Lucette Brewing set for brewery expansion, release of new canned beer

Photo courtesy of Lucette Brewing

Lucette Brewing of Menomonie, Wisconsin, announced today its plans to expand its brewing facility by connecting the two current buildings on the property, adding a 57,000 lbs grain silo, and additional fermenters. The move will increase the brewery’s efficiency, capacity, and overall  experience for visitors—not to mention the creation of several new jobs. The expansion [...]

Urban Growler on Grand Opening, Carnitas, and more

Urban Growler Featured Image

Urban Growler Brewing Co. has announced an official grand opening. On Wednesday, August 27th, they’ll host Mayor Coleman, plus live music on the patio, special beers, giveaways and more. We caught up with Deb Loch and Jill Pavlak (second and third from left, respectively) to get the details. Current Taproom Hours: Urban Growler has been soft [...]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Bent Brewstillery

Bent Brewstillery Taproom Featured Image

By Brian Kaufenberg UPDATED: August 15, 2014 Bartley Blume, owner of Bent Brewstillery, lives in a world of alliteration. His father Bob, mom Betz, brother Brad and wife Brenda are living proof (even his dogs have names starting with “B”). The thing Bartley Blume loves more than the letter “B” is brewing and distilling. A [...]

Lake Monster Announces Saint Paul Brewery and Taproom

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Currently contract brewing at Sand Creek Brewing in Black River Falls, WI, Lake Monster is targeting a summer 2015 opening date in Saint Paul, MN.   Lake Monster will join Bang Brewing, Urban Growler, and Burning Brothers in what is turning into a bit of a “brewing district” in the former industrial neighborhood along Saint [...]

Now Open (or Damn Close): New Breweries in Minnesota and Beyond


Each issue we take a look at a few new breweries on the craft beer scene. In issue 14 we take a closer look at Drekker Brewing (Fargo, ND), Oliphant Brewing (Somerset, WI), and LynLake Brewery (Minneapolis, MN). Drekker In 1974, Robert Asp of Moorhead, Minnesota, had a dream to build a full-scale replica of the [...]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Drekker Brewing


In 1974, Robert Asp of Moorhead, Minnesota, had a dream to build a full-scale replica of the Gokstad Viking ship and sail his ship across the Atlantic Ocean to Norway. Asp passed away before he could sail his completed ship, The Hjemkomst (“Homecoming” in Norwegian), but in 1982 Asp’s four children and eight friends completed [...]

The Packaging of Craft Beer: Thinking Outside the Bottle


We endlessly debate the beer itself, but what about its container? In Part I of a two-part series on packaging, we talk to two local design firms for insight into the branding of craft beer. Carey Matthews knew the logo needed work. “We were in the middle of a cellar expansion and building expansion, and [...]

Now Open (or Damn Close): Oliphant Brewing


“Let unreason reign.” This short edict is the very heart of Oliphant Brewing, a new Wisconsin-based brewery started by two friends, Trevor Wirtanen and Matt Wallace. Page through some of the strange, absurdist writings on the website for proof. Or ask them about the Oliphant name and its handful of meanings ranging from the elephant-like [...]

Now Open (or Damn Close): LynLake Brewing


by Brian Kaufenberg The marquee above the Lyndale Theater building has displayed a hopeful message for the past months written in weathered black and white letters: “Coming ‘soon’ LynLake Brewery!” Now, after months of construction the long vacant theater will open its doors as one of Minneapolis’ newest microbreweries. Founders Paul Cossette and Mark Anderson [...]

Castle Danger Brewery’s Taproom Grand Opening set for August 15 & 16

Castle Danger New Taproom // Photo courtesy of Christian Dalbec Photography

Castle Danger Brewery, formerly a 3 bbl production brewery located at Castle Haven Cabins, officially moved its brewing operations to the newly built 10,000 sq ft. brewery space located in downtown Two Harbors this July. The expansion included a new 30 bbl brewhouse and 60 bbl fermenters, increasing their production exponentially. Now, they’re are ready [...]

UPDATE: Landslide Deals Roets Jordan Brewery a Big Blow

Roets Jordan Brewery

By Brian Martucci One of the metro area’s most ambitious brewery projects is on hold, and may need to find a new home altogether, after a waterlogged hillside above the brewery space in Jordan, Minnesota, gave way this month. Roets Jordan Brewery had been slated to open in the historic Jordan Brewery building later this [...]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Bank Brewing

Bank Brewing Featured Image

Now Open (or Damn Close) heads west to Bank Brewing, near the South Dakota border. By Brian Kaufenberg Photos courtesy Bank Brewing In the small town of Hendricks, MN, on the South Dakota border, Bank Brewing recently opened a new craft brewery in a historic creamery in disrepair. The name Bank Brewing may be familiar [...]

Sneak Peek: Sisyphus Brewing

Sisyphus Brewing

“Aye, and I saw Sisyphus in violent torment, seeking to raise a monstrous stone with both his hands. Verily he would brace himself with hands and feet, and thrust the stone toward the crest of a hill, but as often as he was about to heave it over the top, the weight would turn it back, [...]

PRESS RELEASE: Surly Brewing hires Jorge Guzman as Destination Brewery Executive Chef


As the steel structure continues to rise in the Prospect Park neighborhood, Surly Brewing is already planning for the opening of its $30-plus million Destination Brewery by hiring one of the most talented young chefs in the city, Jorge Guzman, to lead its food and dining experience. Guzman has been executive chef at Solera in [...]

Straight From the Source: Hayes Public House


A comprehensive look at Hayes Public House, a new brewery in Buffalo, Minnesota. By Doug Hoverson Hayes Public House 112 First St. South, Buffalo, MN 55313 Residents of Buffalo, Minnesota are proud of their historic downtown on the shores of Buffalo Lake. In November 2013, they gained another attraction for the lakefront—Hayes Public House. Andy [...]