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Issue 40 | February 2017 | Travel


Chuck U’s cover for The Growler #40, The Travel Issue

Letter from the editor

Dear Readers,

I have often lamented the era in which I came to being. I remember as a young man wishing that I had been born at a time when there was still real exploring to be done. I was convinced that I was supposed to have been an explorer, or a cartographer surveying strange and distant lands.

I remember being in elementary school and having the indelibly badass Ann Bancroft come speak to our class before and after her 1993 expedition across the South Pole on skis. I recall thinking that by being in the first all-female team to cross the ice of both the North and South Poles, Ms. Bancroft and the three other women in her crew had not only made history, but had explored their own personal boundaries and found something new within themselves.

I never forgot the lessons Ann Bancroft taught me. The globe has already been mapped and many trails have been blazed, but the world is still an enormous place and life is short. When we leave our comfort zones, we gain perspective. I think we could all benefit from a wider viewpoint and a little self-exploration these days.

There is no shortage of exploring to be done. Our Travel Issue is here to remind you that there are always new people, new foods, and new ideas on the horizon. Get up and seek some adventure. Go off the grid. Blaze your own trail. Find things that make you feel insignificant.

In my experience, the smaller you feel, the slighter your problems seem.

Joseph Alton


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