Craft Beer, Represent: The importance of increasing diversity in the brewing industry

The craft brewing community likes to lean on one word as one of its pillars: community. But high profile incidents of racism and industry data … [Read more]

10 Bars for 2020

At this point, we could all use a stiff drink.To say that the bar scene in the Twin Cities has changed dramatically in 2020 would be a gross … [Read more]

Shelf Stars: A Better Vinho Verde

Welcome to Shelf Stars, The Growler’s cheap wine column in which we discover the best under-$15 bottles in town. This edition of Shelf Stars is … [Read more]

Amaro at Alma

Filled with mystery and allure, amaro is a liqueur worthy of our attention. In fact, it demands it.  Dualities of bitter and sweet, backed up by … [Read more]

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Bite of the Week: Fried Chicken Bao at Dumpling

  Bite of the Week is a weekly feature showcasing an exceptional meal or dish, curated by The Growler. We’d like to thank Dual Citizen … [Read more]

Cooperative Evolution: Food coops like Seward and the Wedge have adapted quickly during troubled times

Access to food is about as elemental as it gets. But in troubled times with lives on the line, not every grocery store has responded to the pandemic … [Read more]

Savory Bake House’s unlikely mission: Feeding the people of Powderhorn sanctuary

In terms of size, Savory Bake House doesn’t rate. Before its temporary closure in March due to COVID-19, this Minneapolis bakery just off of East Lake … [Read more]

Who’s Your Farmer? Minnesota farmers and consumers are taking out the middleman

With legions of restaurants and bars closed or operating in a very limited capacity, demand for wholesale ingredients from local farmers has … [Read more]

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Arts & Culture

CBD, From Seed to Salve: Stigma, a Minneapolis-based CBD store, emphasizes its supply chain and local pedigree

This story is a part one of a two-part series on CBD and hemp underwritten by J.C. Younger. The Growler maintained editorial control over the content.  We wanted to be the Summit Brewing Company of the cannabis industry in Minnesota," says Josh … [Read more]

Artist Profile: Dogfish Media’s Brian Geihl

Brian Geihl is no stranger to working through changes. He has been passionate about creating art and drawing all his life, but when he started at St. Cloud State University, he wasn’t in the studio right away. Following his love for the outdoors, he … [Read more]

‘Let the Saloons Come’: When Fargo went dry in 1890, liquor ruled in Moorhead

For 25 years, between 1890 and 1915, Moorhead, Minnesota, was infamous for being a rough and rowdy saloon town. The reputation was well deserved, as alcohol sales were the city’s number-one industry. Since the arrival of the first … [Read more]

12 Nights of Freedom: A Political Jazz Playlist

Alright, this summer has our attention. All this social turbulence—a kind our nation hasn’t witnessed in generations—has a long tradition behind it. Revisiting some of our nation’s most treasured protest songs can help remind us that this fight isn’t … [Read more]

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