Great Divide Colette

Great Divide Brewing Company Colette 7.3% ABV Coming from several generations of farmers, I feel an affinity for saisons, which were the dry, thirst-quenching beers of choice on Belgian farms in the 19th century. Colette is a great example of the style: it has a hazy golden color; aromatic hints of green banana, spice, and … [ Read more]

Blacklist Makrut Wit

Blacklist Artisan Ales Makrut Wit 8.0% ABV We may be more than 4,000 miles away from Belgium, but the people at Blacklist Artisan Ales are making sure that we aren’t that far removed from tasting Belgian-style beers. Their Makrut Wit is a Belgian-style witbier with a hint of lime, providing the hazy, dark-golden treat that brings … [ Read more]

Boom Island Saison

Boom Island Brewing Company Saison 6.0% ABV, 48 IBU The first signs of spring in Minnesota aren’t when birds start chirping or when plants start sprouting, it’s when the saisons start popping up on shelves. This year we are lucky enough to have Boom Island’s Saison make its first ever appearance in bottles. With excellent … [ Read more]

Brouwerij Van Steenberge Piraat Belgian Ale

Brouwerij Van Steenberge Piraat Belgian Ale 10.5% ABV A nice, puffy white head persists with lively carbonation below the surface. The foam is not excessive, as is often the case with Belgian beers. The nose showcases the distinctive Belgian yeast with a slight pruney character in the background. The head retention and the bubbly mouthfeel … [ Read more]

Dark Horse Sapient Trip Ale

Dark Horse Brewing Company Sapient Trip Ale 9.5% ABV, 34 IBU This Belgian-style tripel is cloudy orange in color with the whitest head you can possibly have. An apricot aroma with a slight sting of bitterness mingles with notes of banana and caramel, as well as some slightly aggressive hop bitterness. What does all that … [ Read more]

Fulton The Expat Rye Saison

Fulton Brewing Company The Expat Rye Saison 5.7% ABV, 30 IBU Ahh, saisons. Summer in a glass. The Expat is darker in color than most of its kind but still has that classic saison fruit smell. A touch of citrus zing accompanies the first sip; however the sweetness of the malt quickly takes over from there. … [ Read more]

Badger Hill High Road Everyday Ale

Badger Hill Brewing Company High Road Everyday Ale 5% ABV, 24 IBU The epitome of an everyday brew, perfect for in the boat, mowing the lawn, at a campfire, or grilling dinner. With the individual flavor that only a micro-scale can accommodate, this sessionable ale will pair well with anything you make, from grilled chicken … [ Read more]

21st Amendment Monk’s Blood Belgian Strong Ale

21st Amendment Monk’s Blood Belgian Strong Ale 8.3% ABV Apparently when Belgian monks would fast for Lent, they would still allow themselves to drink beer. If they were drinking anything like this delicious meal in a glass we doubt they would have gone too hungry, much less remember fasting at all. Leave it to the … [ Read more]

Ommegang Brewery Gnomegang

Ommegang Brewery Gnomegang 9.5% ABV Ommegang teamed with Brasserie d’Achouffe to brew one of the finest Belgian-inspired golden strong ales ever to grace a fermenter. The Chouffe yeast gives this beer distinct spicy clove and bubblegum aromas, and the carbonation is aggressive enough to scrub away all that Roquefort cheese you’ve been gorging on lately. … [ Read more]

Brasserie de Rochefort Trappistes Rochefort 10

Brasserie de Rochefort Trappistes Rochefort 10 11.3% ABV Brasserie De Rochefort, located in the Ardennes region of Belgium, is one of ten authentic Trappist monasteries (look for the hexagonal blue logo on the bottle) and they brew three identical beers to different strength: 6 (red cap), 8 (green cap) and 10 (blue cap). 10 is the … [ Read more]

Olvalde Farm and Brewery The Auroch’s Horn

Olvalde Farm and Brewery The Auroch’s Horn 10% ABV Joe Pond has been handcrafting artisan beers in the sleepy hamlet of Rollingstone since 2011. Auroch’s Horn, his flagship beer with a style that defies description, is a dandy. Mead? Tripel? Farmhouse Ale? Despite its identity crisis, it’s sensational. Brewed with honey, lightly hopped, unfiltered, and … [ Read more]

Brouwerij Boon Geuze Mariage Parfait

Brouwerij Boon Geuze Mariage Parfait 8% ABV Geuze is a skillful blend of young and old lambics, aged and re-fermented in the bottle. Mariage Parfait consists of 95% mild lambic aged in oak barrels for at least three years and 5% young lambic. It is the latter that provides the fermentable sugars and wild yeast … [ Read more]

Brouwerij Van den Bossche Buffalo Belgian Stout

Brouwerij Van den Bossche Buffalo Belgian Stout 9.0% ABV Calling all chocolate and stout lovers, this beer is for you. Buffalo Belgian Stout pours a beautiful dark brown with a tan, creamy head. This beer is packed with chocolate and roasted coffee malt flavors. Belgian beers are known for their yeast characteristics and this beer … [ Read more]

Stillwater Artisanal Ales Débutante Bière de Garde

Stillwater Artisanal Ales Débutante Bière de Garde 6.4% ABV This beer is the belle of the ball. She smells of sweet honey and a delicate touch of clementine. When you press your lips against hers there is an explosion of sweet floral flavor, with a head rush of apricot and orange rind. The dizzying dance … [ Read more]

Brasserie Artisanal de Rules La Rules Festival

Brasserie Artisanal de Rules La Rules Festival 5.2% ABV If you have decided baking is a great way to lower your heating costs, but are scratching your head on a beer to pair with your baked goods we have a candidate for your consideration: La Rules Festival, a Belgian pale ale. With hops from America, yeast … [ Read more]