ONE Fermentary & Taproom Closes Indefinitely

ONE Fermentary & Taproom closed indefinitely Monday following the resignations of its head brewer Ramsey Louder, BIPOC staff, co-founder Joseph … [Read More...]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Elm Creek Brewing Co. in Champlin

Now Open (Or Damn Close) is supported by underwriting partner Maltwerks, a Midwest malt house focused on genuine relationships in offering quality, … [Read More...]

Brewing in the Time of COVID: To ensure their survival, Minnesota breweries have had to get creative

In the time since March 16, when it was announced that Minnesota’s bars and restaurants would only be allowing takeout service, breweries across the … [Read More...]

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The State of Spirits: Minnesota’s distillers reflect on a challenging year and uncertain future

Like all small businesses, Minnesota’s local distilleries have been challenged on multiple fronts in the wake of COVID-19. Stay-at-home orders … [Read More...]

The Growler’s Cocktail Hall of Fame: Our drinks editor selects the best drink recipes we’ve ever published

  It didn’t take long for five o’clock to assume a quasi-religious significance. Over seven weeks of layoff, stay-at-home, and various shades … [Read More...]

The Zizani: A New Cocktail from the Old Country

I’m a Greek-Mexican-United Statesian bartender and I call Minnesota home. An endeavor to discover more of my cultural history has inspired deep-dives … [Read More...]

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Cider & Wine

Shelf Stars • A Cheat Code for Summer: White Wine from Gascony

Welcome to Shelf Stars, The Growler’s cheap wine column in which we discover the best under-$15 bottles in town. This edition of Shelf Stars is brought to you with underwriting support from Central Avenue Liquors. In a mini-fridge in the basement … [Read More...]

Bordeaux Buyer’s Guide

Wine drinkers and non-drinkers alike know the term “Bordeaux.” Images of stuffy cigar lounges filled with haughty white folk come to mind, or perhaps an expansive and expensive cellar full of out-of-reach wines for us, everyday people. An honest … [Read More...]

Georgia On My Wine

A number of countries claim to be the birthplace to winemaking—Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, etc. However, perhaps one of the richest, oldest, and most relevant histories of modern winemaking comes from the Republic of Georgia. Georgian wine has … [Read More...]

So you want to open a winery? A guide to starting up in Minnesota

So you’ve decided to make the leap from amateur to professional winemaker. Your fondness has grown so great for the prominent stone fruit flavors of La Crescent or the well-balanced Itasca, that you’ve been coaxed into putting your name onto a bottle … [Read More...]

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