Sneak Peek: The Third Bird

Polenta at The Third Bird

“Kim has vision for a space, injects an energy, and puts the right people in the right place like nobody I’ve ever seen before,” claims Lucas Almendinger. He’s the chef at the helm of Kim Bartmann’s newest project, The Third Bird, and the evidence is all around him. During the first soft-open lunch last Wednesday, [...]

Beans to Beer: Stonehouse Coffee in Nisswa Brewing Up Plans for Beer Making

Stonehouse Coffee Featured Image

A family familiar with bags of coffee beans ready for roasting will soon be lugging bags of grain awaiting brewing.  The French family owns Stonehouse Coffee, a company founded in 2001 that roasts its own beans for its coffee and grinds its own wheat for fresh-baked scones. Soon they will take their hands-on, homemade philosophy [...]

Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich at Lake & Irving

Lake Irving Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich // Photo by John Garland

This is not a sandwich for the faint of heart. If your doctor has talked to you about your blood pressure recently, this was the kind of choice he was talking about. It is not a sandwich for the dainty, nor the self-concious. If you’re on a first date, and you want to look like [...]

Sambusas at Afro Deli


Across all nationalities, cultures, creeds and cuisines, one thing remains constant: meat stuffed in dough. Whether it’s called calzone, banh bao, pasty, pupusa, baozi, or whatever, they’re practically what makes us human. But of all the above variations, count me squarely (or triangularly, I suppose) in the sambusa camp. A good one is shatter-crisp on the [...]

Street Meat: The Bachelor Farmer


The phrase “street meat” is usually derogatory. It describes the dried-out gyros or over-boiled hotdogs you might find from an indifferent vendor in a city like Boston or New York. You know, something like Khlav Kalash. But since the Twin Cities have no contemporary history of sub-par street eating, it’s high time we re-appropriate the [...]

New Orleans Crawfish Boil by Chef Andrew Gerson


Dinner on the Farm Presents a Farm to Table recipe from Chef Andrew Gerson of Brooklyn Brewery, who’s in town from August 9-16 for Brooklyn Brewery’s Mash Tour. Photos by Jeromy Reaux The crawfish boil is a distillation of New Orleans culture and the slow simmering essence of summer. Meaty crawfish slow cook in a [...]

Sausage in the Cities


Food Meets Beer, meets sausage. In the Cities. Nuff said. Photos by Daniel Murphy Put down those indifferent factory brats—we’re in the midst of a tubed-meat renaissance. We talk with two operations leading the way. The poet John Godfrey Saxe was quoted in The Daily Cleveland Herald on March 29th, 1869, saying “laws, like sausages, [...]

Eat This Now! Takoyaki at United Noodles


Not quite a fritter, not exactly a dumpling, more like a hushpuppy-of-the-sea. I’m not exactly sure how to classify takoyaki, except under “delicious” and “more, please.” A West Coast friend recently asked me for some dining destinations in town, and he was confused when Unideli, a noodle bar in a grocery store, popped up in [...]

Brooklyn Brewery’s ‘Twin Cities Mash’ is Back August 9-16

Photo by Reaux Photo, Reaux Photo

Brooklyn Brewery events producer Meg Stemmler, house chef Andrew Gerson, and other notables from the brewery crew have spent much of the past several months on the road—and in the air. The international Mash Tour will have them bouncing from city to city for a few more stops, including a visit to Minneapolis-St. Paul this August 9th [...]

Eat This Now! Duck Confit Panini at Cafe Zentral


A simple, elegant sandwich shop waits at the top of the polished staircase that rises from the lobby of the Soo Line Building. It has a European sensibility about it, with crepes and fresh croissants, and a handful of pressed sandwiches at the ready. A few stools line the interior, while petit cafe tables rest [...]

Let’s Get Happy! Soberfish

tempura and spicy salmon at soberfish

So many things about Soberfish would suggest a lack of focus. The Seward neighborhood restaurant has all the hallmarks of pan-Asian fusion confusion. Except, that is, for where it counts the most. The name, first announced as Drunken Sake, and then Drunken Fish, finally landed on something that not only makes no sense, but gives a diner [...]

Eat This Now! Gerhard’s Brats at Surdyk’s

gerhards brats social

Gerhard Riautschnig says that cast iron pans are the way to cook his käsewurst. I spoke to the sausage maker about what makes a good brat for Growler Issue 14, and he stressed simplicity. Just heat up his brats in some simmering water, he says, and serve with mustard and crusty bread. But the cheese [...]

Truck to Table: Minnesota food trucks are going brick-and-mortar


As the food truck boom matures, ambitious vendors are turning to brick and mortar establishments for growth and visibility. By John Garland Photos by Daniel Murphy I lounge on the patio of what will soon be Hola Arepa at the corner of 35th and Nicollet in South Minneapolis. It’s late April, with mild chill sweeping [...]

Rituals of Coffee: How Do You Take It?


Everything you need to know to make great coffee. By Emily McIntyre Coffee was first discovered—so the story goes—when an Ethiopian goatherd named Kaldi noticed his flock was jumpier than usual when they grazed in a certain patch of berries. When Kaldi tried them for himself, the foundation for one of the world’s greatest beverages [...]

28 New Food Items at The Minnesota State Fair


Summer in the cities has just begun, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start thinking about the must-try new food items at the “Great Minnesota Get-Together.” With nearly 500 foods available at 300 different food concessions throughout the fairgrounds, you have to go to the fair with a plan of action. Here’s a look [...]