Farmhouse Ale-Braised Rabbit and Wild Acres Lemon Fried Chicken


Farm to table recipes presented by Dinner on the Farm.  Recipe by TJ Rawitzer The Tiny Diner and Farm is a little collaboration between farm and diner counter. We believe it’s the little things that count, so we create small-scale menu items with fruits and vegetables, filling people with good food while doing good stuff like [...]

Craft Cider in Full Bloom


By Brian Martucci In anticipation of this year’s significantly expanded Minneapolis Cider Week—slated for late May and orchestrated by Town Hall Brewery, with help from the fine folks at Artisanal Imports—it’s only fitting to take a hard look at the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. craft beverage market. Forget beer, folks. The U.S. market for [...]

Now Open (or Damn Close): Sisyphus Brewing


By Brian Kaufenberg When Sisyphus cheated death for the second time, the gods sentenced him to the eternal task of rolling a boulder up a hill, only to have it tumble down at each attempt. In his essay The Myth of Sisyphus, French philosopher Albert Camus painted him as an absurd hero who attempted to [...]

Straight from the Source: Northbound Smokehouse Brewpub


By Doug Hoverson When taprooms began to spring up all over the state, some wondered if the brewpub model was obsolete. Why bother with all the expense of setting up a kitchen and running a restaurant when you can just serve beer? With Northbound Smokehouse Brewpub, the reason is as clear as the glass expanse [...]

Now Open (or Damn Close): Tin Whiskers


Now Open (or Damn Close) visits St. Paul’s newest production brewery: Tin Whiskers By Brian Kaufenberg The science of brewing brought three electrical engineers together to start Tin Whiskers, St. Paul’s newest production brewery and taproom. Jake Johnson, Jeff Moriarty, and George Kellerman met at the University of Minnesota and worked together at a small [...]

Style Profile: American Lager


By Michael Agnew, A Perfect Pint Illustration by DWITT  Lagers—the beers we love to hate. American adjunct lager is anathema to many aficionados of so-called craft beer. They are decried as flavorless, boring, fizzy, barley soda, frat beer, and “like sex in a canoe—f***ing close to water.” People are flabbergasted when the likes of Bud [...]

August Schell Brewing Company Gets Current


By Brian Kaufenberg In 1860, August Schell Brewing Company was founded, Garibaldi returned to Italy in the Second Italian War of Independence, the British Open was played for the first time, Abraham Lincoln was elected as the 16th President of the United States, and South Carolina seceded from the Union, setting the stage for the [...]

Out of Style: Craft Beer’s Guidelines

Out of Style: Craft Beer's Style Guidelines

By Michael Agnew A while back I was sitting with a friend in my favorite local drinking establishment talking pilsner. Our conversation centered on one example of the style seen by many as one of the best. My friend, though, had a problem with this particular beer. It has a subtle, hop-derived, citrus fruitiness that [...]

Food Meets Beer: The Rabbit Hole


By John Garland, The Heavy Table Photos by Daniel Murphy L.A. transplant Thomas Kim has energized Midtown Global Market by giving Midwest staples a cheeky Korean glance. We get lost in decadent burgers and a carnitas cocktail as we tumble down The Rabbit Hole. Thomas Kim stands at the grill painting the flesh of a [...]

Craft beer reaches new heights in the U.S. according to new BA data


The Brewer’s Association released new data Tuesday about the U.S. craft beer in 2013 and the findings are another positive step for an industry that has grown in spite of a sluggish economy. The total volume share for craft brewers grew to 7.8% of the total U.S. beer market in 2013—an 18% increase from the [...]

Homebrew Recipe: Maple 80 Shilling Presented by The Wedge Community Co-op

Homebrew Badge Maple 80 Shilling

By Kyle Sisco and Shannon Pierce Photos courtesy of The Wedge Community Co-op Scottish Ales are known for their malty flavor, with beers ranging from easy-drinking, light bodied 2.5% Scottish Light 60 Shilling to the robust 10% Strong Scotch Ale. While Scottish Ales are not the most popular style among craft beer drinkers today, names [...]

8 Ways to Create a Craft Beer Wedding

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By Becca Dilley, Independent Wedding Association, and Gretchen Culver, Rocket Science Wedding + Events When you love craft beer and it is a big part of your life, it ought to be part of your big day. After all, it’s more than a tasty beverage to serve your guests, craft beer lends itself to many [...]

Homebrew Recipe: Extraordinary Ordinary Bitter

Extraordinary Ordinary Bitter Featured Image

By Michael Dawson Citizens, if you’re like me, you enjoy the process and ritual of drinking a good beer. You and I may even have in common that when the opportunity to have subsequent beer or beers arises, schedule and other obligations permitting, you will not shrink away from this serendipity. And if we share the [...]

Locally Grown: Dinner on the Farm Takes Their Farm Dinners International

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The Twin Cities based business will partner with Brooklyn Brewery to Host Farm-to-Table Dinners in 12 American and European Cities in 2014 The Minnesota-grown business—and Growler Magazine contributors—Dinner on the Farm have announced a partnership with Brooklyn Brewery to present a series of farm dinners that will kick off each stop on the Brooklyn Brewery Mash [...]

United States of Taxes: Excise taxes for beer, wine, & spirits by state

United States of Taxes

How friendly is your state when it comes to the beer, wine, and spirits industries? Liz Malm, Richard Borean, and Lyman Stone of the Tax Foundation collaborated to put together these very telling infographics showing a breakdown of excise taxes by state. Minnesota has the 10th highest excise tax rate for beer in the country, [...]