Who we are

Storytelling that inspires progress in the communities of food and drink, and a celebration of the craft lifestyle.

The Growler is a resource for those interested in fresh perspectives on the world of craft beer, food, spirits, arts, the outdoors, makers, and more. Based in earnest curiosity and a passion for sharing untold stories with depth and substance, The Growler exists to cover and contribute to all things craft.

Our Pillars

Beer is what got us here. Our parent company, The Beer Dabbler, has hosted craft beer events in Minnesota since 2008. The Growler was born from our founding principles of appreciating and proliferating the craft beverage culture. We choose to dig deeper than star ratings and 75-word reviews. Instead, we share our positive experiences and the stories of the makers behind craft beer, wine, spirits, and more.

We are passionate about food and digging to the roots of the culinary craft. The Growler profiles the local chefs, food professionals, farmers, and ideas that are charting the course of our local food landscape. We take wider perspectives to explore what’s truly important for the future of food in the North.

We believe in a life lived intentionally, making the most of our limited time on this planet. Quality food and beverage are only part of a broader lifestyle enriched by music, travel, history, the outdoors, and artistry in all its forms. We celebrate the people, places, and things that make our communities vibrant.

If you have suggestions of things you would like to see in The Growler in print or online, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected].