A guy named Biscuit is sticking it to Tom Brady via 20,000 Sun King beer cans

Travel back in time with us, if you will, to May 2015. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. just bested Manny Pacquiao for the united welterweight championship, the U.K. was holding its general election, and the NFL had just handed down its punishment for the New England Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady for the brouhaha known as “deflategate.”

Following a dominating 45–7 win over the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship Game, the Patriots—and more specifically Brady—were hit with allegations that they deflated footballs to gain a competitive advantage in the game. (Today the issue is still the subject of an ongoing legal battle.)

Over at Indianapolis’ Sun King Brewing Company, they were getting ready to can a run of their Wee Mac Scottish Ale, and a canning line operator nicknamed Biscuit was likely thrilled to hear that the NFL had sided with Colts’ fans everywhere and handed down what many considered a stiff penalty as a result of the deflategate allegations.

In an effort to add insult to injury, Biscuit allegedly added “Tom Brady Sux” to the bottom of about 20,000 cans of the beer along with the standard “Born On” date printed on the bottom of all of Sun King’s beers.

While adding messages to the bottom of their cans isn’t anything new, the Indianapolis Star reports that the higher-ups at Sun King weren’t too pleased with this particular message. Today, Biscuit, who still works for Sun King, is required to submit a list of the sayings he plans to stamp on the bottom of beer cans each week.

Read the full story on the Indianapolis Star


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