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Artist Profile: Dogfish Media’s Brian Geihl

Brian Geihl is no stranger to working through changes. He has been passionate about creating art and drawing all his life, but when he started at St. … [Read More...]

12 Nights of Freedom: A Political Jazz Playlist

Alright, this summer has our attention. All this social turbulence—a kind our nation hasn’t witnessed in generations—has a long tradition behind it. … [Read More...]

Post-quarantine Comedy: Comedy clubs adapt to provide laughs

Just a few short weeks after being told comedy clubs could open once again, Khadijah Cooper was onstage in front of a sold-out crowd at The Comedy … [Read More...]

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CBD, From Seed to Salve: Stigma, a Minneapolis-based CBD store, emphasizes its supply chain and local pedigree

This story is a part one of a two-part series on CBD and hemp underwritten by J.C. Younger. The Growler maintained editorial control over the … [Read More...]

Crist Ballas, The Mad Scientist of St. Paul

By the stairs leading down to Crist Ballas’ lower level hangs an old, beaten to hell movie poster for “Frankenstein.” Crist’s boots thud down the … [Read More...]

Hot Stuff: Finding the source of Minnesota’s thermaculture boom starts with a trip to the Iron Range

Deep in the remote Iron Range of northern Minnesota on the shores of Lake Vermilion sits the quiet town of Tower, population of about 500. The … [Read More...]

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Sports & Outdoors

The Growler’s 2020 Outdoor Guide: Biking Edition

Photo by Dan Murphy There is something about the joy of pedaling a bike—legs pumping, wind in your face—that verges on transcendent. Even … [Read More...]

Bike Camping & Touring: Gear Guide

For those looking to up the ante in their biking, "bikepacking" takes road biking and backpacking to a whole new level. But in order to be successful, … [Read More...]

Explore Minnesota’s Mountain Biking Trails

Despite our unmistakable lack of actual mountains (sorry Eagle Mountain, you’re an overgrown hill), Minnesota has been home to a rich tradition of … [Read More...]

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‘Let the Saloons Come’: When Fargo went dry in 1890, liquor ruled in Moorhead

For 25 years, between 1890 and 1915, Moorhead, Minnesota, was infamous for being a rough and rowdy saloon town. The reputation was well deserved, as … [Read More...]

Up From Slavery: How early settler James Thompson became a pillar of St. Paul

In 1849, James Thompson, a citizen of St. Paul, donated the lumber and shingles necessary to construct the city’s first Methodist church. The small … [Read More...]

Ghosts of Maurer’s Saloon: The surprising history of Cuzzy’s in Minneapolis

The women in the Maurer family did not choose to become saloon keepers. It was forced upon them when their husbands committed suicide or were sent to … [Read More...]

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The Growler’s Tourism Guide 2020

Whether you regard the prospect of long stretches in the car with cautious enthusiasm or deep dread, the road trip has been a near-ubiquitous American experience for right around a century.Here at Growler HQ, we tend toward enthusiasm when it comes … [Read More...]

The Growler’s Tourism Guide 2020: Adventure North of the Border

Find more great travel ideas in The Growler's Tourism Guide 2020 A Voyage to Thunder Bay By James Norton Thunder Bay is less than six hours from Minneapolis–St. Paul, but it feels like another world. This metropolis of more than 100,000 Ontarians … [Read More...]

The Growler’s Tourism Guide 2020: Road Trip Playlists

Find more great travel ideas in The Growler's Tourism Guide 2020 The difference between dreading the endless hours on long, lonely stretches of highway and cherishing the open road as an essential part of your vacation can all come down to the … [Read More...]

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