The Growler’s Complete Guide to Beer at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair is known for its golden brown, deliciously deep fried foods on-a-stick, but there's another culinary crusade those of us 21 … [Read More...]

30 Years in the Brew City: Milwaukee’s Lakefront Brewery celebrates craft brewing milestone

As a Milwaukee girl, beer runs deep in my family. And there was one name that almost always made the list of beverages in the cooler for a weekend … [Read More...]

The Mash-Up: Oktoberfests are coming! Plus, State Fair specialty beers are announced

With well over 100 breweries now pouring their beer in Minnesota, there’s always something new to try. To keep you up-to-date, we present The … [Read More...]

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Craft Cocktail: Wilde at Bar Brigade

Drinking at Bar Brigade is all about rosé on tap and riffs on cocktails that were popular in fin de siècle Paris. We settle in a cozy nook, brimming … [Read More...]

Spirits Close-Up: Pastis

In the waning days of summer, you don’t want to be stuck inside muddling, shaking, and fussing over drinks for your guests. Not while the sun is … [Read More...]

DIY black walnut Nocino: A northwoods twist on an Italian classic

Italian walnut liqueur, or nocino, is a centuries-old treat made from unripe green walnuts infused in strong alcohol. It is available commercially, … [Read More...]

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Cider & Wine

Milk & Honey Ciders to open new cidery and taproom

Milk & Honey Ciders’ Aaron Klocker, Adam Theis, and Peter Gillitzer are pressing forward to achieve a longtime dream they've had since they started planning their cidery back in 2011—a taproom. Come August 25, it will finally come to … [Read More...]

Lionheart becomes Minneapolis Cider Company, building cidery and taproom

Lionheart Cider Company announced today that it’s rebranding to become Minneapolis Cider Company, and developing plans to open a taproom and production facility in Northeast Minneapolis. For co-founder Jason Dayton, it’s a not so much a shift away … [Read More...]

How to explore the world of wine without going broke

  For a long while, being educated about wine made you fancy or, so it seemed, automatically a snob. Knowing about liquor meant you were a drunk. Knowing about sake made you exotic but somehow not in a good way. Knowing about beer, … [Read More...]

Soldier’s 2,600-year-old request for wine revealed on pottery shard

New scans of a millennia-old shard of pottery revealed the details of an ancient booze run. Originally unearthed in 1965, the ostracon—a pottery fragment with an inscription—was found in poor condition in 1965 at the desert military fortress of … [Read More...]

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