Now Open (Or Damn Close): Bank Brewing

Bank Brewing Featured Image

Now Open (or Damn Close) heads west to Bank Brewing, near the South Dakota border. By Brian Kaufenberg Photos courtesy Bank Brewing In the small town of Hendricks, MN, on the South Dakota border, Bank Brewing recently opened a new craft brewery in a historic creamery in disrepair. The name Bank Brewing may be familiar [...]

Collab Beers Announced for ‘In Cahoots! A Collaboration of Craft’

Summit Owner Mark Stutrud recipe planning with Jay and Sandy Boss Febbo, owners of Bang Brewing Co. // Photo by Chip Walton, Summit Brewing Co.

Some of Minnesota’s favorite craft breweries are ready to announce their collaboration beers for the first ever ‘In Cahoots! A Collaboration of Craft‘ on August 3rd, 2014. There is something special about the craft beer ‘industry.’ Craft breweries seems to foster a different kind of competition. Seemingly less frequent in craft beer are cutthroat rivalries and [...]

Pack Up For Sierra Nevada’s Twin Cities Beer Camp

Beer Camp Across America // Courtesy of Sierra Nevada Brewing

“This is the first time we’ve ever attempted this, and there’s no model for what we’re trying to do,” says Stephen Cregan, Sierra Nevada’s Twin Cities sales representative. “This is going to be the largest craft beer celebration in history.” He’s talking about Beer Camp Across America, a multi-weekend, multi-city beer festival that will involve [...]

In Cahoots! A Collaboration of Craft (Beer)

InCahoots2014 Breweries

The Growler, in partnership with Red Stag Supperclub, is hosting the Twin Cities’ first ever beer collaboration festival on August 3rd in Northeast Minneapolis. “In Cahoots! A Collaboration of Craft” adds a twist to Red Stag’s 8th Annual Block Party—a well-established Northeast tradition—and pairs four teams of Minnesota breweries for the occasion. Attendees can sample [...]

Grow Your Own: Beer Ingredients in the Backyard


There’s still time to get growing on your own Homebrewer’s Garden. By Laura Schwarz Simple gardening is kind of a gateway drug. You start by planting a few flowers to improve your mood after winter. You add vegetables and herbs. Next, you find yourself interested in fruit trees and shrubs. Pretty soon, you have more [...]

Style Profile: Bavarian Wheat Beers


By Michael Agnew, A Perfect Pint In Minnesota, we tend to skip spring. Sometime in late April we make the quantum leap from freezing temps and snowstorms into sunny days and sometimes-stifling heat. ’Round about October we blink back into winter. This leaves a startlingly short window to enjoy summer beers. We have to make [...]

Straight From the Source: Hayes Public House


A comprehensive look at Hayes Public House, a new brewery in Buffalo, Minnesota. By Doug Hoverson Hayes Public House 112 First St. South, Buffalo, MN 55313 Residents of Buffalo, Minnesota are proud of their historic downtown on the shores of Buffalo Lake. In November 2013, they gained another attraction for the lakefront—Hayes Public House. Andy [...]

Overshadowed: Can Language Affect Taste?


Regular contributor Michael Agnew wonders whether words are truly sufficient to capture the experience of a great beer. By Michael Agnew Man that IPA was awesome! It rode a knife’s edge balance of malty sweetness and face-slapping IBUs. The juicy, tropical fruit and grapefruit hops were off the charts. The aromas leapt from the glass. [...]

Homebrew Recipe: Bocce Swerve Honey Cream Ale


This issue’s Homebrew Recipe features a patio-friendly session beer that doesn’t skimp on body. By Michael Dawson By the time you’re reading this, citizens, it will be full-on summer with all of the beer garden-friendly activities that entails: grilling, patio furniture, bocce and ladder golf, and whatnot. I propose a beer to accompany those activities. [...]

New Faces in Historic Spaces

G13_historicspaces_707x380 New

The Old and New of Minnesota’s Iconic Breweries By David Sandager After years of standing vacant, Minnesota breweries of yesteryear are enjoying a renaissance. For close to a century the names Hamm’s, Schmidt, and Grain Belt were synonymous with beer in Minnesota, and their histories are inextricably linked to the rise and fall of a [...]

20 Years in Craft Beer


Deep Thoughts with Dave Hoops offers a master brewer’s reflections on a two-decade career in craft beer. By Dave Hoops Greetings! I’m Dave Hoops, Master Brewer at Fitger’s Brewhouse in Duluth, MN. This issue I’m going to talk about the amazing ride I’ve enjoyed over two decades as a maker of beer. I began my [...]

UPDATED: Now Open (Or Damn Close): Maple Island Brewing Company


Now Open (or Damn Close) heads east to Stillwater, where Maple Island Brewing Company’s founders are hard at work. By Brian Kaufenberg Stillwater, birthplace of Minnesota, was once the seat of wealth and culture in the state. In its Golden Age, Stillwater boasted the largest opera house, the first electric lights west of Chicago, and [...]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Gull Dam Brewing


Now Open (or Damn Close) finds Gull Dam Brewing, in the heart of northern Minnesota’s vacationland. By Brian Kaufenberg Photos courtesy Gull Dam Brewing Mark Anderson, private pilot, entrepreneur, and Minnesota State House Representative, has added “brewery owner” to his resume. Mark and his wife Barb are ready to open Gull Dam Brewing, a process [...]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Urban Growler Brewing


Now Open (or Damn Close) talks to Deb Loch and Jill Pavlak about their new brewing venture in St. Paul. By Brian Kaufenberg It’s been a longer road than Deb Loch and Jill Pavlak ever imagined, but their dream of opening their own brewery is finally a reality. Located next door to Bang Brewing in [...]

Leidel’s Hebron Cider

Leidel's Hebron Cider

 By John Garland Mitch Leidel’s family has been on the same plot of land north of La Crescent, MN since the mid-1800s. His great-grandfather planted the orchard in 1917, on which his grandfather worked his entire life. Looking for new sources of revenue to keep the farm alive, Leidel’s Cider was born after consultation with Levi Funk (a [...]