10 Bars for 2020

At this point, we could all use a stiff drink.

To say that the bar scene in the Twin Cities has changed dramatically in 2020 would be a gross understatement. Several of our favorite bars have shut their doors permanently (RIP Marvel Bar), while others are staying closed by choice, with owners feeling trepidatious about serving patrons indoors again.

But at the bars that are open and operating, there are still glimmers of innovation as owners are pivoting this way and that, doing everything they can to stay relevant, stay open, and avoid ending up a hotspot for COVID-19.

In this 10 Bars for 2020 feature, you’ll hear directly from these bar owners and also get a taste of what the experience is like right now. You’ll gain an appreciation for the surprising virtue of a hot-dog roller at Meteor Bar. You’ll get a diner’s perspective on the all-you-can-eat-and-drink experience on offer at Psycho Suzi’s. And you’ll hear in real numbers from Republic’s owner just how dire the economic situation is for bars right now, and why it’s simply a miracle any have survived thus far.

Here are 10 bars whose stories define the drinking scene in 2020.



Photo Essay by Tony Saunders


Photo Essay by Tj Turner