Vote for the Kind of A Big Deal Awards 2013

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  1. Hey there. I’ve spotted some issues with the poll. At least one question (tattoo) is repeated. Tallgrass Brewing is from Kansas, not Minnesota! What the heck? Lift Bridge Farm Girl is not an option in any best-brew category, despite being the best beer in Minnesota. I really think the poll should be reset when changes are made, out of fairness to the competitors.

    • Hello,

      Thanks for pointing out the issue with the Tattoo question. In regards to the best beer categories, while the amount of Minnesota beers nominated make is seem like it was limited to Minnesota, the categories were open to beer from across the nation. Thus Tallgrass was included. Unfortunately, Lift Bridge’s Farm Girl didn’t receive enough nominations to be included in a category.

      Thanks for your feedback. Cheers,
      The Growler Team

      • Ah, weird. You’re right about the local beers dominating categories; I must have missed others, but I was instantly thrown by Tallgrass. If it’s open to the whole nation, the nominee list is terribly biased toward Minnesota. I’ll have to abstain from this voting. Write-ins for Lift Bridge Farm Girl and Boulevard Wheat. New Glarus would get my nod for best craft brewer overall.

  2. phoenix0320 says:

    Thanks for correcting the tattoo duplicate! Another error I came across: under the Belgian beers category, The Boom Island Brewing Co’s Dubbel is the Hoodoo, not the Hoodoo Voodoo. And I was surprised A Perfect Pint didn’t receive enough nominations for the beer blog!

  3. tylermacklin says:

    Only issue I saw with the survey is Snow Storm being on there. As it’s a different style of beer each year I wasn’t sure how to vote on that one.

  4. I wonder how much 612brew paid a marketing firm to make sure they were in almost every category. No offense intended to them but for example how on earth does Rated R beat out a beer like HopDish in the IPA category! Thanks Growler team for the great rag, really enjoying your publication and am always looking forward to the next release. I especially enjoy the write ups from Mr.Agnew and Mr.Dawson. Thanks again.


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