Homebrew Recipe: La Granja Agave Azacca Saison


Agave tequilana is the plant responsible for pulque and tequila. It’s also an adjunct sugar source for this month’s recipe. In the interest of adjective-laden beer styles we’re going to undertake a non-traditional farmhouse ale populated by blue agave nectar, new school hops, and a mixed-culture fermentation. We’ll need a few things to breathe life […]

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Homebrew Recipe: Hopbursted Brett Session IPA


Hopbursted Brett Session IPA: this month, we will be just a bourbon barrel short of hitting all the buzzwords. Our project will be to twist a very hoppy, low alcohol, and easy-drinking ale with a non-Saccharomyces fermentation. We’ll be gunning for sub-5% ABV, close to a 1:1 bittering unit-to-gravity unit ratio, bundles of hop flavor […]

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Homebrew Recipe: Minnesota Common


“I wish that there were just two more months in the year when we could stand outside like this,” my wife remarked. We were straddling bikes in front of the school after dropping off our daughter. We were not wearing pac boots. “Two more months of school?” I asked, misreading the situational clues, as usual. […]

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Homebrew Recipe: Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em Rauchweizen


In his book “The Brewmaster’s Table,” author and brewer Garrett Oliver lauds the versatility of Bavarian weissbier as a pairing companion for a wide range of dishes and cuisines. Its simultaneous sweetness, tartness, high effervescence, and host of yeast-derived flavors make it a good match for everything from brunch to spicy Indian or Thai curries. […]

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Homebrew Recipe: Märzenbier

Homebrew Recipe Marzenbier Featured Image

If you’ll indulge me in a bit of autobiography: Oktoberfest (the lager style, not the party) was one of the reasons I started brewing. Its clarity in the glass and the bright purity of its flavor seemed so alchemical to a brewer of 5-gallon batches of ale. The tubby red-cheeked Maß-guzzlers on the label (Paulaner, […]

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Homebrew Recipe: Wheaty Brown


Illustration by David Witt Poor, unloved brown ale. It’s not IPA, so almost by default nobody cares. It doesn’t have the cultural cachet of Irish stout or Scottish ales. It’s not mild or bitter, so the session beer trend seems to have overlooked it. This month, let’s embrace khaki. Let’s make a strength out of […]

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Homebrew Recipe: Sudkreuz Pils

Sudkreuz Pilsner

  If it’s winter in Minnesota—and at the time of this writing, citizens, it most assuredly is—then for many of us homebrewers it is lager season. Lager, as regular readers probably know, is one of the great families of beer, characterized in the brewery by slow, cold fermentation. The agent of fermentation is lager yeast, […]

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Homebrew Recipe: Motorboat Oatmeal Extra Stout


Do you have a personal end-of-autumn ritual? One of my seasonal markers is a fall trip to fly fish for steelhead with some old friends. Solitude, no cell reception, deep woods, the loud sound of flowing water, wolves and eagles, aurora at night, nostrils full of the hoppy tang of balsam sap. After I return […]

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Homebrew Recipe: Tré Cool Imperial IPA

Tre Cool Imperial IPA 2

I knew a girl from San Francisco, and she and her Bay Area friends had been Green Day fans from their underground days. At least until Dookie hit the charts, then no more. Mainstream success = kiss of death. A thing’s coolness is inversely proportional to the number of people who like that thing. Imperial […]

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Homebrew Recipe: Provisional Sour Belgian Brown

Map of Flanders, Belgium, 1609 ce Featured Image

Plan ahead, that’s the ticket! It is entirely the wrong weather to drink something strong, dark, and malty—but experience tells us that six months from now, we might want a beer exactly like that. And unless you have refrigeration, it’s too hot to ferment a nice pale lager—but it’s damn near perfect for fermenting a sour […]

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Homebrew Recipe: Extraordinary Ordinary Bitter

Extraordinary Ordinary Bitter Featured Image

By Michael Dawson Citizens, if you’re like me, you enjoy the process and ritual of drinking a good beer. You and I may even have in common that when the opportunity to have subsequent beer or beers arises, schedule and other obligations permitting, you will not shrink away from this serendipity. And if we share the […]

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Throwback IPA: Back to the Swords


This issue’s Homebrew Recipe tries not to fetishize the IPA any further. by Michael Dawson Is there any style of craft beer that’s more fetishized, more mandated by its audience, more commercially successful than IPA? I sometimes wonder if the acronym has become semiotic—nobody orders an India Pale Ale, they ask for an IPA. And […]

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Homebrew Recipe: Steampunk Entire Porter

Steampunk Pennyfarthing Glider from Wild Wild West

By Michael Dawson Porter: also known around my house as “Why don’t I brew this all the time?” “What if”: one of my favorite mental games to play while contemplatively nursing a pint of Why don’t I brew this all the time? This month let’s use our mash tuns and carboys to enter the realms […]

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Homebrew Recipe: Wild Root Brown Ale presented by The Wedge Community Co-op

Featured Image

The first of a series of homebrew recipes using fresh ingredients from The Wedge Community Co-op. By Kyle Sisco and Shannon Pierce Photos courtesy of The Wedge Community Co-op           It is no surprise that the world of food and beer are closely related. Even cooking and brewing are quite similar. […]

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Berliner Weisse: Word to Your Mother


Apparently, this Homebrew Recipe appeals to moms everywhere. By Michael Dawson Illustration by Phil Juliano True story: my mom doesn’t like beer…except for Berliner Weisse. That’s the sole exception. When my dad and I would homebrew, she would have to leave the house because of the smell. She wouldn’t try any of our concoctions or, for […]

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