Sierra Nevada Invites All U.S. Craft Breweries to a Seven-Stop, Cross-Country Beer Festival

Beer Camp Across America // Courtesy of Sierra Nevada Brewing

Leave it to Sierra Nevada to start a movement in craft beer. The brewery was a major factor in the U.S. craft beer resurgence in the 1980s when there were just eight craft breweries in the country and an aggressively hopped pale ale (by 1980s standards), like Sierra Nevada’s flagship, was a rarity. Now, Sierra Nevada is inviting [...]

Town Hall Brewery Renovations Finished, Reopens April 11


By Brian Kaufenberg “Our hope was to update everything,” said Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery owner Pete Rifakes at a media preview of the newly renovated brewpub, which is set to reopen to the public on April 11. For anyone who has visited Town Hall Brewery in the last 17 years, the change is pronounced. From [...]

PRESS RELEASE: Fitger’s Brewhouse Signs 20-Year Lease with Fitger’s on the Lake

Fitger's Brewhouse // Photo by Maxwell McGruder

PRESS RELEASE Duluth, MN – After 19 years of operation, Fitger’s Brewhouse and Fitger’s on the Lake LLC have cemented their commitment to each other and the community of Duluth by signing a 20-year lease. Both parties are thrilled to be renewing and extending this relationship for a total of 20 more years. “Fitger’s is [...]

Now Open (or Damn Close): Sisyphus Brewing


By Brian Kaufenberg When Sisyphus cheated death for the second time, the gods sentenced him to the eternal task of rolling a boulder up a hill, only to have it tumble down at each attempt. In his essay The Myth of Sisyphus, French philosopher Albert Camus painted him as an absurd hero who attempted to [...]

Straight from the Source: Northbound Smokehouse Brewpub


By Doug Hoverson When taprooms began to spring up all over the state, some wondered if the brewpub model was obsolete. Why bother with all the expense of setting up a kitchen and running a restaurant when you can just serve beer? With Northbound Smokehouse Brewpub, the reason is as clear as the glass expanse [...]

Now Open (or Damn Close): Tin Whiskers


Now Open (or Damn Close) visits St. Paul’s newest production brewery: Tin Whiskers By Brian Kaufenberg The science of brewing brought three electrical engineers together to start Tin Whiskers, St. Paul’s newest production brewery and taproom. Jake Johnson, Jeff Moriarty, and George Kellerman met at the University of Minnesota and worked together at a small [...]

August Schell Brewing Company Gets Current


By Brian Kaufenberg In 1860, August Schell Brewing Company was founded, Garibaldi returned to Italy in the Second Italian War of Independence, the British Open was played for the first time, Abraham Lincoln was elected as the 16th President of the United States, and South Carolina seceded from the Union, setting the stage for the [...]

Now Open (or Damn Close): Bauhaus Brew Labs


Not your great-grandfather’s Bauhaus. By Brian Kaufenberg The Bauhaus was a school founded in 1919 by German architect Walter Gropius with the aim of uniting art and design into a single creative expression under the slogan “Art into Industry.” The Bauhaus, literally “house of construction” in German, bridged the gap between artistic beauty and utilitarian [...]

Turn of the Seasons at Dave’s BrewFarm


An idyllic farmhouse brewery in our own backyard. By Matt Wallace Photos by Aaron Davidson Many people in the craft beer industry daydream of Belgium and Germany—far off lands that are rustic and peaceful, where the beer is brewed well in small and out of the way places, where a quiet can settle in, letting [...]

Minnesota Hops on the Map

Minnesota Hops on the Map

By Adam Overland Minnesota is changing. The change was subtle at first, and many years from now it will be hard to say or remember exactly when it began. But history books love to mark time with dates, and so when the textbook is written about the history of hops in Minnesota, February 22, 2014 [...]

PRESS RELEASE: 21st Amendment Building New California Brewery in Bay Area

21st Amendment

21st AMENDMENT BREWERY UNVEILS PLANS FOR NEW BAY AREA PRODUCTION BREWERY San Francisco native brand to build destination brewery, restaurant in San Leandro, California SAN LEANDRO, CA (February 2014) —21st Amendment Brewery co-founders Nico Frecciaand Shaun O’Sullivan are thrilled to announce plans for the new 21st Amendment production brewery, tasting room, restaurant and event space located in the former Kellogg Cereal factory [...]

“Gluten Free” Label Clearly Defined by TTB


By Brian Kaufenberg For some, it’s a diet by choice. For others, it’s a diet by necessity. However you cut it, the demand for gluten-free products in the U.S. has never been higher. The shelves of grocery stores are lined with products bearing a “Gluten Free” stamp, and liquor store coolers are stocked with new [...]

Living the Dream at L.T.D. Brewing

Featured Image

Now Open (Or Damn Close) visits Hopkin’s newest gathering place. by Brian Kaufenberg Photo courtesy of L.T.D. Brewing The wait has been a long and challenging one, but Blake Verdon and Jeremy “Jem” Hale’s perseverance over four and a half years of planning have brought them within months of “living the dream” and opening the [...]

The Freehouse Minneapolis – Blue Plate’s New ‘Breakfast to Beer’ Spot

The Freehouse // Photos by Brian Kaufenberg

Now Open (Or Damn Close) profiles Blue Plate Restaurant Company’s latest neighborhood joint. By Brian Kaufenberg For Stephanie Shimp, co-owner of Blue Plate Restaurant Company, breakfast is a “humble meal” that brings people together in a communal way the other meals do not.  Perhaps it’s her view of breakfast as “the underdog” that the morning [...]

The Rise of Minnesota-Made Spirits


After the license fee for small distilleries was lowered in 2011, multiple operations in Minnesota bought stills, sourced grain, and filed their paperwork. Get ready for an explosion of local spirits on the shelves in 2014. by John Garland Scott Ervin of Norseman Distillery fills his bottles of vodka by hand, one at a time, [...]