Steel Toe Brewing Provider Ale


Steel Toe Brewing Provider Ale ABV: 5.0%  IBUs: 15  Yahoo for spring, right? Although it’s a year-round beer, Steel Toe’s Provider is a perfect beer for spring. Light, crisp, refreshing, awesome. Lemon zest on first sip. Although staying zesty, there is a lemon meringue pie fatness that fills your mouth. This beer offers so much, but [...]

Brewery Vanhonsebrouck St Louis Framboise


Brewery Vanhonsebrouck St Louis Framboise ABV: 4.5% If the Lozen Boer is the brooding Belgian patriarch, then the St. Louis Framboise is the whimsical, aloof, stylish cousin of the Belgian family. The palate is filled with ripe raspberries and a tart refreshing finish. It’s a total gateway beer because it lets you dabble in beer without [...]

Landing at Read’s Landing Brewing Company


Straight from the Source explores the past and present of beautiful Read’s Landing. By Doug Hoverson Photos courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society and Doug Hoverson   While still scenic, Reads Landing isn’t what it used to be. Once a thriving river town, only one of the buildings pictured in an 1873 photo of Upper Main [...]

Stone R & R Coconut IPA

Stone Brewing R & R Coconut IPA

Stone Brewing ABV: 7.7%, IBU: 90 R&R Coconut IPA is a collage of flavors. This beer pours with a nice, golden color and has a fruity nose filled with coconut complimented with citrusy hops.  The subtle sweetness won’t overwhelm your palate as it blends perfectly with the fruity hops. R&R finishes hoppy with a nice bitterness [...]

New Belgium Coconut Curry Hefeweizen

New Belgium Coconut Curry Hefeweizen

New Belgium Brewing ABV: 8%, IBU: 14 Take a leap of faith with Coconut Curry Hefeweizen from New Belgium’s Lips of Faith series. This truly unique beer has a bright and hazy golden color, that would leave King Midas himself envious!  It’s 8% ABV is flawlessly disguised among a menagerie of spice notes including cinnamon, nutmeg and [...]

Big Discount Liquor Reviews Some Brews for October-November 2013

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BIG DISCOUNT LIQUOR 3900 CEDAR GROVE PARKWAY EAGAN MN 55122 BDLEAGAN@GMAIL.COM FOLLOW US: @BDLEAGAN   Big Discount Liquor is a store specializing in having something for everybody. With a fine selection of wine, liquor, and beers of all types BDL tries to please a wide variety of customers. Expansive craft beer selections help solidify the [...]

Pyramid Apricot Ale


Pyramid ABV: 5.1% | IBU: 11 Pyramid’s Apricot Ale tastes much like it smells, of fresh apricots. It pours a hazy, unfiltered orange with a fair amount of carbonation added to its light body. Its refreshing fruit flavor gives the ale a change of pace than that of the traditional wheat beer. Sweetness carries all [...]

Boom Island Yule


Boom Island ABV: 12% | IBU: 12.2 After working their butts off to create a rooted line-up of year round offerings, Boom Island Brewing is ready to introduce us to their first ever seasonal. Yule No. 1 is a gently spiced holiday ale that sits quietly confident after being poured with the appearance of mahogany [...]

21st Amendment Fireside Chat


21st Amendment ABV: 7.9% | IBU: 45 “Good evening, friends.” was the typical introduction from President Franklin Roosevelt on his Fireside Chat radio sessions. And a good evening it is when you’ve got a six-pack from 21st Amendment. Their winter seasonal has the flavor of gingerbread, but added hop presence assures that you aren’t drinking [...]

Anchor Christmas Ale


Anchor ABV: 5.5% | IBU: – Every year this beer is different, but at the same time, familiar. When customers ask how it tastes I know every year I can say “like Christmas morning.”  Imagine you could shove everything involved with Christmas: the tree, the presents, the food and the overall feeling into a bottle [...]

New Glarus Serendipity


New Glarus ABV: 4% | IBU: – Belgian Red has gone on hiatus, but taking it’s place is an equal if not superior fruit beer from the one and only New Glarus Brewing. Serendipity is designed from a blend of fruits from past beers and they have hit the nail on the head with this [...]

Lakefront Pumpkin Lager


Lakefront ABV: 6% | IBU: – Lakefront Brewing has more than 20 years of experience brewing excellent ales and lagers. Inspired by a beer once brewed by Thomas Jefferson, Lakefront Pumpkin Lager is a one of a kind pumpkin beer. This beer is the only commercial example of pumpkin lager. It pours light copper to [...]

Bockor Bellegems Bruin


Bockor ABV: 5.5% | IBU: – Here’s another blended beer. Originally brewed in 1892, this is a blend of a brown ale and an oak aged lambic. The result is one of our favorite sours. Tons of balsamic vinegar, green apple and tart dark cherries. Lip-smacking acid with enough sweetness to make this super easy [...]

Brooklyn Brewery Post Road Pumpkin Ale

Brooklyn Brewery ABV: 5% | IBU: 24 Brooklyn Brewery has been crafting great beers for nearly 15 years. The Post Road Pumpkin Ale is one of two autumn seasonals that they offer. It is a soft orangish-amber color and produces a nose of clove, nutmeg, and vanilla. The balance achieved between the traditional pumpkin pie [...]

Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin


Shipyard ABV: 9% | IBU: 28 Smashed Pumpkin is a full bodied, palette confounding, joy of a brew to consume. Upon entering the glass, it shows a rich pumpkin-orange glow. The aromas of brown sugar, vanilla, and nutmeg take hold of the senses until the first drop tickles the tongue. A yeasty character upfront is [...]