Brewer Profile: Brian Schanzenbach of Blacklist Artisan Ales

The summer after freshman year of college, Brian Schanzenbach and Jon Loss built a raft and floated down the Mississippi River for five days. Their parents begged them not to do it, actually offering the two boys money in an attempt to talk them out of it. But the lifelong friends wouldn’t be swayed. They […]

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Brewer Profile: Brennan Greene of Birch’s on the Lake

It’s the first beautiful day of spring in Minnesota—a cloudless, 70-degree afternoon in early May on Long Lake. The only thing separating today from those perfect summer days that pass by too quickly in July is the slight chill of the breeze. The patio tables at Birch’s on the Lake Brewhouse & Supperclub are dotted […]

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Brewer Profile: JT Dalton of Barley John’s Brewing Company

Artist. Teacher. Cook. Car detailer. Brewer. Not many people have a resume quite as colorful or diverse as JT Dalton. The 31-year-old grew up in Lakeville, Minnesota, and never had a clear direction of what he wanted to do beyond make art, skateboard, and snowboard. After high school, he moved to Minneapolis and started racing […]

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Brewer Profile: Bang Brewing’s Jay and Sandy Boss Febbo

The first thing to know about Jay and Sandy Boss Febbo is that their stories are best told when both of them are there to tell them. Where Jay remembers things in sweeping panoramas, Sandy recalls details like specific dates and measurements, pivotal moments in a conversation, and how the light looked as it reflected […]

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Brewer Profile: Simon Nielsen of Central Waters Brewing

There’s a certain art to perseverance. Pursue too eagerly and you’re a nuisance. Tiptoe too timidly and you’ll be forgotten. It’s all about timing and persistence, observation and steadfastness. And patience. Lots of patience. Simon Nielsen knows well what it means to persevere. The 29-year-old has already navigated more detours and hurdles than some people […]

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Brewer Profile: Insight Brewing’s Ilan Klages-Mundt

Most recent college graduates wouldn’t have turned down a job in 2010, on the heels of the Great Recession. Especially not when that job was in the graduate’s field of study. And definitely not when that field of study was music performance and teaching. But that’s precisely what Ilan Klages-Mundt did after graduating from Lawrence […]

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Brewer Profile: Castle Danger Brewing’s Clint MacFarlane

It’s a warm Tuesday in December and the drive on Highway 61 from Duluth to Two Harbors is a quick one. In the half-hour it takes to arrive, the weather changes dramatically—the kind of rapid shift for which Lake Superior is notorious. Today, however, instead of going from beautiful to blustery, the long gray blanket […]

Brewer Profile: Matt Schwandt of Bauhaus Brew Labs

Technically, it’s a quiet week at Bauhaus Brew Labs. New equipment is being installed, which means no beer is being brewed. But there are still new food trucks to vet, floors to scrub, and promo videos to film. A forklift beeps loudly as it inches forward, then back, then forward again. Bright yellow pallets of […]

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Brewer Profile: Deb Loch of Urban Growler Brewing

It’s 9am on a drizzly late August day. At Urban Growler Brewing Company in St. Paul, Deb Loch, head brewer and co-owner, sits at the founder’s table—a round mosaic of woodwork designed to look like the brewery’s logo. Just as she’s getting settled, she suddenly stands up to go check on the coffee situation. None […]

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Brewer Profile: Keigan Knee of Modist Brewing

Photos by Aaron Davidson The pounding of hammers on sheet metal echoes throughout a cavernous warehouse in Minneapolis’ North Loop neighborhood. The place is more or less deserted. A couple guys skateboard across the concrete floor, swiftly crisscrossing the 18,000-square-foot space. A pile of tools fills the corner next to a makeshift kitchen—a microwave balancing […]

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Brewer profile: Kristen England of Bent Brewstillery

Located in a nondescript Roseville warehouse that’s more cinder-block drab than exposed-brick chic, Bent Brewstillery plays by its own rules. The brewery–distillery blends bare-bones warehouse vibes with shiny chrome and dark wood details, calling to mind California taprooms that care more about their product than they do ambiance. The place’s vibe is unassuming yet meticulous, […]

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Brewer Profile: Summit’s Damian McConn

Lass, lad, bugger, bloody. The words pepper Damian McConn’s sentences as frequently as “for sure” and “ya know” flow from the mouths of native Midwesterners. It’s not surprising: Damian grew up in Ireland and lived there until moving to Edinburgh, Scotland, when he was 17. After Scotland came London, and, a few years later, Minnesota. […]

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Brewer Profile: Bent Paddle’s Colin Mullen and Bryon Tonnis

It’s 10am on a Friday and the aroma of brewing coffee is mingling with the sweet, hay-like smell of spent grain. Bryon Tonnis and Colin Mullen, co-founders and co-owners of Bent Paddle Brewing Company, in Duluth, Minnesota, stand by the coffee maker, mugs in hand, ready for a jolt of caffeine to shake off the […]

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Brewer Profile: Dustin Brau of Brau Bros. Brewing Company

Photos by Jim Tate, Southwest Minnesota State University Name: Dustin Brau Hometown: Lucan, Minnesota (population 220) Works at: Brau Brothers Brewing Company Turn-Ons: Beers too unique to fit in a style category Turn-Offs: “I can’t” and “You can’t.” The Growler: What’s in your fridge right now? Dustin Brau: MooJoos, Sheephead, Urban Growler’s growlers, and stuff from the guys out in Hendricks. G: Favorite beer […]

Allyson Rolph Brews Wisconsin, Lives Minnesota, Wins All Day

Photos by Michelle Sternberg, Sternberg Photography Name: Allyson Rolph Hometown: Charles City, IA (where my family lives), Mankato, MN (where I went to college and “grew up”), and Duluth, MN (where I make my home) Works at: Thirsty Pagan Brewing The Growler: What’s in your fridge right now? Allyson Rolph: Pickles, tortillas, vegetables, and condiments. […]