A Beer Drinker’s Guide to Minnesota Fishing

Carp / Pabst Blue Ribbon – Carp is Hip

The common carp is an invasive species that is found in most bodies of water in the US. It was originally stocked by US Fish and Wildlife as the “Ultimate Sport Fish” in an effort to get more people fishing and feed the masses. And like Pabst Blue Ribbon, a select few still seek and eat this beauty for reasons most of us don’t understand.

Muskie / Excelsior Brewery-Bridge Jumper Imperial IPA –The Beer of 10,000 Growlers?

This fish has been the hardest for me to pair with a beer. It’s an amazing fish – big, powerful, and aggressive. It’s often called “the fish of 10,000 casts,” referring to how long an angler goes between catches. Lake Minnetonka, my preferred body of water for fishing and drinking beer, is home to some of Minnesota’s best muskie fishing. It’s also home to one of Minnesota’s newest craft brewers, Excelsior Brewing Company. Their Bridge Jumper Imperial IPA is my muskie beer of choice as the beer is full-bodied, strong (7.5% alcohol by volume), and lovingly referred to as a “Malt Monster” by Excelsior Sales & Marketing Director Ben Flattum. Like a trophy muskie, Bridge Jumper is relatively hard to find but well worth the effort once you track it down.

So there you have it. They’re not perfect, but they’re mine. I’d be happy to debate my selections and would like to hear about your beer of choice for Minnesota fish. Drop me a line (pun intended!): [email protected]

Keep Calm and Fish On!

 Mitch Petrie

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