Ballast Point Victory at Sea

Ballast Point Brewing Company Victory at Sea 10% ABV, 60 IBU This imperial porter is a majestic beast that would make even the mighty Captain Ahab shake in his boots. A dark, foreboding body and a head that’s as unnerving as a thunderstorm might intimidate the drinker, but there’s no need to worry: the beer’s … [ Read more]

Nebraska Black Betty Imperial Stout

Nebraska Brewing Company Black Betty Imperial Stout 11.3% ABV, 67 IBU The jet-black liquid supports a sandy-colored cap of carbonation that fades to a translucent film. Bakers chocolate and burnt bitterness jump out of the glass, as does a trace of gaminess. The body is surprisingly light, given the color. The whiskey barrels in which … [ Read more]

New Belgium Brewing Cocoa Mole Spiced Chocolate Porter

New Belgium Brewing Cocoa Mole Spiced Chocolate Porter 9.0% ABV, 20 IBU Forget sugar – chocolate and spice make everything nice! Cocoa Molé has a harmonious blend of Vietnamese cinnamon, sweet cocoa, chipotle, guajillo and ancho chili peppers, with a touch of allspice that combines for a complex and decadent porter. Right from the start, … [ Read more]

Indeed Brewing Company Hot Box Imperial Smoked Porter

Indeed Brewing Company Hot Box Imperial Smoked Porter 9.0% ABV For this smoldering winter seasonal, Indeed teamed up with their friends at Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub in South Minneapolis. Hot Box is a robust porter aged on hickory-smoked poblano and jalapeno peppers, giving it a smoky, spicy, and subtly sweet flavor. With hints of roasted … [ Read more]

Brooklyn Brewing Company Black Chocolate Stout

Brooklyn Brewing Company Black Chocolate Stout 10.0% ABV Brooklyn was a pioneer in the craft beer movement and has been brewing this Russian imperial stout since 1994. It pours like oil and is pitch black in the glass with a dark mocha head that fades quickly. The chocolate malt stands out and the roasted malts … [ Read more]

Millstream Brewing Company Raspberry Latte Stout

Millstream Brewing Co Raspberry Latte Stout 7.6% ABV The espresso aroma leads off this coffee-colored brew, before a sweet raspberry smell enters your nose. It has a very light mouthfeel despite big black coffee notes. The tart and sweet raspberry flavor creeps up on the finish and lingers on your palate. Pair with a rich … [ Read more]

Fulton Brewing Company Worthy Adversary

Fulton Brewing Company Worthy Adversary 9.5% ABV, 81 IBU Pours pitch black with a mocha/hazel head. A deep chocolate aroma is first, followed by a slight smokiness. The silky brew hits your lips with a burnt coffee bean flavor and a slight alcohol burn. It then changes to a creamy, vanilla softness before finishing with burnt … [ Read more]

Bent Brewstillery Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Fatha Imperial

Bent Brewstillery Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Fatha Imperial Stout 9.3% ABV The new seasonal version of Dark Fatha, this beer received a year’s worth of aging in a combination of rye and bourbon barrels, adding a unique signature to the roasted malt flavors. The aromas of pecan and vanilla twirl with flavor notes of dark roasted … [ Read more]

Oskar Blues Brewery Ten FIDY Imperial Stout

Oskar Blues Brewery Ten FIDY Imperial Stout 10.5% ABV What can we say that hasn’t already been said about this legendary beer? It stands as a high mark for what imperial stouts should strive to be. It’s a beer that you could almost chew on, it pours like motor oil, has a head that’s thicker … [ Read more]

Indeed Brewing Rum King Imperial Stout

  Indeed Brewing Rum King Imperial Stout 10.5% ABV, 70 IBU A Nordeast staple, Indeed Brewing never shies away from giving us big beers that excite and leave us wanting more. Rum King Imperial Stout is aged in Jamaican rum barrels and brewed with cane sugar. The aging in rum barrels offers added flavors of … [ Read more]

Sand Creek Brewing Oscar’s Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

Sand Creek Brewing Oscar’s Chocolate Oatmeal Stout 4.5% ABV I love when you can get a big, full bodied stout under 8%—that way you can enjoy a few with reduced guilt. Sand Creek from Black River Falls, WI, has a 4.5% chocolate oatmeal stout that is deep black with a luxurious tan head. Roasted malt, cocoa nibs, … [ Read more]

Evil Twin Imperial Doughnut Break

Evil Twin Imperial Doughnut Break 11.5% ABV Pours a jet-black allowing no light to come through the brew and produces a tight mocha head. The huge roasted malt bill gives it a sharp astringency, while further sniffs give way to notes of dark chocolate, a little bit of sweetness, and the hefty ABV. Upon sipping this … [ Read more]

Boulder Shake Chocolate Porter

Boulder Shake Chocolate Porter 5.9% ABV Black as midnight and teeming with chocolate and coffee notes on the nose. A distinct sweetness begins the sip with dark cacao flavors swirling about a satiny smooth body. This is a tough beer not to like, easy-going and unabashedly dessert-worthy.   Reviews by Revival Wine, Beer & Spirits 141 E 4th … [ Read more]

Evil Twin Brewing I Love You With My Stout

Evil Twin Brewing I Love You With My Stout 12% ABV Pour this beer a little slow, as this will allow a creamier head that will add to the coffee flavor. Once poured this rich, thick, full-bodied stout has a deep black color with a thick tan head. After that first pour just sit back and … [ Read more]

Bent Brewstillery Dark Fatha American ‘Emperial’ Stout

Bent Brewstillery Dark Fatha American ‘Emperial’ Stout ABV: 9.3% IBU: 57 Well of course we should highlight our next-door neighbor’s beer. Dark Fatha pours a clear dark brown—almost black with a rich tan head. Nice aroma of chocolate, some coffee bitterness, toasty notes, and biscuity goodness. There’s a good amount of carbonation and the finish is dry. … [ Read more]