Climate change’s impact on beer: What you need to know

Jenn Orgolini, sustainability director for Colorado’s New Belgium Brewery, proclaimed in 2011 that beer drinkers should worry about the climate. “If you drink beer now, the issue of climate change is impacting you right now,” she warned. We often think of climate change as simply dialing up the global thermostat. But it also changes which […]

The Big Reveal: Utepils Brewing (formerly Bryn Mawr) has their Head Brewer

The news that a brewery was officially coming to Minneapolis’ Bryn Mawr neighborhood first hit email inboxes and social media sites late July 2015, when Bryn Mawr Brewing Co. announced it had signed a 10-year lease in an 18,000-square-foot warehouse in the @Glenwood development. A backyard waterfall, natural springs for the brewery’s future beer, and, most […]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Lake Monster Brewing

“A taproom gives us a home base, it gives us an identity, it gives us the local connection—a lot more than we’ve had to this point,” says Matt Lange, head brewer and co-owner of Lake Monster Brewing. “It’s going to be huge.” Lake Monster started in 2013 by contract brewing their Calhoun Claw Pilsner and […]

Wisconsin’s Northern Discovery and the importance of wild hops

When La Crosse, Wisconsin’s, Pearl Street Brewery released Linalool IPA on October 16, they made history as the first brewery to use the Wisconsin wild hop, Northern Discovery, in a bottled beer. Pearl Street’s brewmaster and founder Joe Katchever likes the idea of his brewery utilizing what is essentially a local hop. “The beer is basically […]

Hops + Malt + Coffee = Big Watt Brewers Press

While craft beer and cold press coffee combinations are commonplace these days, you may not yet be familiar with coffee roasters adding hops to cold press. It’s a delicate balance—both hops and coffee have intensely flavored acids that will clash if a brewer isn’t careful. Big Watt founders Jason Westplate and Lee Carter have come up with something to meld those loud […]

Now Open: Able Seedhouse & Brewery

Casey Holley is a Minnesota native, but it took moving to northern California for him to fully appreciate the agricultural bounty of the Upper Midwest. Living in Lodi, just 40 minutes south of Sacramento, he saw firsthand how community and agriculture could come together. There, it was all about the grapes, but Holley felt he […]

The Wide World of Beer with Stephen Beaumont: A Slow Boat and a Great Leap to Beijing

You’ve got to be at least a little bit nuts to travel to Beijing for beer. Because even though China leads the world by leaps and bounds in terms of beer production, brewing over half a billion hectoliters annually, per capita consumption is low—not much above 32 liters per year—and the impact of craft-styled beer […]

Homebrew Recipe: Bourbon Barrel Baltic Porter

Beer historian Randy Mosher describes Baltic porter as arguably being the true heir to English porter, as it’s been continuously brewed for the last 200 years. Taking its cue from 19th century porters, but of a stature more in keeping with Russian imperial stouts, contemporary examples can be found in the Baltic states, Scandinavia, and […]

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Style Profile: New American Gin

Bombay Sapphire, extra vermouth (always extra vermouth), shaken like the dickens, and served with a few plump Sable & Rosenfeld olives. That was the first martini I ever consumed, shaken up after a round of golf by my uncle James. We enjoyed them at dusk prior to a meal shared with my aunt Cynthia, the pleasant […]

First Taste: Schell’s Apparent Horizon Rye Berliner Weisse

Schell’s Brewery is set to release Apparent Horizon, the newest entry in the their ongoing Noble Star series, which explores different variations of the traditional Berliner weisse style. The American craft beer scene has become entranced by sour beers, Berliner weisse chief among them. In Germany, however, Berliner weisse is nearly extinct—a remarkable decline from 700 breweries making the style at the height of its popularity in […]

Now Open: Bad Habit Brewing Company

On Oct. 31, St. Joseph, Minnesota, will join the growing army of small towns that can claim local beer as an attraction. Bad Habit Brewing, a small-scale, taproom-focused brewery, is set to open on Halloween in the small, close-knit, and artistically minded community just west of St. Cloud. Head brewer and owner Aaron Rieland has already brewed the […]

Grumpy’s Limited Action Beer Festival and the story behind Insight’s Crab Apple Tart

For the 14 breweries participating in Grumpy’s Limited Action Beer Festival this Saturday, the rules are simple: brew a beer exclusively for the event that uses hops picked from Grumpy’s Northeast, something Minnesotan, and an aromatic herb or flower. Aside from the hops, the other two ingredients are completely up to the breweries, and when […]

First Taste: Fair State’s Old Richmond Rye

Fair State Brewing Cooperative was making good use of their new cellar on Monday, hand filling their first oak barrel aged beer. Named Old Richmond Rye, it is a collaboration with 45th Parallel Distillery out of New Richmond, Wisconsin., and is an imperial brown ale aged in the distillery’s New Richmond Rye barrels. Filling bottles […]

Photos: Before and after at Bad Weather’s new St. Paul brewery and taproom

Before photos by Brian Kaufenberg, after photos by Aaron Davidson One might expect a brewery preparing for its grand opening to be somewhere between hectic and a complete madhouse, but that’s not the case at Bad Weather. On Wednesday morning, two days before they officially open their doors, the guys behind Bad Weather Brewing Company were […]

Minnesota Fresh Hop Round-Up

Seasonal beers are a big thing in Minnesota, but few generate the excitement of the wet hop, or fresh hop, beers of fall, which celebrate the direct connection between agriculture and beer, cone to glass. Catching up with a number of breweries across the state, we’ve compiled a list of 2015’s fresh-hopped beers from Minnesota. […]