Brewer Profile: Keigan Knee of Modist Brewing


Photos by Aaron Davidson The pounding of hammers on sheet metal echoes throughout a cavernous warehouse in Minneapolis’ North Loop neighborhood. The place is more or less deserted. A couple guys skateboard across the concrete floor, swiftly crisscrossing the 18,000-square-foot space. A pile of tools fills the corner next to a makeshift kitchen—a microwave balancing […]

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Brewer profile: Kristen England of Bent Brewstillery

Bent Brewstillery Kristen EnglandFEAT

Located in a nondescript Roseville warehouse that’s more cinder-block drab than exposed-brick chic, Bent Brewstillery plays by its own rules. The brewery–distillery blends bare-bones warehouse vibes with shiny chrome and dark wood details, calling to mind California taprooms that care more about their product than they do ambiance. The place’s vibe is unassuming yet meticulous, […]

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Brewer Profile: Summit’s Damian McConn


Lass, lad, bugger, bloody. The words pepper Damian McConn’s sentences as frequently as “for sure” and “ya know” flow from the mouths of native Midwesterners. It’s not surprising: Damian grew up in Ireland and lived there until moving to Edinburgh, Scotland, when he was 17. After Scotland came London, and, a few years later, Minnesota. […]

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Brewer Profile: Bent Paddle’s Colin Mullen and Bryon Tonnis

Bent Paddle Brewers

It’s 10am on a Friday and the aroma of brewing coffee is mingling with the sweet, hay-like smell of spent grain. Bryon Tonnis and Colin Mullen, co-founders and co-owners of Bent Paddle Brewing Company, in Duluth, Minnesota, stand by the coffee maker, mugs in hand, ready for a jolt of caffeine to shake off the […]

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Brewer Profile: Dustin Brau of Brau Bros. Brewing Company

Brau Featured

Photos by Jim Tate, Southwest Minnesota State University Name: Dustin Brau Hometown: Lucan, Minnesota (population 220) Works at: Brau Brothers Brewing Company Turn-Ons: Beers too unique to fit in a style category Turn-Offs: “I can’t” and “You can’t.” The Growler: What’s in your fridge right now? Dustin Brau: MooJoos, Sheephead, Urban Growler’s growlers, and stuff from the guys out in Hendricks. G: Favorite beer […]

Allyson Rolph Brews Wisconsin, Lives Minnesota, Wins All Day


Photos by Michelle Sternberg, Sternberg Photography Name: Allyson Rolph Hometown: Charles City, IA (where my family lives), Mankato, MN (where I went to college and “grew up”), and Duluth, MN (where I make my home) Works at: Thirsty Pagan Brewing The Growler: What’s in your fridge right now? Allyson Rolph: Pickles, tortillas, vegetables, and condiments. […]

Brewer Profile: Niko Tonks of Fair State Brewing Cooperative


Fair State Brewing Cooperative’s head brewer gives us a fair hearing.  Photos by Aaron Davidson Name: Niko Tonks Hometown: Yarmouth, Maine Works at: Fair State Brewing Cooperative Turn-Ons: Fermentation. Turn-Offs: Christmas music. Temperatures over 90. Dogma, man. The Growler: What’s in your fridge right now? Niko Tonks: It’s Christmas [at the time of the interview], […]

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Starting New with Todd Haug of Surly Brewing Company


A lot has changed for Todd Haug and Surly Brewing over the years. Now Haug and Surly are starting new with the Destination Brewery in Minneapolis. By Brian Kaufenberg Photos by Aaron Davidson Name: Todd Haug Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota Works at: Surly Brewing Co., 4811 Dusharme Dr., Brooklyn Center, MN 55429 and 520 Malcolm Ave. […]

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A Town Hall Meeting with Brewer Mike Hoops


In anticipation of Town Hall’s Anniversary Week, we rap with Town Hall Brewery’s Mike Hoops. Photos by Aaron Davidson Name: Mike Hoops Hometown: Glencoe, MN Works at: Town Hall Brewery, 1430 Washington Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55454 Turn-Ons: Integrity, a daybreak in the woods, and ladies driving motorcycles Turn-Offs: Gutterballs, brewery floors, -20°F The Growler: […]

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Brewer Profile: “Friday Bob” Roepke of Flat Earth Brewing Company


This issue’s Brewer Profile uncovers the man behind the beer at Flat Earth Brewing Company. Photos by Kristine Erickson Name: Bob Roepke Hometown: Minneapolis, MN Works at: Flat Earth Brewing Company Turn-Ons: A genuine smile, a conversation over a beer, riding my motorcycle. Turn-Offs: Whiners/complainers, litterers, laziness, oh, and interviews. The Growler: What’s in your […]

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Brewing on the Farm: A Chat with Olvalde Farm and Brewing Company’s Joe Pond


This issue’s Brewer Profile takes a look at a Lakeville brewer with an unusual pedigree. By Brian Kaufenberg Photos courtesy Olvalde Farm and Brewing Name: Joe Pond Hometown: Lakeville, MN Works at: Olvalde Farm and Brewing Company   The Growler: What’s in your fridge right now? Joe Pond: Homemade mead and applejack, and some two […]

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Brewer Profile: Brett Bakko of Rush River Brewing


This issue’s Brewer Profile finds Rush River Brewing Company’s Brett Bakko in motion. By Brian Kaufenberg Photos by Kristine Erickson Name: Brett Bakko Hometown: Saint Paul, MN Works at: Rush River Brewing Company Turn-Ons: Crutches and scars (my wife just had hip surgery) Turn-Offs: Not using your blinker when turning or changing lanes The Growler: […]

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Brewer Profile: Indeed Brewing Company’s Josh Bischoff


This issue’s Brewer Profile finds Josh falling into success. By Brian Kaufenberg Photo by Scott Cohen  The Growler: What’s in your fridge right now? Josh Bischoff: Lots of Indeed, Sierra Nevada Celebration, Summit EPA, Alaskan Smoked Porter, New Belgium Accumulation and La Folie, Bent Paddle (all three flavors), Green Flash Palate Wrecker, New Glarus Serendipity, […]

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Talking Shop with Melissa Rainville of Fitger’s Brewhouse


This issue’s Brewer Profile finds Melissa Rainville of Fitger’s Brewhouse hard at work.  By Brian Kaufenberg Photos by Maxwell McGruder of Dapperman Studios Name: Melissa Rainville Hometown: Minneapolis, MN Works at: Fitger’s Brewhouse Turn-Ons: Integrity, authenticity, and beards with a smattering of grey in them. Turn-Offs: Self-importance, ostentatiousness, folks that don’t use dental floss. The […]

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A Heart to Heart with Lift Bridge Brewing’s Matt Hall


By Brian Kaufenberg Photos by Aaron Davidson Name:  Matt Hall Hometown: Saint Paul Works at: Lift Bridge Turn-Ons: Aloha, and having a beer on the bedroom deck with my wife. Turn-Offs: Those small wooden spoons you get with single serve ice cream cups. The Growler: First off, did Lift Bridge ever get the planter that […]

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