Urban Lodge Brewery & Restaurant up for sale in Sauk Rapids

A year and a half after opening its doors, Urban Lodge Brewery & Restaurant in Sauk Rapids is up for sale. Owner Roy Dodds announced his decision … [Read more]

U of M paving the way toward better barley, stronger hops

It’s not a question of if, but when an invasive species will threaten Minnesota hop crops. That’s not meant to scare local hop growers or breweries … [Read more]

Northern Brewer alums opening Arbeiter Brewing in South Minneapolis

Three Northern Brewer veterans and a brewer from Town Hall are working to bring a new brewery to life in South Minneapolis’ Longfellow neighborhood. … [Read more]

The Mash-Up: Beers with cinnamon, chilies, and ‘everything but the sink’

With well over 100 breweries now pouring their beer in Minnesota, there’s always something new to try. To keep you up-to-date, we present The … [Read more]

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Cooking with Beth Dooley: Polenta and fried egg recipe

I can eat polenta at least three times a day. Golden and satisfying, it’s a warming, sunny comfort, especially mid-winter. Top polenta with a fried … [Read more]

The Mill: Smalley’s Caribbean Barbeque serves its last meal in downtown Stillwater

Smalley’s Caribbean Barbeque and Pirate Bar in downtown Stillwater served its last plate of jerk wings on Saturday, after news broke last week that … [Read more]

Saint Dinette team confirms bagel place for Lyn-Lake

Adam Eaton, chef at Saint Dinette, confirmed today an exciting development first reported by our own Steve Hoffman in the December issue of The … [Read more]

Eat the Invasion: Does it make sense to promote the idea of controlling non-native species by eating them?

In the 1890s, a group of Shakespeare fanatics in New York devised a romantic plan to honor the bard: release a member of every animal species … [Read more]

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Arts & Culture

The Art Shanties have a new home on Lake Harriet

It’s January and the hype of the new year is fading. We’re settling in for some long, cold months, wearing multiple layers of wool socks, and cursing 4:30pm sunsets—or at least that’s what the rest of the country thinks we’re doing. In reality, we’re … [Read more]

The Mill: All-girl school of rock in the works in St. Paul

Finally, some news we can all get on board with: Babes in Toyland drummer Lori Barbero, St. Paul visual artist Chris Larson, and female musician Corey Avery have proposed a rehearsal studio space catered specifically to girls between ages of six and … [Read more]

Askov Finlayson giving 110% to fight climate change

As a teenager, Eric Dayton sat in awe as famed polar explorer Will Steger rolled out a map of Antarctica to show him the route of an epic transcontinental expedition. The moment fueled Dayton’s love of the outdoors and exploration, gained during … [Read more]

‘The Wiz’ is coming to the Children’s Theatre Company stage

Tie up those laces and get ready to ease on down the road: “The Wiz,” the 1978 film adaptation of “The Wizard of Oz” featuring a singing, dancing Diana Ross and Michael Jackson, will be brought to the Children’s Theatre Company stage in an exciting … [Read more]

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