Happy Days at Gordy’s Hi-Hat


Visiting Minnesota’s beloved burger joint Photos by Tate Randall I get excited when I see Black Bear Casino. It means I’m close. I skipped breakfast to start my drive north on Interstate 35 through the early fog. I passed the usual landmarks along the way: the Forest Lake interstate merge and the North Branch Outlet […]

Slay to Gourmet: Wild Turkey


Photos by Matt Lien Plain and simple, I love to turkey hunt. It’s the time of year when I get my first taste of spring, and waking up an hour before the sunrise is also something I look forward to. The temperatures are finally rising, ramps are exploding all around, and there’s generally lots of […]

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First Look: Surly’s Fine Dining Restaurant, Brewer’s Table

Surly Brewers Table Featured Image

Photos by Aaron Davidson On Tuesday, Surly Brewing Company gave a preview of its fine dining restaurant, Brewer’s Table, located on the upper floor of its Minneapolis destination brewery. “We’ve been brewing since December; the taproom opened up, the beer hall downstairs; the garden’s kind of greening up, so that’s great,” recounted Surly Founder Omar Ansari. […]

Four Years on Seven Corners: A Profile of Matty O’Reilly

Matty O Reilly Featured

Matty O’Reilly, shaved clean from his chin to the top of his head, relaxes in a high-back chair at the bar at 318 Café. Behind him, on a narrow stage framed by wood beams and soaked in late-afternoon light, members of the Daisy Dillman Band test their mics and tune their acoustic guitars. A couple […]

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Slay to Gourmet: Walleye Fish Tacos


As the sun starts to hit the tree line, I can feel a noticeable change in the boat. Rod tips start to bounce more frequently, the bait cache is depleting more rapidly, and walleyes start to fill the live well. After a day of musky fishing with minimal action, it’s nice to end a warm […]

10 Prime Minnesota Butcher Shops

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Minnesotans have plenty of options when it comes to where they buy their meat, but these 10 butchers are The Growler editorial team’s favorites in the state. They offer their customers the personal touch of the small, neighborhood market with the knowledge that comes from generations of hands-on experience. Have your own favorite local butcher? See […]

No Gluten, No Problem

Nightingale Cider Dinner 2 featured

Nightingale and Sociable Cider Werks team up for a gluten-free spring dinner Photos by Ellen Burkhardt Gluten has surfaced as Public Enemy No. One in the nutrition world in recent years. From added allergy labels to full-out gluten-free restaurants, awareness of the pesky protein has grown immensely. That’s meant more (and better) dining options for […]

Going Whole Hog

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Minnesota Spoon’s tip-to-tail guide to breaking down a pig Photos by Matt Lien If there are 1,000 ways to skin a cat, then there are approximately 1,001 ways to butcher a hog. That’s because each chef has his or her preferred method, myself included. Here, then, is my go-to guide for breaking down a pig. There are […]

Lee’s and Dee’s and Me: A Barbeque Reflection


Our contributing editor meditates on BBQ from one of St. Paul’s finest neighborhood gems Photos by Daniel Murphy You might find Lee Smith on the corner of Victoria Street and Selby Avenue in St. Paul. You might hear a car honk its horn as it passes by and see Lee, sitting in a chair, waving […]

Community Pride, History and Really Big Brats


How a small-town meat market set a world record and changed the face of its community Type “world record brat” into Google and staring back at you will be a 152-foot-9-inch brat from Prescott, Wisconsin. Known mostly for its placement along the confluence of the Mississippi and St. Croix rivers and the constant rumble of […]

Minnesota Meat Map

Meat Map

The map below lists meat purveyors in Minnesota, organized by butcher shops & sausage makers, seafood & smoked fish, specialty meats, meat processors, halal markets and a vegan butcher (yes, you read that right). For our ten favorites, click here. Click the icon in the upper-lefthand corner of the map to display the list and […]

Pop-Up, Chef-Curated Spring Farmers’ Market Madness

Linden Hills_banner

Anyone who’s lived in the Twin Cities for any amount of time knows that farmers’ markets around here are a big deal. Like, plan-your-week-around-the-market big deal. From the Mother of Markets under the I-394/94 overpass just outside downtown Minneapolis to smaller neighborhood markets, each gathering of growers and makers has its own special charm. One […]

Jim Morrison’s Sapsucker Farm and Yellow Belly Hard Cider


For this farming couple, starting small led to success, one crop after another. One of Jim Morrison’s favorite memories from childhood involves apples. “I was sitting out in the woods one day,” he recalls, “and I remembered how when I was a kid my parents would occasionally bring home a one-gallon tub of fresh, unpasteurized […]

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4 Minnesota Creameries to Watch in 2015


The cheese industry in Minnesota is like a good cheese curd. It’s squeaky and new, bursting with a spring-like freshness. Our local cheesemakers don’t have anywhere near the collective cache of those in Wisconsin. But a few plucky creameries and entrepreneurs are quickly making Minnesota cheese another worthy component of our state’s agricultural bounty. We […]

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Slay to Gourmet: 3 Recipes from the Larder


Photos by Matt Lien It’s that time of year again where hunters and fishermen alike find themselves in a lull. Fishing shacks are gone from the quickly receding sheets of ice on the lakes and rivers, and deer stands are abandoned until the next season opener. I, myself, am anxiously waiting for the upcoming turkey […]

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