Announcing Four New Projects: An update from Matt Kenevan, owner and founder of The Growler and Gray Duck Media


To all supporters of The Growler Magazine and Gray Duck Media:

Back in March, I announced that our business was going dark for 30 days. It was a few more than that, but our company has received PPP funding and, today, I write to tell you we have started our fight to survive. 

To do so, we need support from our readers, guests, advertising partners, strangers, and friends. The reality is nothing is or will be the same as before. Fifty percent of our revenue came from The Beer Dabbler event ticket sales. The other half of our revenue came from The Growler Magazine advertising sales, which have not stopped but have certainly taken a large hit.  

We’ve spent the last six weeks strategizing on how to earn enough money to make payroll in this moment of economic upheaval. Now, we are announcing a few new programs that will decide the fate of the future of The Beer Dabbler and The Growler Magazine. If the work we do has brought joy to your life and is something you value, we ask you to please shop with us if you can and partake in these new offerings and share them across your networks of family and friends. 

New Offering #1: Dabbler in a Box—A Take-Home Beer Festival Experience

While it may be a while before we meet in person for another unforgettable Beer Dabbler festival, we are preparing to bring you a monthly take-home beer festival experience curated for you and super fun to open and unpack. You’ll pick up the Dabbler in a Box containing 12 beers from 12 different breweries at our partner liquor store, bring it home, and taste along to a fun, exclusive video to enjoy at your leisure. You will be entertained with beer, interviews with brewers and brewery owners, virtual brewery tours, music from local musicians and DJs, short comedy bits, interactive games, and more. Included will be a Beer Dabbler tasting glass, some swag, and other items to add to your experience. Stay tuned for news on when Beer Dabbler in a Box is launched by signing up for the Beer Dabbler’s email newsletter or by visiting

New Offering #2: The Growler’s Operation: Take-Out

Restaurants are hurting, breweries are struggling with taprooms being closed, and The Growler Magazine is in trouble. We have come up with a way to support all three in one purchase. Introducing Operation: Take-Out, a new partnership between The Growler and Minnesota’s restaurant community. Each week, The Growler will sell specially designed take-out dinner packages available for a limited time only from area restaurants. Every order-ahead package includes a delicious complete meal for two, ideal beer and wine pairings, tasting notes, and more. Best of all, every package sold helps keep Minnesota’s restaurants, breweries, and The Growler magazine afloat. Stay tuned for news on when Operation: Take-Out goes live by signing up for our email list at

New Offering #3:  The Beer Dabbler Store’s Save our Store Sale  

Over the years The Beer Dabber Store’s inventory has grown. When we discontinue a product it always leaves miscellaneous sizes and colors. Beginning today, we will be clearing out all these items with deep discounts of up to 75% off and flash sales on specific items. We have created a touch-free pick-up station at our office in St. Paul or the option of standard shipping. Refresh your wardrobe with great beer apparel, stock your home bar with glassware and accessories, and save big while doing it. Shop now at

New Offering #4: Prints from The Growler Photo Archive

Over the last eight years of our magazine’s existence, we have shot thousands of beautiful photos. Now you can purchase photos from The Growler’s exclusive gallery in sizes ranging from 8” x 10” fine art prints up to large format metal prints. If you’ve been looking for that one-of-a-kind piece of art for your wall please consider one of our photos. Proceeds again going to keeping our magazine going. Stay tuned for news on when our archive goes live in the coming weeks by signing up for our email list at


I won’t go on and on about these “uncertain times,” but one thing is for certain: It’s more important than ever before to log-off the billion-dollar shopping sites and to start spending where your dollars actually make a difference to your local economy. I want to thank everyone who has supported in the past and to thank in advance those who support us now. We have shared many beers over the years and, with your continued support, we hope to share many more. 

Matt Kenevan
Owner and Founder
The Growler Magazine & Gray Duck Media