Food Features

United Front: Inspired by Taiwan’s fight against COVID-19, United Noodles uses assertive tactics

When you're fighting an invisible enemy, it helps to have a battle plan. For owner Eric Fung and the staff at the United Noodles Asian grocery … [Read More...]

The Flavor of Facebook: Discovering the wide world of home-cooked food on Facebook Marketplace

  Facebook: It’s our daily dose of anxiety, immediately followed by “the 10 cutest dogs that will just make your day” on a loop. But amid the … [Read More...]

Coffee at the Crossroads: Somali-American-owned Nori Cafe in St. Cloud is part coffee shop, part cultural bridge

Few words are more loaded with subtext than “coffee.” The word refers to a caffeinated beverage, sure. But it also means “comfort.” It means … [Read More...]

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Restaurant News

Review: Yumi’s Big Gamble – The silliness of massive ‘stunt sushi’ is self-evident, but the dish has many layers

Nearly a decade ago, I walked into a suburban restaurant and was greeted by a hostess eager to talk about the mussels special of the day. “The mussels … [Read More...]

Avenue to Success: The founder of Masu and OneTwoThree Sushi went from washing dishes to owning a Midwest sushi empire

Talking to Nay Hla, owner of the ever-growing Sushi Avenue empire, you get the sense he has one constant eye on what’s next. The growth and expansion … [Read More...]

The Growler’s Tourism Guide 2020: Supper clubs that reigns supreme

Find more great travel ideas in The Growler's Tourism Guide 2020 It’s the great, once-unsung Upper Midwestern place to eat: a civilized outpost of … [Read More...]

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Recipes & Education

A Brief Introduction To Latin Markets

If you’ve never crossed the threshold of a Latin market, rest assured that you’re missing out. The Minneapolis–St. Paul metro area has dozens and they offer ingredients, culinary tools, and flavors that simply can’t be had anywhere else. The markets … [Read More...]

The Growler’s Tourism Guide 2020: Reinventing Road Trip Food

Find more great travel ideas in The Growler's Tourism Guide 2020 If you find that the thrill of eating whatever fast-food garbage you want when traveling long distances fades after the first couple hundred miles, take heart. There are a number of … [Read More...]

Meat Master: With hundreds of awards (and kudos from Germany), Rick Reams is crafting world-class food in Hudson, Wisconsin, and St. Paul

You often can’t see the world-class food in your own backyard because it’s ubiquitous to the point of being invisible. Think of noodles in Japan, or bread in France, or spiced lentils in India—it’s daily fare that seems simple until you try to make … [Read More...]

7 recipes to cover the (food and drink) spread on Super Bowl Sunday

  A quality Super Bowl viewing experience demands a delicious food (and drink) experience as well. Any serious spread covers a lot of ground, but without too much fuss—you’ve got your substantial food, your lighter touch, your mandatory … [Read More...]

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