A Beer Drinker’s Guide to Minnesota Fishing

Sunfish / Miller Lite – Tastes Great, Less Filling

If you’ve ever fished, chances are you caught a sunfish. They’re everywhere and one can’t help to smile when you get a sunnie on your line. While it’s not a species that exudes adventure in the catch, they’re plentiful and great to eat, deep fried in beer batter of course! Tastes great. Less filling. Sound familiar? Enough said.

Largemouth Bass / The Budweiser of Fish

In fishing, largemouth bass is king. So a comparison to the “King of Beers” is unavoidable. What makes bass fishing popular across the country is the fact that they’re plentiful and relatively easy to catch. The same can be said about Budweiser. So, grab some Bud and go catch yourself a bass!

Northern Pike / Surly Furious – All about the Attitude

keeler.northern pike
It’s all about the attitude.  Northern pike are popular in Minnesota because they can be big and aggressive. Anglers call them “lake gators” as their mouths are full of long-sharp teeth. They’re decent to eat, but loaded with Y-shaped bones that are tricky to avoid when filleting, leading some anglers to avoid eating them. This reminds me of how I explain the taste of Surly Furious to first-timer consumers. It’s a great beer with aggressive flavor that might not appeal to the casual consumer.

Trout / Blue Moon Belgian White – Pardon Me, Do you have any Trout in your Streams?

keeler.rainbow tour
I grew up in Southern Minnesota not knowing we have amazing trout fishing here. And I’m talking all kinds of trout – browns, rainbow, brookies, lake, and steelhead. Trout anglers are a different breed. Their gear is more expensive, they wear waders with felt-bottom shoes to walk in small streams, and their trophies are measured in centimeters and ounces, not feet and pounds. Nothing says I’m-better-than-you more than a Belgian beer, so I’m going with Blue Moon Belgian White. With its smooth and creamy finish and hint of Valencia orange, Blue Moon is unique enough to be found in a trout angler’s creel.

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