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Insight Brewing in Northeast Minneapolis


Ilan Klages-Mundt, head brewer and co-founder of Insight Brewing, describes the new 30 bbl brewery located on Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis as globally inspired. A look at their beer list, which features beer styles originating from Japan, Denmark, the UK, and the US, confirms this on a surface level—but there is more behind the beer [...]

Eastlake Brewery at the Midtown Exchange


Ryan Pitman had driven past the Midtown Exchange Building on East Lake Street thousands of times over the last 13 years before it hit him—the Midtown Global Market is the perfect place for his dream taproom. The idea struck him with such force that he decided throw it all on the line, cash in his [...]

Pryes Brewing in Minnetonka, Minnesota


Jeremy Pryes, CEO and head brewer of Pryes Brewing, spent the past few years assembling the best team possible to help him get the company off the ground. Pryes has been homebrewing for 12 years and is currently taking courses at the American Brewer’s Guild in brewing science and engineering, but he knew he needed [...]

Bob and Pete DeLange’s Waconia Brewing


When Bob and Pete DeLange open the doors of Waconia Brewing Company this October they, like their brother Kevin, will officially hold the title of “brewery owner.” Perhaps partially spurred by a little sibling rivalry with Kevin, the co-founder of Colorado’s award-winning Dry Dock Brewing, Pete and Bob are bringing brewing back to a town [...]

Homebrew Recipe: Oldtoberfest Smoked Rye Lager

Homebrew Oldtoberfest

Real talk, citizens: I had my first seasonally-released pro Oktoberfest of 2014 (Summit; in a can) way back in July. Tasty, and one of my all-time favorite styles, but it stole my thunder. I was totally going to brew one myself, but now… why bother? What can one homebrewer do in the face of such [...]

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Blacklist Brewing Imperial Hefe


My first taste of Blacklist Brewing came last winter at the Zeitgeist Arts Cafe in Duluth. It was one of those Duluth mornings in which you step outside and your skin immediately registers the fact that you’re in Duluth. Sheltered from the whip of an icy wind screaming down Superior Street, I settled in to [...]

The Best of Oktoberfest Minnesota 2014

Oktoberfest Duluth 2013 // Photo by Maxwell McGruder, Dapperman Studios

It’s just about Oktoberfest time, so break out your lederhosen and dirndls and get ready for these local events. Any other Oktoberfest events we should add to the list? Tweet us @growlermag. Friday, September 19 The new Lowry Hill Dunn Brothers in Uptown will be tapping a firkin with Lift Bridge at 6pm. $10 gets you a [...]

The Four Firkins Now Open in the East Metro

AlveyFF-Web-1 Featured Image

The popular craft beer store, The Four Firkins, started in 2008 with a mission to educate the public about the best beer available in the state of Minnesota. Now they continue their mission across the Metro as they open the doors to a new location in Oakdale. The Four Firkins carries exclusively craft beer and [...]

Sweet on Sours: Schell’s expanding sour program with new facility

Jace Marti standing in front of the cypress tanks // Photo courtesy August Schell Brewing Co.

August Schell Brewing Company has announced plans to build a new facility that will house ten cypress lagering tanks and an expanded home for Schell’s’ popular new series of sour beers. Schell’s acquired an abandoned farm on the outskirts of New Ulm and will build an additional 12,000 sq ft facility there. “My dad is [...]

Homebrew Recipe: Provisional Sour Belgian Brown

Map of Flanders, Belgium, 1609 ce Featured Image

Plan ahead, that’s the ticket! It is entirely the wrong weather to drink something strong, dark, and malty—but experience tells us that six months from now, we might want a beer exactly like that. And unless you have refrigeration, it’s too hot to ferment a nice pale lager—but it’s damn near perfect for fermenting a sour [...]

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Schell’s Noble Star #4: Black Forest Cherry

Schell's Black Forest Cherry

The fourth interpretation in Schell’s Berliner weisse series has landed. If you’re not yet in the mood for changing leaves and sweater weather, you will be now. The malty base beer for Schell’s Black Forest Cherry was aged for a full year in large cypress lagering tanks. Then came the addition of a couple tons [...]

Chipotle’s Cultivate Celebrates Sustainable Food, Live Music, and Local Beer

Chipotle Cultivate // Photos by Jeremy Zoss

When you think of brands that host hip outdoor events, names like Red Bull and New Belgium Brewing may spring to mind. Chipotle, on the other hand, probably does not—at least not yet. It may not have featured the extreme sports of Red Bull Crashed Ice or the gonzo atmosphere of New Belgium’s Tour de [...]

The Growler’s Guide to Craft Beer at the Minnesota State Fair 2014

Beer at the MN State Fair Featured Image

This year brings a new S’Mores Beer, the return of the popular Mini Donut Beer, and even more places to find your favorite craft beers. The Minnesota State Fair officially began in 1859, one year after Minnesota became a state, to promote the area’s agricultural potential and encourage farmers to plant crops in Minnesota. These [...]

Lucette Brewing set for brewery expansion, release of new canned beer

Photo courtesy of Lucette Brewing

Lucette Brewing of Menomonie, Wisconsin, announced today its plans to expand its brewing facility by connecting the two current buildings on the property, adding a 57,000 lbs grain silo, and additional fermenters. The move will increase the brewery’s efficiency, capacity, and overall  experience for visitors—not to mention the creation of several new jobs. The expansion [...]