UPDATE: Landslide Deals Roets Jordan Brewery a Big Blow

Roets Jordan Brewery

By Brian Martucci One of the metro area’s most ambitious brewery projects is on hold, and may need to find a new home altogether, after a waterlogged hillside above the brewery space in Jordan, Minnesota, gave way this month. Roets Jordan Brewery had been slated to open in the historic Jordan Brewery building later this [...]

ON THE ROAD: 10 Live Shows at 10 Breweries in 4 Days [with daily updates]

Mike Munson

From July 22 until July 26, Winona blues musician Mike Munson will traverse the Mississippi River Valley and then follow Highway 61 up the North Shore of Lake Superior to perform in 10 different breweries and taprooms. He and homebrew aficionado Dave Sanders will explore the diversity of craft beer throughout the region, looking for [...]

Collab Beers Announced for ‘In Cahoots! A Collaboration of Craft’

Summit Owner Mark Stutrud recipe planning with Jay and Sandy Boss Febbo, owners of Bang Brewing Co. // Photo by Chip Walton, Summit Brewing Co.

Some of Minnesota’s favorite craft breweries are ready to announce their collaboration beers for the first ever ‘In Cahoots! A Collaboration of Craft‘ on August 3rd, 2014. There is something special about the craft beer ‘industry.’ Craft breweries seems to foster a different kind of competition. Seemingly less frequent in craft beer are cutthroat rivalries and [...]

Pack Up For Sierra Nevada’s Twin Cities Beer Camp

Beer Camp Across America // Courtesy of Sierra Nevada Brewing

“This is the first time we’ve ever attempted this, and there’s no model for what we’re trying to do,” says Stephen Cregan, Sierra Nevada’s Twin Cities sales representative. “This is going to be the largest craft beer celebration in history.” He’s talking about Beer Camp Across America, a multi-weekend, multi-city beer festival that will involve [...]

Wine Wednesday: Landskroon Chenin Blanc

Landskroon Chenin Blanc

As the summer days stretch on, so does my dogged quest to find the best cheap white wine. Rarely, do I ever think of chenin blanc as a value grape. The problem was, I was looking in the wrong country. For cheap whites, you might stick to vinho verde, pinot grigio, colombard – grapes that can be grown [...]

The Mill: All Star Week

Target Field // Photo by Brian Kaufenberg

The Mill is seeing stars, but hopefully no more rain for one more day of All Star Game festivities. Did you see Giancarlo Stanton’s 510-foot blast in the home run derby last night? Ridiculous. ICYMI: Consult our Guide to Downtown Drinking if you’ll be joining the fray this afternoon. Upcoming Events: There’s a Surly/Indeed tap takeover at Butcher [...]

All Star Guide to Drinking Downtown Minneapolis

2014 All Star

Hey there, so you’re in town for the All Star Game, eh? I can see by your Fanfest swag and that far away look in your eyes that you’ve been confined to downtown Minneapolis for a day or two. Sorry about that, you must need a drink. First let me say, welcome to the Twin Cities. [...]

Let’s Get Happy! Soberfish

tempura and spicy salmon at soberfish

So many things about Soberfish would suggest a lack of focus. The Seward neighborhood restaurant has all the hallmarks of pan-Asian fusion confusion. Except, that is, for where it counts the most. The name, first announced as Drunken Sake, and then Drunken Fish, finally landed on something that not only makes no sense, but gives a diner [...]

Eat This Now! Gerhard’s Brats at Surdyk’s

gerhards brats social

Gerhard Riautschnig says that cast iron pans are the way to cook his käsewurst. I spoke to the sausage maker about what makes a good brat for Growler Issue 14, and he stressed simplicity. Just heat up his brats in some simmering water, he says, and serve with mustard and crusty bread. But the cheese [...]

Wine Wednesday: Lionel Messi’s Malbec

Leo Malbec

So Leo Messi might be the best soccer player in the world. So he made $65 Million last year. So he’s lead Argentina with four goals in this World Cup, plus a game-winning assist in the 118th minute against Switzerland, and now they’ll play the Netherlands for a spot in the finals this afternoon. But, [...]

In Cahoots! A Collaboration of Craft (Beer)

InCahoots2014 Breweries

The Growler, in partnership with Red Stag Supperclub, is hosting the Twin Cities’ first ever beer collaboration festival on August 3rd in Northeast Minneapolis. “In Cahoots! A Collaboration of Craft” adds a twist to Red Stag’s 8th Annual Block Party—a well-established Northeast tradition—and pairs four teams of Minnesota breweries for the occasion. Attendees can sample [...]

The Mill: Tandem Brewing and UV Resistance

The Mill, July 8 2014

The Mill is running a little slow this week. We’re still a little groggy from the all the sun, brats and brews over the holiday weekend. But we have good things to look forward to: Sisyphus opening, breweries collaborating, and one of our favorite festivals is just around the corner. Do you have any beer [...]

Arts MN: Blooms of Summer


Summer is in full swing and so too are all things that bloom. Therefore, it’s only fitting that you get out of the house this week to enjoy the sunshine, as well as the scents and sounds of summer, and to attend the events featured below. The events were all chosen because they represent or [...]

Beer & Wine Cocktails at Lowry Hill Dunn Bros.

LSD Spritzer at Dunn Bros.

When asked if I prefer Starbucks or Caribou, my answer is Dunn Brothers. The difference among the chains, for me as a black coffee drinker, is Dunn Bros. roasting their beans in-house. But as a cocktail drinker, there’s a new difference maker at the Lowry Hill Dunn Bros. Owner Sanjeev Azad has developed a casual bar [...]

A Look Back: The Growler Celebrates 2 Years in Print

Issue 13 Cover Art by David Witt -- via Renoir

Two years is a long time. It takes less time for Mars to make a full orbit of the sun. Here’s some perspective: when we started printing The Growler, people weren’t yet sick of Gotye. In the last two years, we’ve seen laws change, breweries grow and multiply, and craft-everything explode in new and exciting [...]