Now Open (Or Damn Close): Hydra Beer Company

Just as the mythological seven-headed hydra rose from the swamps of Lerna, so rises Hydra Beer Company of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Their beer has been on shelves since May 2015 thanks to contract agreements with Sprecher and Brau Brothers, and they opened their own taproom space at the end of the year. But now […]

PHOTOS: 2016 Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival

They came. They saw. They dabbled. Almost 9,000 people descended on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on Saturday, Feb. 6 for the 2016 Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival. With temperatures in the 30s for much of the festival and a brief snow/sleet mix that helped disperse the crowds just after beer officially stopped being poured, it seems […]

Insider’s Guide to the 2016 Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival

Snow is falling, Rice Park is filled with ice sculptures, and darker beers are dominating local tap lines. Winter is here, friends, and with it comes our favorite cold-weather festival—The Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival. As a sister company to The Beer Dabbler and after seven years of sipping beers in every weather condition that Minnesota’s […]

‘Brewed For Us’: The top-secret Founders beer you’ll never get to try

Founders Brewing Company seeks to live up to its motto, “Brewed For Us,” in many ways today. But it took the Grand Rapids, Michigan, brewery some trials and errors to get to that point. Owners Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers started Founders in 1997 with passion and not much else. The pair was scraping together […]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Disgruntled Brewing

“Disgruntled kind of describes me,” says Brett Doebbeling, co-owner and head brewer at Disgruntled Brewing, soon to open in Perham, Minnesota. Although he’s successfully run his own drywall company for the past 15 years, before that Doebbeling says he “was always kind of a disgruntled employee thinking I could do it better on my own.” […]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): u4ic Brewing Incorporated

When u4ic Brewing Incorporated opens this weekend in Belle Plaine, Minnesota, it will follow the now familiar path of being helmed by a homebrewing hobbiest-turned-full-time brewer that many of the state’s new breweries share. Jeff Luskey started homebrewing in 1989 and has spent the last 25 years refining recipes and honing his craft, even purchasing […]

Last night in Lima: How my pursuit of craft beer in Peru made the world a smaller place

Everything that happened that night after the “Barbarian Challenge” was a bit of a blur. I remember exchanging hugs and contact information with our new friends, the walk-run back to the hostel, semi-frantically stuffing clothes into my backpack, and a prolonged, Art of The Deal-esque negotiation with the cab driver over how many soles a […]

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Homebrew Recipe: Thunder Dragon Belgo-Bhutanese Blonde

In keeping with this month’s cosmopolitan theme, we’re going to bash together some disparate elements to make a global whole. Using a Belgian blonde ale for the superstructure, we’ll mix in the nontraditional adjunct of red rice—the chief agricultural export of Bhutan, the Himalayan kingdom of the Thunder Dragon—and co-ferment with a sake yeast and […]

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5 great under-the-radar beer cities

Every craft beer drinker has a list of the quintessential beer towns to visit in their lifetime. While the cities widely regarded as beer meccas in the United States remain affixed to the top of those lists, the explosive growth of American craft beer in the past two years has propelled many other cities into the […]

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The Wide World of Beer with Stephen Beaumont: So you want to go on a beer trip?

It is a dedicated beer aficionado who is willing to rise at 6am to line up in the cold for a couple precious bottles of limited edition beer. It is an even more committed soul who is up for driving across a state line or two to partake in that same lineup. Then there are […]

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Brewer Profile: Insight Brewing’s Ilan Klages-Mundt

Most recent college graduates wouldn’t have turned down a job in 2010, on the heels of the Great Recession. Especially not when that job was in the graduate’s field of study. And definitely not when that field of study was music performance and teaching. But that’s precisely what Ilan Klages-Mundt did after graduating from Lawrence […]

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New board members, renewed focus: The latest at the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild

When Indeed Brewing Company opened their doors and joined the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild (MCBG) in 2012, the Guild’s membership consisted of about 20 breweries. Today, as Indeed co-founder Tom Whisenand gets ready to assume the role of president of the Guild’s board of directors, that number is pushing 100. As the industry has rapidly grown and […]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Wicked Wort Brewing Company

Starting a brewery wasn’t a spur of the moment decision for Wicked Wort’s Steve Carlyle. As with most brewers, the idea had been building for some time. But it wasn’t until 2014, when he was enjoying beers at Blackrocks Brewery in Marquette, Michigan, that he got serious. Blackrocks is a unique taproom, built into a […]

Getting schooled: DCTC program aims to prepare students for a life of brewing

Todd Jagerson was teaching one day and he asked his students a question: “What’s your ideal job?” One response stuck with him—“I want to make and sell hard cider.” The student wanted to optimize his parent’s apple orchard and Jagerson, the chief information officer of Dakota County Technical College (DCTC), didn’t know how the student […]

Telling Alaska’s story one beer at a time

It’s a quandary every brewery whose brand is tied to a specific place faces as they look to expand beyond their local community: How do we share our roots as well as our beer with new audiences, and will they care? “It is an interesting question for all regional craft breweries,” says Andy Kline, Alaskan […]