Bite of the Week: Fried Chicken Sammich at Nashville Coop

Bite of the Week is a weekly feature showcasing an exceptional meal or dish, curated by The Growler.  We’d like to thank Hop & Barrel Brewing for their underwriting support. It has been a hot minute since food trucks caught much buzz in the metro area—even before COVID-19 put a cold hard hammerlock on dining and dishing … [ Read more]

ONE Fermentary & Taproom Closes Indefinitely

ONE Fermentary & Taproom closed indefinitely Monday following the resignations of its head brewer Ramsey Louder, BIPOC staff, co-founder Joseph Alton, and taproom manager Kel Perlick. The brewery is facing mounting criticism that its majority owner Sally Schmidt did not do enough to adhere to its mission of being a brewery welcoming diversity and fostering … [ Read more]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Elm Creek Brewing Co. in Champlin

Now Open (Or Damn Close) is supported by underwriting partner Maltwerks, a Midwest malt house focused on genuine relationships in offering quality, locally produced, traceable malt. The Growler maintained full editorial control over the content. The city of Champlin has its first brewery—and the response has been overwhelming. Just two weeks after Elm Creek Brewing’s … [ Read more]

The State of Spirits: Minnesota’s distillers reflect on a challenging year and uncertain future

Like all small businesses, Minnesota’s local distilleries have been challenged on multiple fronts in the wake of COVID-19. Stay-at-home orders shuttered their cocktail rooms. Restaurant and bar closures sent their on-premise sales into a tailspin. Loss of revenue prompted changes in staffing and operations.  Pre-pandemic, the industry was already disappointed that the Minnesota Legislature did … [ Read more]

A Photo Essay By Sahra Qaxiye

Zora Neale Hurston said, “There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” 2020 has been a year of both. George Floyd’s murder, asked and answered, so many hard questions about racial inequality and police brutality in this country. On the evening of May 25, 2020, 4 Minneapolis Police Officers responded to a forgery … [ Read more]

Community Voices: Reflections and Commentary After George Floyd

Local food and drink industry members of color share their experiences, reflections, and commentaries on what still needs to happen in the wake of George Floyd’s murder.  Jametta Raspberry Owner and chef at House of Gristle The morning of the fires I had found myself being pulled towards the 3rd precinct. I didn’t have a … [ Read more]

Artist Profile: Illustrating a moment in history with Andres Guzman

What began with yet another horrifying act of police violence against an unarmed black man has grown into an international social revolution. And with that came an explosion of public art.  Starting at the corner of 38th and Chicago in South Minneapolis, murals memorializing George Floyd have spread as far as Berlin, Nairobi, and a … [ Read more]

The Growler’s Cocktail Hall of Fame: Our drinks editor selects the best drink recipes we’ve ever published

  It didn’t take long for five o’clock to assume a quasi-religious significance. Over seven weeks of layoff, stay-at-home, and various shades of quarantine and social distance, it became a welcome ritual. The clink of ice cubes, the pop of a shaker, something to mark the day and time. With no bars to frequent and … [ Read more]

Lean Times: Pandemic stories from Minnesota restaurants that survived the crisis—or didn’t

The hospitality industry exists somewhere at the intersection between magic and mathematics. On the “magic” side of things: the cheerful ambiance of a full dining room. Servers and bartenders who can intuit the guests’ needs before the guests can speak them aloud. Ingredients with connections to the land, to growers, and to traditions that make … [ Read more]

Brewing in the Time of COVID: To ensure their survival, Minnesota breweries have had to get creative

In the time since March 16, when it was announced that Minnesota’s bars and restaurants would only be allowing takeout service, breweries across the state have been in a constant state of flux. Though some breweries saw the storm approaching and started ramping down production in the weeks leading up to the state’s lockdown, the … [ Read more]

Catering the Perfect Picnic: Recipes for 3 workhorse classics reimagined

Once upon a time, Americans picnicked in cemeteries. And while the practice of graveside picnicking largely died out about a century ago, picnics seem due for a comeback—the food’s affordable, the opportunity for connection and camaraderie is strong, and no matter what’s happening on the streets, we ultimately have to eat. A good picnic meal … [ Read more]

Fridge Pickles Are The Taste of Summer

The last jar of pickles I bought at the grocery store was from a well-known national brand. The label had the words “artisan recipe” and maybe even “farmers market” as well. I brought them home to top a cheeseburger or Cubano or something, but I vividly recall the first bite of those pickles: a squishy, … [ Read more]

Culture Club: A Month of Introspection and Self-Education on Racial Justice

Welcome to The Growler’s Culture Club, where the editors share the best of what they’ve been listening to, reading, and watching.  Over the past few weeks, each of us at The Growler has been working to better educate ourselves about the issue of systemic racism, thinking critically and deeply on our roles in the fight … [ Read more]

Order Up! Rustica is expanding and Steve Horton is back at the helm

Updated July 2, 2020 Order Up! is the Growler’s ongoing weekly account of noteworthy Minnesota restaurant openings, closings, and future openings. Due to the impact of COVID-19, much of this column documents restaurants altering, ceasing, or resuming service based on current pandemic conditions. Please send any tips to [email protected] All dates are approximate based on … [ Read more]

Homebrew Recipe: The Artimus “Pils,” a Brewing TV 10th Anniversary Recipe

Ten years ago, when we all had faster metabolisms and fewer kids, the three of us worked together at Northern Brewer and started a web series titled Brewing TV. Because the internet is forever, you can still find those episodes.  The topic was brewing, both home- and pro-. Chip’s friend Art (Abstract Artimus) recorded our … [ Read more]


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