Who we are

Cultivating the craft lifestyle through storytelling that inspires progress in the communities of food, drink, arts and the outdoors.

Evolving with the taste of our readership, The Growler is a resource for those interested in fresh perspectives on the world of craft beer, food, spirits, arts, the outdoors, makers, and more. Based in earnest curiosity and a passion for sharing untold stories with depth and substance, The Growler exists to cover and contribute to all things craft.

Our Pillars

Beer is what got us here. Our parent company, The Beer Dabbler, has hosted craft beer events in Minnesota since 2008. The Growler was born from our founding principles of appreciating and proliferating the culture and industry of craft beer in the Twin Cities and surrounding region. To that end, The Growler covers the craft beer community with a supportive voice. There are plenty of outlets that exist as critical forums to review the latest or rarest beer finds. We believe that beer, like so many other things, is far too subjective an experience to be pinned down to star ratings and 75-word reviews. We choose instead to dig deeper—to share our positive experiences while encouraging a dialogue with our readers about the ups and downs of their own drinking experiences in beer, wine, and spirits.

Sustenance. Since we have to sustain our existence by consuming calories and converting them to energy daily, we figure: Why not make the most of the necessary act of eating? The Growler covers the culinary landscape of our region by sharing profiles of local chefs, food professionals, and farmers. Our coverage includes restaurant news and recommendations, food trends, recipes, and deep dives into sustainable practices and the food industry as a whole. We are passionate about food and digging to the roots of the culinary craft.

The Growler believes in making the most of our limited time on this planet.  What’s the point in living a life rich in quality food and beverage without accompanying experiences in arts and adventure? We feature regular content on music, travel, visual arts, entertainment, comedy, makers, and artistry of all forms.

The Growler simply couldn’t exist without the support of a vibrant and diverse arts and culture community. In turn, we seek to support this community through events and by featuring art and prose produced by a talented set of local and global freelance contributors.

If you have suggestions of things you would like to see in The Growler in print or online, please let us know by sending an email to ideas@growlermag.com.