Surly Doomtree Cans Debut This Week at The Depot

dessa_doomtreecan banner

Tomorrow will be your very first chance to get your hands on a can of Surly Brewing Company‘s collaboration beer with local hip hop collective Doomtree. Surly Nation and the Doomtree crew will launch the packaged version of Surly Doomtree at The Depot on Wednesday, February 25. Cans will also be on sale at First Ave. […]

Better Beer Society University’s Spring Semester Begins This March


Craft beer is serious business. The impact of craft beer on the economy and culture of the Twin Cities has developed expeditiously over the past few years. And as is the case with many young industries—there can be a pretty steep learning curve. The quick-growing micro industry of craft beer in Minnesota is undoubtedly a work in progress, but […]

Winterfest 2015 and Beyond: What’s On Tap at the Minnesota Brewers Guild

Winterfest 2014 at the Union Depot // Photo by JaneCrane Photography

From a new executive director to a new format for the perennially popular Winterfest, the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild has big plans for 2015. Winterfest, the 14th annual celebration of all things Minnesota beer, has a different look and feel in 2015. The long-running festival returns to Union Depot where last year the Minnesota Craft […]

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MN Brewery Running Series Announces 2015 Schedule

MN Brewery Running Series 2015 Season Featured Image

Out of the dozens of serious and casual runners in my group of friends, there’s something I’ve noticed they have in common—every one of them loves beer. It may be coincidence, but with scientific studies pointing to beer as a superior post-run beverage to water, the recent record-setting sub-5 minute beer mile, and a running store in Colorado […]

Great Lakes Refreshes Their Brand with New Artwork

Great Lakes Brewing Refreshed Labels Featured Image

The beer times, they are a-changing. Great Lakes Brewing Company has sailed under the same logo since their 1988 inception, but even a brewery founded on consistency and timelessness needs an occasional tweak to best reach an expanding base. With new packaging set for a Memorial Day release, it is the first time their logo […]

Book Dabbler: Returning to an adventure classic, Into Thin Air

Book Review Into Thin Air Featured Image

Seventeen years after the release of Jon Krakauer’s best-seller, the tragic tale is still as gripping as ever After a recent snowfall, I watched the kids across the street climb on the snow piled at the end of their driveway. The wind chill was biting at something like -20°F, and though the kids looked to […]

The Beer Diet


Note from the Editor: The following is author Melissa Maki’s account of her partner of 19 years Troy Roger’s unusual diet of only beer. All views expressed in this story are soley the author’s. Check with your physician before starting any diet. Troy Rogers, the author, and The Growler bear no legal responsibility for health issues that […]

Eaux Claires Music Festival Lineup Makes Waves, Tickets on Sale

Eaux Claires Featured Image

Last year, Aaron Dessner of The National and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and Volcano Choir announced they would collaborate on a project new for each of the accomplished artists—organizing a music festival. Dessner and Vernon connected while recording Dark Was the Night, a compilation album benefitting HIV / AIDS research, and quickly became friends after writing the song “Big Red Machine” by […]

Craft Bar and Lounge Now Open at the Minneapolis Convention Center


Minnesota breweries now have another high profile place to showcase their craft. The new Craft Bar and Lounge in the Minneapolis Convention Center features a rotating selection of local beer curated by the Minnesota Craft Brewer’s Guild. The Guild’s new partnership with Meet Minneapolis and Kelber Catering will provide out-of-town conventioneers more local beer options and a […]

The Mill: Stout Weeks and Mexican Honey

Daniel Murphy / Growler Magazine

The Mill is fumbling through February. Warmish days and bone cold nights, Valentines on the horizon, and spring sampler 12-packs teasing us with their cruel early timing. What are you drinking in The Mill? Let us know @growlermag. Upcoming Events Dark beer fans rejoice: It’s Stout Week at Stanley’s NE. Drink some Abyss and Oak-Aged […]

ENKI’s Brewery Expansion Has Roots in Minnesota Agriculture

ENKI Brewing Expansion Featured Image

  ENKI Brewing’s mission to “Make the World a Friendlier Place” has been a successful one thus far. The Victoria, MN, brewery has begun expansion after one and a half years in operation, doubling the square footage in their former creamery building and tripling the production capacity. One thing that sets ENKI apart from other brewery […]

Coming Soon: Summit’s Hopvale Organic Ale


It’s no secret in the craft beer industry that session beers are trending. Lower alcohol beers with character have become a staple in the flagship lineups of craft beer’s biggest (and best) breweries. Local legend Summit Brewing Company has taken note. Summit is getting set to release an organic hoppy session ale called Hopvale Organic Ale that […]

How Craft Breweries Can Achieve Scale from the Head of Sales & Marketing at Lagunitas


The craft brewery business is booming. As the industry expands, it’s harder than ever for up-and-coming breweries to make a name for themselves. You know how to make great beer, but do you know how to get people to drink it? The Vault at sat down with Ron Lindenbusch, head of sales and marketing at Lagunitas, to […]

Duluth Brewer’s Path Paved with Persistence, Powered by Pink Boots

Ginga Featured Image

Though inroads have certainly been made in recent years, the craft beer industry is still a largely male-dominated landscape. Duluthian Ginga Newton is a brewer who has been struggling to break into the field. For a number of years, she has settled for jobs on its periphery, biding her time and waiting for an opening. […]

Spit Take: Budweiser’s Craft-Bashing Ad Was Perfect


Editor’s Note: John Garland is a contributing editor for The Growler Magazine. The views expressed are his own. It’s only fitting that this disastrous NFL season (Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, concussions, deflate-gate) would end on the most bone-headed play call in Super Bowl history. But craft beer drinkers across America were already enraged, choking on their […]