Homebrew Recipe: Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em Rauchweizen


In his book “The Brewmaster’s Table,” author and brewer Garrett Oliver lauds the versatility of Bavarian weissbier as a pairing companion for a wide range of dishes and cuisines. Its simultaneous sweetness, tartness, high effervescence, and host of yeast-derived flavors make it a good match for everything from brunch to spicy Indian or Thai curries. […]

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AHA Big Brew Events in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa

Lucid Featured

At a fundamental level, beer has always been about bringing people together. Whether you’re brewing it or drinking it (or both), there’s a good chance you’re not doing it alone. What better way to embody this tradition than to participate in one of many American Homebrewers Association (AHA) annual Big Brew events on May 2, which […]

Mighty Axe Hops Releases Free Minnesota Hops Grower’s Guide

Mighty Axe Hops Featured

Growing hops can be a treacherous journey filled with scary-sounding pitfalls like nutrient deficiencies, spider mites and downey mildew. Done right, however, even the backyard hop grower can yield bountiful bines of fresh, hoppy goodness. The folks over at Mighty Axe Hops in Ham Lake, Minnesota, today released the Minnesota Hop Grower’s Guide, a 21-page overview that […]

Neck Tat That Says “Evil” Black IPA


Illustration by David Witt At a recent brewing conference I attended I sat next to a guy with a neck tattoo that was simply the word “evil.” At least I think that’s what it said—I was too scared to stare directly and it was hard to read the stylized script with a semi-averted gaze. Even […]

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Homebrew Recipe: Märzenbier

Homebrew Recipe Marzenbier Featured Image

If you’ll indulge me in a bit of autobiography: Oktoberfest (the lager style, not the party) was one of the reasons I started brewing. Its clarity in the glass and the bright purity of its flavor seemed so alchemical to a brewer of 5-gallon batches of ale. The tubby red-cheeked Maß-guzzlers on the label (Paulaner, […]

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Homebrew Recipe: Wheaty Brown


Illustration by David Witt Poor, unloved brown ale. It’s not IPA, so almost by default nobody cares. It doesn’t have the cultural cachet of Irish stout or Scottish ales. It’s not mild or bitter, so the session beer trend seems to have overlooked it. This month, let’s embrace khaki. Let’s make a strength out of […]

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Homebrew Recipe: Sudkreuz Pils

Sudkreuz Pilsner

  If it’s winter in Minnesota—and at the time of this writing, citizens, it most assuredly is—then for many of us homebrewers it is lager season. Lager, as regular readers probably know, is one of the great families of beer, characterized in the brewery by slow, cold fermentation. The agent of fermentation is lager yeast, […]

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Homebrew Recipe: Motorboat Oatmeal Extra Stout


Do you have a personal end-of-autumn ritual? One of my seasonal markers is a fall trip to fly fish for steelhead with some old friends. Solitude, no cell reception, deep woods, the loud sound of flowing water, wolves and eagles, aurora at night, nostrils full of the hoppy tang of balsam sap. After I return […]

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Homebrew Recipe: Tré Cool Imperial IPA

Tre Cool Imperial IPA 2

I knew a girl from San Francisco, and she and her Bay Area friends had been Green Day fans from their underground days. At least until Dookie hit the charts, then no more. Mainstream success = kiss of death. A thing’s coolness is inversely proportional to the number of people who like that thing. Imperial […]

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Homebrew Recipe: Saison Fatalii


This issue’s homebrew recipe blends one of Europe’s oldest beer styles with a New World surprise that packs a serious punch. By Michael Dawson At this time of year, as I sit to write this month’s installment, a pumpkin ale would be an obvious choice. The seasonal synchronicity—not to mention those nutmeg-cinnamon aromatics—would go down […]

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Homebrew Recipe: Oldtoberfest Smoked Rye Lager

Homebrew Oldtoberfest

Real talk, citizens: I had my first seasonally-released pro Oktoberfest of 2014 (Summit; in a can) way back in July. Tasty, and one of my all-time favorite styles, but it stole my thunder. I was totally going to brew one myself, but now… why bother? What can one homebrewer do in the face of such […]

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Homebrew Recipe: Provisional Sour Belgian Brown

Map of Flanders, Belgium, 1609 ce Featured Image

Plan ahead, that’s the ticket! It is entirely the wrong weather to drink something strong, dark, and malty—but experience tells us that six months from now, we might want a beer exactly like that. And unless you have refrigeration, it’s too hot to ferment a nice pale lager—but it’s damn near perfect for fermenting a sour […]

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Homebrew Recipe: Schrödinger’s Weissbier


by Michael Dawson “The greatest song never gets sung/The greatest life never leaves your lungs.” Wilco was right, you guys. Everything exists in a quantum state of perfection as long as it remains only pure potential, a glimmer in the eye, an unfermented maltose molecule. It’s only after we choose a fork in the road—an […]

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Grow Your Own: Beer Ingredients in the Backyard


There’s still time to get growing on your own Homebrewer’s Garden. By Laura Schwarz Simple gardening is kind of a gateway drug. You start by planting a few flowers to improve your mood after winter. You add vegetables and herbs. Next, you find yourself interested in fruit trees and shrubs. Pretty soon, you have more […]

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Homebrew Recipe: Bocce Swerve Honey Cream Ale


This issue’s Homebrew Recipe features a patio-friendly session beer that doesn’t skimp on body. By Michael Dawson By the time you’re reading this, citizens, it will be full-on summer with all of the beer garden-friendly activities that entails: grilling, patio furniture, bocce and ladder golf, and whatnot. I propose a beer to accompany those activities. […]

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