New ownership taking the helm at Minneapolis’ NorthGate Brewing UPDATED

By Brian Kaufenberg and Joseph Alton Updated December 16, 2017 at 1:20pm: This story has been updated with information from NorthGate and Tod … [Read more]

The Mash-Up: Scotch, bourbon, and brandy barrel-aged beers lead the way

With well over 100 breweries now pouring their beer in Minnesota, there’s always something new to try. To keep you up-to-date, we present The … [Read more]

F-Town Brewing co-founder eyes St. Paul fire house for new brewery and restaurant

A new brewery and restaurant is in the early stages of planning after the St. Paul City Council granted Travis Temke tentative developer status over … [Read more]

U.S. hits record-breaking 6,000 breweries in operation

Another year has come and gone, but not without craft beer industry hitting a record-shattering number. The Brewers Association published its end … [Read more]

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Cooking with Beth Dooley: Smoked Whitefish Cakes

Smoked fish cakes are a perfect marriage of convenience—yesterday’s leftover smoked fish from the holiday appetizer tray mixed with yesterday’s … [Read more]

The Mill: Book Club opens in Armatage

Book Club, a West Coast-inspired eatery led by restaurateur Kim Bartmann and chef Asher Miller, is opening today at the former home of Cafe Maude in … [Read more]

Minnesota Spoon: The culinary languages of Adam Eaton

Developing the dishes for a new restaurant menu is a little bit like giving birth. There is the initial joyful conception. There is a long and … [Read more]

Recipe: Adam Eaton’s Moose Bolognese

This month, Minnesota Spoon's Steve Hoffman gathered with some hungry friends at the home of Jon Wipfli to travel around the world with Adam Eaton. … [Read more]

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State of Chicago Beer: A good time to be thirsty in the Windy City

If you're heading to Chicago, come parched. As of this writing, there are just under 200 breweries in the greater Chicagoland area. Like many American cities, the Chicago craft beer scene is experiencing a renaissance of sorts. Eight Chicago-area … [Read more]

Where Have All the Award Shows Gone? How we’re honoring Minnesota’s musicians today

Right inside the front door of the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame stands a towering replica of the state-shaped award for inductees. “This way when people walk in, you don’t have to tell ‘em where they’re at,” says executive director Dodie Wendinger. … [Read more]

The Mill: New supermarket to open in North Minneapolis

A full-service supermarket and wellness center will be opening mid-December in North Minneapolis. The North Market is filling a hole in a neighborhood that previously relied on scattered convenience stores for its groceries. MPR News reports that … [Read more]

Artist Profile: The patterns and forms of Ross Bruggink

A fearless and philosophical duo, “Calvin and Hobbes” follows the adventures of the mischievous six-year-old Calvin, and his best friend, a talking and plush sardonic tiger named Hobbes. Their relationship is playful, poignant, and fantastical, as … [Read more]

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