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PRESS RELEASE: Long Trail Brewing Co. and Bent Paddle Brewing Co. Find Amicable Resolution to Trademark Action


DULUTH, MINN. – DECEMBER 11, 2014 – Long Trail Brewing (Bridgewater Corners, Vermont) –and Bent Paddle Brewing Co. (Duluth, Minnesota) are pleased to announce to their collective beer fans that the disagreement over trademark use raised in late August has been amicably resolved. Bent Paddle introduced a hiker logo on its recent series of seasonal brand offerings […]

Kind-of-a-Big-Deal Awards Winners 2014


We know you have been eagerly awaiting the results of our Kind-of-a-Big-Deal poll. We collected thousands of votes online in October and are excited to share the winners with you. Minnesota’s growing craft beer scene would not be possible without the work of these brands and individuals, as well as your appreciation and support. Thanks […]

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Castle Danger Danger American Strong Ale

Danger Ale

  Castle Danger Danger American Strong Ale 6.5% ABV Just up the shore from Duluth, Castle Danger has delivered a subtle, yet intriguing flagship into the market. Danger Ale’s warning is that it is a decidedly drinkable 6.5% ABV. Amber in color, the nose keys in on the malt with a hint of raisin character […]

Brouwerij Van den Bossche Buffalo Belgian Stout

Buffalo Belgian Stout

Brouwerij Van den Bossche Buffalo Belgian Stout 9.0% ABV Calling all chocolate and stout lovers, this beer is for you. Buffalo Belgian Stout pours a beautiful dark brown with a tan, creamy head. This beer is packed with chocolate and roasted coffee malt flavors. Belgian beers are known for their yeast characteristics and this beer […]

Bent Brewstillery Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Fatha Imperial


Bent Brewstillery Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Fatha Imperial Stout 9.3% ABV The new seasonal version of Dark Fatha, this beer received a year’s worth of aging in a combination of rye and bourbon barrels, adding a unique signature to the roasted malt flavors. The aromas of pecan and vanilla twirl with flavor notes of dark roasted […]

Avery Brewing IPA

Avery IPA

Avery Brewing IPA 6.5% ABV After a long hiatus, well-regarded Avery Brewing from Boulder, CO, returned to the Twin Cities market this fall. Revisiting a quality brewery like Avery starts with the new benchmark of hop handling, the India Pale Ale. Avery’s doesn’t disappoint with earthy hop aromas leading to layered hop flavors of pine […]

Fargo Brewing Wood Chipper IPA

Wood Chipper

  Fargo Brewing Wood Chipper IPA 6.7% ABV The classic American IPA is full of citrus and piney hops, dry hopped to give even more aroma. Orange marmalade on the sip with a lightly bitter finish, this is super smooth and somehow easier to drink than a lot of smaller IPAs. The name and red […]

Northgate Brewing Parapet ESB

Northgate parapet

Northgate Brewing Parapet ESB 5.6% ABV Nestled in Northeast Minneapolis in a brand spankin’ new facility, Northgate Brewing’s mission is to focus on session beers and British styles. Parapet ESB delivered on both promises, as this is a nicely hopped ESB for IPA drinkers. Aromas of spicy hops, citrus, and a hint of coriander give […]

Lucid Brewing Goslar

Lucid Goslar Gose

Lucid Brewing Goslar 4.5% ABV The name “Goslar” comes from the city in Germany where this ancient style was carefully created. It is a traditional Gose (pronounced ‘goes-uh’) style beer, which is an excellent and flavorful session beer. Goslar pours a bright golden color with a one-inch tuft of foam. Serve this one in a […]

B Nektar Meadery Zombie Killer

Zombie Killer

B Nektar Meadery Zombie Killer 6% ABV Founded in 2006 by a homebrewer in Indiana, this family-run meadery makes some of the most award-winning mead in the country. One word sums this one up—amazing! But, since one word reviews are not allowed… This is a honey wine style mead with a soft carbonation and color […]

Lake Monster Brewing Calhoun Claw Pilsener

Calhoun Claw

Lake Monster Brewing Calhoun Claw Pilsener 5.4% ABV, 40 IBU Minnesota weather can be very unforgiving, but a tasty pilsener is an absolute mainstay. Its golden hue and bright body invite you with a warm welcome. On the nose, it smells clean with a slight doughy bread aroma. There is a pleasant bitterness on the […]

Lazy Loon Brewing Lazy Loon Lager

Lazy Loon Lager

Lazy Loon Brewing Lazy Loon Lager Unlisted ABV A Southwest suburbs exclusive! Brewed and canned in beautiful Victoria, Minnesota, Lazy Loon is a ‘true to style’ nanobrewery. This gem pours a light amber color and has aromas of caramel malts. A well-balanced lager best served cold (40–45°F) in a pint glass. We recommend you enjoy […]

Bauhaus Brew Labs Stargrazer German Style Schwarzbier


Bauhaus Brew Labs Stargrazer German Style Schwarzbier 5.0% ABV, 28 IBU Bauhaus in Nordeast is producing some tasty, classic German styles and putting their own unique spin on them. Stargrazer, a German style schwarzbier, is black as the night sky and just as interesting. A light body, bright hop profile make this beer unique because […]

Evil Twin Brewing Even More Jesus


Evil Twin Brewing Even More Jesus 12.0% ABV Coming in at a whopping 12% ABV, share this bomber with a few friends! Pour into a snifter and marvel at the jet-black color while you let this one sit for at least 10 minutes to decant. A creamy, mocha finish follows a slightly boozy, semi-sweet chocolate […]

Stillwater Artisanal Ales Débutante Bière de Garde


Stillwater Artisanal Ales Débutante Bière de Garde 6.4% ABV This beer is the belle of the ball. She smells of sweet honey and a delicate touch of clementine. When you press your lips against hers there is an explosion of sweet floral flavor, with a head rush of apricot and orange rind. The dizzying dance […]