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Garret Oliver hits back at David Chang’s love affair with shitty beer


If you’ve been paying attention to any beer-related Twitter feeds the past 24 hours, you’ve probably seen chef David Chang’s controversial GQ opinion piece berating “beer snobs” and the craft beer they hold so dear. Garret Oliver, Brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery and author of The Oxford Companion to Beer, certainly took note. For those of […]

Explore Minnesota: Take a Fall Brewcation


By Grant Erler, Explore Minnesota Fall is a favored season in Minnesota for its brilliant colors, cooler temps and less crowded roads, trails and waterways. It’s a great time to get out and enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, golf and the many seasonal festivals. Now with the phenomenal growth and interest in craft beer, fall is a […]

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Issue 15 Crossword Solutions

G15 Crossword Solution

The Bruery (Famille Rue) White Oak Wheatwine


The Bruery (Famille Rue) White Oak Wheatwine 11.5% ABV, 20 IBU Barrel-aged blended beer, say that five times fast. The Bruery’s take on this style of beer is sweet and fruity taking on characters from the bourbon barrels in which it was aged. Notes of vanilla and dark fruits rub off on this blended wheatwine. The Bruery […]

Brasserie Artisanal de Rules La Rules Festival

HASKELLS_LaRulles Estivale

Brasserie Artisanal de Rules La Rules Festival 5.2% ABV If you have decided baking is a great way to lower your heating costs, but are scratching your head on a beer to pair with your baked goods we have a candidate for your consideration: La Rules Festival, a Belgian pale ale. With hops from America, yeast […]

Dortmunder Actien-Brauerei Dortmunder Export


Dortmunder Actien-Brauerei GMBH DAB Dortmunder Export 5.0% ABV This isn’t your dad’s beer, but once you introduce him to it, it may well be. This Dortmunder Export is a great offering to challenge any of your light-beer drinking relatives or if you need a break from the big stouts. Upon pouring you will get a yellow, […]

Handcrafted Wooden 6-Pack Caddy


Handcrafted Wooden 6-Pack Caddy | $75 These six-pack caddies make a beautiful gift for the serious beer enthusiast or anyone who appreciates the beauty of finely-crafted wood. Each caddy holds six 12 oz bottles. Made by the Woodshop at St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota, from sustainably harvested timber from the Abbey’s own forests where […]

Blacklist Brewing Imperial Hefe with Grapefruit Zest


Blacklist Brewing Imperial Hefe with Grapefruit Zest 8.0% ABV Yearning for summer, you say? If Blacklist had a vote, it would be year round with their Imperial Hefe with Grapefruit Zest (they say so themselves). Get your corkscrew for this one, per warning on the bottle, as Blacklist doesn’t joke around with the cork and seal. […]

Against The Grain Brewery Rico Sauvin


Against The Grain Brewery Rico Sauvin 8.2% ABV, IBU 70 While Rico looks like he belongs in a gang from The Warriors, the beer label that features his face belongs in your fridge. Against The Grain have created a Double IPA from the Nelson Sauvin hop. The smell and tastes are quite the journey. A soft […]

Now Open or Damn Close, Fall 2014

Insight Brewing Now Open Feat

In this edition of Now Open (or Damn Close), we take a look at four very different breweries. Insight Brewing There’s Insight Brewing, the latest addition to Northeast Minneapolis’s burgeoning brewery scene. It’s a “globally inspired” establishment that blends styles from east Asia, northern Europe, North America and everywhere in between. Even in the Twin […]

Leather Bicycle Can Cage

Leather Bicycle Can Cage | $118 From Walnut Studiolo: A flat can of Coke has been called the racing cyclist’s “secret weapon”—the quick jolt of sugar and caffeine is perfect to get you up the last few hills. Bring a can of soda (or beer, or juice) along for the ride. This design is a […]

Issue 15 Word Find Answer Key

G15 Word Find Answer Key

Lagunitas Imperial Red


Lagunitas Imperial Red 7.8% ABV Making its return to stores is the first ale Lagunitas ever brewed, this time reincarnated in bomber format. The Red One pours a deep, vibrant copper and a lazy carbonation produces a pillowy, biscuit-white head. Never disappointing on the hop bill, the aroma is dominated by dank resinous hops with a […]

Woodchuck Hopsation Hard Cider


Woodchuck Hopsation Hard Cider 6.9% ABV Beer drinkers, your cider is in. Yep, Woodchuck hopped up some cider for you. It pours a light straw-yellow, much like a pilsner, but the head does not linger long. Tight tiny champagne like bubbles continue to be released as you sip and agitate your glass. On the nose it […]