Now Open: Forge & Foundry Distillery in Stillwater

Seeing residents and visitors to Stillwater, Minnesota, sitting on the patio facing the winding St. Croix River, enjoying a glass of their handcrafted spirits is exactly the reason Forge & Foundry Distillery owners Andrew Mosiman and Christie Wanderer got into the distilling business. Five years ago, the Forge & Foundry co-founders decided to begin pursuing … [ Read more]

The Great Debate: The Three-Tier System Is Fundamentally Broken

Illustration by Will Dinski After Prohibition ended in 1933, states were in need of a better system to regulate the manufacture and distribution of alcohol. They needed a way to discourage large breweries from monopolizing the industry, and to ensure that products were being made and transported safely. In Minnesota, like many others, the result … [ Read more]

Crossword Puzzle: Issue 73 – November 2019 – “Bartender’s Guide”

This Month: “Bartender’s Guide” Across 1 Mud bath sites 5 Maiden name of Mary Lincoln and Christine Whitman 9 Sudden strike 13 Half of the McDonald’s logo 14 Go back and forth 15 Butter alternative, for short 16 Tibetan cryptid 17 “The X” in St. Paul, for one 18 Outer limit 19 Kindred creature 22 … [ Read more]

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Unlabeled No. 2: Oktoberfest Brewery Participation Information

Thank you for participating! Thanks for being part of Unlabeled No. 2: Oktoberfest. Below is some useful information for you to have that will help you have what you will need leading up to, and immediately following the event.  Please post about the fact that you will be at the event and refer to our … [ Read more]

Social Media Guide for Unlabeled No. 2 Brewery Participants

Thank you for being a part of The Growler’s second blind tasting event: Unlabeled No. 2: Oktoberfest! We’re thrilled to be able to put on the only blind tasting event series of this size in the world (to our knowledge, anyway), and we’re glad to have you along for the ride. Before we get started … [ Read more]

The Mash-Up: Fruited Beers and All Pints North special releases

With over 175 breweries now pouring their beer in Minnesota, there’s always something new to try. To keep you up to date, we present The Mash-Up—our weekly rundown of new beers and seasonal releases in Minnesota from your favorite local and national breweries. Visit every Friday for the latest or sign up for a … [ Read more]

Day-Of Guide: Unlabeled No. 1: Hazy IPA

Our Day-Of Guide has all the info you need to make sure your blind-tasting experience at Unlabeled No. 1 is a blast!

The Growler: Issue 69 – July 2019 – History

It started with a black-and-white photo with tattered edges from the Prohibition era that I stumbled across on the Minnesota Historical Society’s digital archives. Two young girls in heavy denim jackets and overalls stand in front of shelves filled with liquor bottles and a broken-down still column—one girl with a double-barrel shotgun at her side, … [ Read more]

Crossword Puzzle: Issue 69 – July 2019 – “Not a General Knowledge Puzzle”

This Month: “Not a General Knowledge Puzzle”   Across 1 Summit IPA 5 Hourglass filler 9 Exposed completely 14 Fall birthstone 15 Twin or Royal, e.g. 16 Android helper 17 1961 Pulitzer Prize winner (not Robert) 19 Hood with a bow 20 Edgeless object 21 “The Shield”’s Detective Mackey 22 Stir up 24 Unlikely to … [ Read more]

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Letter from the Publisher: On the Origins of the Pride in Brewing Scholarship

Just over a year ago, my company received a troubling message from a brewery in response to an invitation from my Beer Dabbler events director to participate in the Beer Dabbler at Twin Cities Pride 2018. This brewery, hearing that our event was in celebration and support of the LGBTQ+ community, told us that they … [ Read more]

The Growler Giveaway: Win tickets to Fair State’s Mixed Culture and Camp Fair State (Value $1,020)

The Growler Magazine and Fair State Brewing Cooperative are giving away the ultimate Fair State events prize package with tickets to the brewery’s two premier events: Mixed Culture and Camp Fair State. Mixed Culture, happening on June 15 at the Fair State taproom, is the brewery’s brewer-curated festival of fermentation, featuring rare beers from all … [ Read more]

The Growler’s Field Guide to Cider, Chapter 7: Editors’ Local Picks

You’re reading Chapter 7 of 7. For the complete contents of The Growler’s Field Guide to Cider, click here. Hoch Orchards Organic Barrel Aged This blend of Fireside and Bulmer’s Norman apples is a demonstration in barrel-aging restraint. Aged just long enough to add the slightest suggestion of vanilla and wood to dull the sharp … [ Read more]

The Growler’s Field Guide to Cider, Chapter 6: Cider in The North

You’re reading Chapter 6 of 7. For the complete contents of The Growler’s Field Guide to Cider, click here. Minnesota’s cider scene is young and, like a knobby-kneed teenager, still trying to find its legs. The cidermaking industry in Minnesota is just over six years old and has yielded ciders running the gamut from Old … [ Read more]

The Growler’s Field Guide to Cider, Chapter 5: Cider In America

You’re reading Chapter 5 of 7. For the complete contents of The Growler’s Field Guide to Cider, click here. Sales of hard cider in the U.S. only equal about one percent of the overall beer market, but that tiny share is expanding quickly. The number of cidermakers in America has doubled in the last four … [ Read more]

The Growler’s Field Guide to Cider, Chapter 4: Science and Definitions

You’re reading Chapter 4 of 7. For the complete contents of The Growler’s Field Guide to Cider, click here. Good cider starts with good soil. The acidity, porousness, organic matter, microbial activity, and structure of soil all impact what types of trees will grow and the quality and characteristics of the fruit those trees will … [ Read more]