The State of Sours: An update on Minnesota’s funkiest beers

Minnesota brewers are becoming fixated on mixed-fermentation [Editor’s Note: This post will continue to be updated with more news on sours made by Minnesota’s breweries] A whole new segment of Minnesota beer has turned sour. Or maybe not sour—that makes it sound like a mistake. These beers are intentionally tart and astringent, funky and wild. “Sour beer” is […]

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Brewer Profile: Jace Marti of August Schell Brewing Co.

By Joe Alton Name: Jace Marti Hometown: New Ulm, MN Works At: August Schell Brewing Co., New Ulm, MN Turn-Ons: Sour beers Turn-Offs: Beer snobbery Growler: What’s in your fridge right now? Jace Marti: Some Chimney Sweep, a few Bocks, half a Lagunitas Sucks 6 pack, and a Cuvée des Jacobins Rouge. And some left over […]