Founders Rübæus


Founders Brewing Company Founders Rübæus 5.7% ABV, 15 IBU If ever there was a beer that tasted like happiness and frolicking through the morning sunshine it would be Founders Rübæus. This beautiful fruit beer, made with fresh, juicy raspberries, is the kind of treat that can only mean that spring has arrived. With its low […]

Stieglbraueri Grapefruit Radler


Stieglbraueri Stiegl Grapefruit Radler 2.5% ABV This beer is the epitome of summer in a can: crisp, light, and refreshing. It’s the perfect beer for those long summer days on the lake, afternoons spent grilling, or nights around the bonfire. The 40/60 blend of Stiegl’s Goldbrau Lager and grapefruit juice gives this beer the perfect […]

Paradox Skully Barrel No. 22


Paradox Beer Company Skully Barrel No. 22 8.5% ABV It’s exciting to see a well-made elderberry beer in the market, and not just for the possible Monty Python references. Skully Barrel No. 22 is worth seeking out for this fruit, which adds a juicy-sweet element to an already complex red wine–barreled sour. This is a […]

No. 12 Cider House Sparkling Dry Cider


No. 12 Cider House Sparkling Dry Cider 7.4% ABV While everyone and their mom has noticed that craft beer is on the rise in popularity and presence, not everyone has taken note of the rise of craft ciders that are being produced with just as much care and attention to detail. Enter No. 12 Cider […]

Left Hand Good Juju


Left Hand Good Juju 4.5% ABV Seems fitting a store with a 666 address should be reviewing this beer. This year’s almost sessionable version of Left Hand’s Good Juju herb beer is less gingery and more citric than prior releases. The bright grapefruit and passion fruit notes play well off the hops and light toasted […]

Sweetland Orchard Roundabout #5, Barrel-Aged Rye


Sweetland Orchard Roundabout #5, Barrel-Aged Rye 7% ABV First: it’s important to drink this cider at a warm enough temperature (at least 50°F) to allow all of the flavors to express themselves. Your reward is a refreshing, white wine-like experience. This cider is almost clear with just a hint of gold color. Carbonation is light […]

Millstream Brewing Company Raspberry Latte Stout


Millstream Brewing Co Raspberry Latte Stout 7.6% ABV The espresso aroma leads off this coffee-colored brew, before a sweet raspberry smell enters your nose. It has a very light mouthfeel despite big black coffee notes. The tart and sweet raspberry flavor creeps up on the finish and lingers on your palate. Pair with a rich […]

Bent Brewstillery Maroon and Bold


Bent Brewstillery Maroon and Bold 9.1% ABV The color is a rich maroon/bronze with a cream-tinted head. A dank, piney, and earthy hop scent turns to a vanilla/marshmallow aroma the longer it sits. It has a smooth and bitter mouthfeel that slowly sucks the moisture from your tongue. Dried apricots are the dominant fruit, while […]

Style Profile: Holiday Ales


Illustration by David Witt Cue the sleigh bells. Winter’s cold has arrived and brought with it the holiday ales. Liquor store shelves are lined with poinsettia and elf bedecked bottles. Winter warmers can be found by the dozens. There is even a Hanukkah beer or two out there. What is it that makes these beers […]

Wyder’s Cider Reposado Pear Barrel Aged Series

Surdyks logo

Wyder’s Cider Reposado Pear Barrel Aged Series 6.9% ABV One tequila, two tequila, three tequila… Wyder’s popular dry pear cider can now be found aged in reposado tequila barrels. Yes, tequila barrels! Reposado is the name given to tequilas that have been aged in oak barrels for two to twelve months. This barrel-aged cider pours […]

The Bruery (Famille Rue) White Oak Wheatwine


The Bruery (Famille Rue) White Oak Wheatwine 11.5% ABV, 20 IBU Barrel-aged blended beer, say that five times fast. The Bruery’s take on this style of beer is sweet and fruity taking on characters from the bourbon barrels in which it was aged. Notes of vanilla and dark fruits rub off on this blended wheatwine. The Bruery […]

Woodchuck Hopsation Hard Cider


Woodchuck Hopsation Hard Cider 6.9% ABV Beer drinkers, your cider is in. Yep, Woodchuck hopped up some cider for you. It pours a light straw-yellow, much like a pilsner, but the head does not linger long. Tight tiny champagne like bubbles continue to be released as you sip and agitate your glass. On the nose it […]

Southern Tier Warlock


Southern Tier Warlock 8.6% ABV Making its second bottled release is the darker variation of Southern Tier’s popular Pumking. Billed as an imperial stout, this newfound holiday favorite pours a cola-colored brown with an off-white, thin head. The aroma is quite similar to that of Pumking—baked, sweet pumpkin that’s heavy on nutmeg and cinnamon with small […]

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale

CASANOVA_Dog Fish Head

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale 7% ABV, 28 IBU Named after one of the greatest events on TV, and I’m not talking about the super bowl or Olympics. This is Punkin Chunkin, a festival in Delaware where groups of people try and see how far they can launch pumpkins across a field. This pumpkin ale won first […]

New Glarus Brewing Thumbprint Series Apple Ale


New Glarus Brewing Thumbprint Series Apple Ale 4% ABV, 15 IBU ONLY IN WISCONSIN! That’s right, the New Glarus distribution ring is limited to Wisconsin and Wisconsin only. With apples harvested in Wisconsin and every piece of this brew being sourced locally, you begin to see why the “Drink Indigenous” label on these bottles makes sense. With […]