release, which we are honored to be included in. Brewed with Cara Pilsen, Weyerman Munich and Black [...]

Grand Teton Bone Warmer Imperial Amber Ale


Grand Teton Bone Warmer Imperial Amber Ale ABV: 8.2%, IBU: 22 First brewed in 2006, this ale immediately sold out and is back again to celebrate the brewery’s 25th Anniversary. Brewed in the strong ale tradition, Grand Teton Brewing Company uses only the first mash of malts, added Idaho Chinook hops and fermented at cool temperatures, resulting [...]

Schelderbrouwerij Hop Ruiter


Schelderbrouwerij ABV: 8% | IBU: – Hop Ruiter is a Belgian Strong Golden ale that blends the yeast-driven flavors of a Belgian ale with the hoppiness of an American ale. The beer pours a hazy straw color, and has the characteristic head of a Belgian golden. It has a pleasant malty sweetness similar to honey [...]

Central Waters Brewer’s Reserve Bourbon Barrel Barleywine

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Central Waters ABV: 11.5% | IBU: – Not for the faint of heart, this beer pours a deep mahogany with a quickly receding tan head. Citrus hops hit your nose first, but once the beer settles you’ll notice notes of raisin, fig and caramel malt. Then comes the Bourbon. A lot of Bourbon. The flavor [...]

Ommegang Art of Darkness


Ommegang ABV: 8.9% | IBU: – Art of Darkness pours a dark, almost opaque, brown with a luscious khaki head. Upon first sniff, you’ll immediately notice malty sweetness combined with subtle tones of plum. The flavor is as complex as it is decadent. The first taste you’ll notice is a fruit like tartness followed by [...]

Lake Superior Old Man Winter Warmer


Lake Superior ABV: 10% | IBU: – It’s a bitter cold evening and I am chilled to the bone from cross country skiing 10 miles. It’s the perfect time for Lake Superior’s Old Man Winter Warmer. The nose is dark and fruity and smells wonderful. The beer pours very dark with not much head. The [...]

North Coast Grand Cru


Elevated Beer, Wine & Spirits reviews North Coast Grand Cru. ABV: 12.5% | IBU: – Technically a Belgian Strong Ale, beautiful North Coast Grand Cru straddles several flavor profiles in what is ultimately a very satisfying sipper. An apple and floral nose gives way to a warming and deceptively dry mouthfeel. The agave nectar and bourbon barrel [...]

Flat Earth Winter Warlock


Flat Earth ABV: 10.1% | IBU: 46 Saint Paul is known for its celebration of “old school” traditions. Flat Earth Brewing Company honors that celebration each year by way of the Winter Warlock; a seasonal brew based on a time-honored English Barley-Wine. The Warlock pours an overcast gold with scattered effervescence like snowflakes in reverse. [...]

Lift Bridge Commander


Lift Bridge Brewing Company ABV: 12.5% | IBU: – The Commander from Lift Bridge “commands” your attention, in full. With a head that disappears before the bottle even reaches the coaster, this Barley Wine looks like a cask conditioned scotch. Out of the glass come aromas of bourbon, vanilla and butter caramel. This beer overloads [...]