Alliance for Beer Education

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After months of planning Michael Agnew, from A Perfect Pint, and Rob Shellman, from Better Beer Society, announce the creation of the Alliance for Beer Education (ABE). This alliance is a joint project that aims to provide quality beer education programs for Minnesota’s beer festivals.

Beer Education is crucial right now in Minnesota, thanks to the incredible craft beer boom we’ve seen in the past couple of years. Agnew puts it perfectly when he says “an educated beer drinker is a better beer drinker.” These new consumers and their new-to-beer palates are being introduced to craft beer at beer festivals by the hundreds and are ready to take the step to being a “better beer drinker.”

Agnew and Shellman make the perfect educators. Both are certified Cicerones and have 11 years of beer education experience between the two of them. They have taught at programs such as Better Beer Society University, BBS Brown Bag Blind Tastings, The University of Minnesota Department of Continuing Education, Cooks of Crocus Hill, Kitchen Window, and Betty Crocker, as well as countless corporate and private events.

Catch these guys at tonight’s (MN Craft Brewer’s Guild) Winterfest — teaching the Beer Basics along with the great line-up of speakers (see below)

7:15: Michael Agnew & Rob Shellman – Beer Basics
Where do beer styles come from? How do I get the fullest taste experience from beer? What kind of flavors am I looking for and where do they come from? Is there a right way to serve beer? Rob and Michael will lay out the basics to help you get the best enjoyment from every beer you sample at the fest.

7:45: Josh Havill – The Mighty Hop
Josh Havill is an Undergraduate Research Assistant at University of Minnesota, working primarily on the University’s hop research program. He’ll be outlining the utilization, history, and botany of hops, as well as discussing the U’s research on hop growing in the Midwest.

8:15: Gary Muehlbauer – How Beer Saved the World
Gary J. Muehlbauer is a Distinguished McKnight University Professor and Department Head in the Department of Plant Biology at the University of Minnesota. He will be discussing the history of barley and relating it to the Discovery Channel documentary How Beer Saved the World about all the good that beer has brought, from the birth of civilization to the development of automated manufacturing.

8:45: Michael Wagner – “The art of selecting: Choosing the right beer for you”
Michael is the Manager of Strategic Imbibing a the Four Firkins Specialty Beer Store in St. Louis Park. The world of craft beer can get a bit overwhelming with new choices arriving on local shelves literally every day. Michael will discuss the trends and changing tides of taste preferences. He’ll dispel some myths and discuss how he goes about curating choices specifically for individual people at the Four Firkins. When it comes down to it you should drink what YOU like.


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