A bike route for every personality

A Route for Every Beer Lover

Distance: 10 miles
Time: 2–5 hours
Level: Beginner

Route3I don’t particularly endorse stopping at every single brewery on this route—unless you plan on making this an all-day deal. Remember, you will be riding on roads with cars, so safety first. That parental warning aside, this is a great ride that peaks into a good chunk of Minneapolis’ wonderful brewery culture (so take all of your snobby out-of-state beer friends on it).

I’m approaching this ride as someone who has pretty simple Light Rail access; if you’re driving, park your car in Surly Brewing’s lot (where the ride ends) and take the Light Rail from Prospect Park station to Target Field. From there, you’ll wind through city streets to Fulton Brewery (414 N 6th Avenue), one of Minneapolis’ newest breweries, Modist Brewing, (505 N 3rd Street), and Inbound BrewCo (701 N 5th Street) all in short proximity.

Once you’re done drinking in the North Loop, head north up Washington Avenue, where there’s a bike lane, (N. 2nd Street, which runs parallel, has a bike lane when the one on Washington ends.) You’ll cross Broadway Avenue and come to N. 21st Avenue where you’ll find Boom Island Brewing Company (2014 N. Washington Avenue). When you’re done at the Boom Room, get back on Broadway, heading east over the river, and go left onto 2nd Street NE. Two blocks up, you’ll hit Dangerous Man (1300 NE 2nd Street)—and if you’ve never had their infamous Chocolate Milk Stout, now would be the time.

From Dangerous Man, it’s a quick jaunt down 15th Avenue NE, which dead-ends at Indeed Brewing Company (711 NE 15th Avenue) and Able Seedhouse (1121 Quincy Street NE) is just down the block. Or backtrack from Indeed to Monroe St. and take a right, heading north. Take another right on 18th, then a right again on Fillmore Street. That’ll take you to Sociable Cider Werks (1500 Fillmore Street).

Get back on Broadway, heading east over 35W, until Hoover Street, where you’ll take a right, then a left on Hennepin, which will run you by Insight Brewing (2821 E Hennepin Avenue). Unfortunately, there just isn’t a good way from Insight to Surly (or at least not one that I’m aware of), so getting to Surly is kind of a roundabout process. Check the Google Map for my route to the University of Minnesota Transitway (which has to be the most nicely paved trail in the Twin Cities). Stay on the Transitway until you come to Malcolm Avenue, take a left, and enjoy the rest of your evening sitting in Surly’s crazy sculpture garden.

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