Apple Valley Liquors Reviews Some Brews for October-November 2013

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Apple Valley Liquor 3 is the newest and largest craft beer destination store in the south metro. Established in 2008, our store can proudly profess to the largest selection of beer, wine & spirits south of the Minnesota River. Our friendly & knowledgeable staff will be happy to help navigate you through our constantly evolving selection of well over 1000 craft beers. You have seen the rest with less, stop into our store to be impressed.


Lift Bridge
ABV: 6.5%

Lift Bridge turned it on and cranked it to 11 with Tuned, a traditional American brown ale with a hopped-up aroma and taste, thanks to generous dry-hopping. At 6.5 % ABV, this rich, dark brown ale is the perfect accompaniment to broasted chicken or turkey. Lift Bridge is the first local brewery to partner with Tuned, a new travelling label that promotes local musicians and local breweries through limited release brews. On the cap of each bottle is a digital download code for a free song, so crack one open today and get turned on and Tuned-in!


New Belgium
Coconut Curry Hefeweizen
ABV: 8%, IBU: 14

Take a leap of faith with Coconut Curry Hefeweizen from New Belgium’s Lips of Faith series. This truly unique beer has a bright and hazy golden color, that would leave King Midas himself envious!  It’s 8% ABV is flawlessly disguised among a menagerie of spice notes including cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, along with the coconut and curry presented in the name. Originally the recipe of an award-winning homebrewer, this beer shines when paired with grilled fruit, coconut crusted shrimp or any simple chicken and rice dish.


Hop Whore
ABV: 7.5%

Lake Mills, Wisconsin’s Tyranena really banged one out with this Imperial IPA from the Brewers Gone Wild series. Hop Whore has a rich, bronze colored body with all the right curves!  The well-rounded citrus hop profile and voluptuous sugary-sweet backside will surely leave you lusting for more!  At 7.5% ABV, this temptress pairs well with anything from pizza to fried seafood.


Lil Sumpin’ Wild
ABV: 8.8%

Fresh off the truck from Petaluma, California, Lagunitas brings us Little Sumpin Wild, the seasonal offering of their year-round staple, Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’. Lagunitas got a little help from their friends in Belgium by using Westmalle Trappist Yeast in this pale wheat ale. Weighing in at a hefty 8.8% ABV, this golden straw colored ale has a sweet nose partnered with a signature rush of hops. The assertive hop flavor of Lagunitas Lil Sumpin’ Wild mellows to a recognizable wheat finish that pairs well with anything from BBQ to local wild game dishes!


Clown Shoes
ABV: 8%, IBU: 86

Galactica is a big, full-bodied IPA from Clown Shoes (Mercury Brewing) out of Ipswich, Massachusetts. The out-of-this-world hop profile comes from a massive, dry-hop dose of Galaxy hops. This well balanced East-Coast take on a West-Coast IPA, will have you travelling the cosmos in search of the hop-staff wielding heroine pictured on the bottle!  Perfect pairings for this heroic single hop Clown Shoes Galactica IPA include stir-fry, pork dumplings or asian noodles.


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