Unscreened with Adam Turman: A Candid Artist Profile

Adam Turman is a Minneapolis illustrator, designer and screen printer. You can find more of his work online at adamturman.com. We sat down with Adam and here’s what we learned:

Tell me something weird about yourself? Nothing weird going on here. Nope, nothing. Pretty boring… yep. However, I’ve got this mole…

How would you explain yourself to someone you have never met? I’m a Cancer so I’m excited to meet you, overly excited, and then I’ll cry. Fun, huh? Art-wise, I do illustration work for a ton of great clients locally, nationally, and internationally. A few subject matters would include (but not limited too) cityscapes, bikes, food/beer, and pinups.

Medium? Primarily brush, ink, and paper then to the computer. The printing medium is screenprinted. I describe the process as analog, digital, analog.

Where do you live/work? Saint Louis Park, MN.

What can people do to support artists like you? Quick financial answer: buy stuff. Longer more diplomatic answer: use word-of-mouth and get the message of art out there to everyone. The best clients and customers always come from word-of-mouth.

Favorite Beer? Anything with good flavor. More hoppy then fruity. Some current faves of mine: Summit Saga, Liftbridge Farm Girl, Tallgrass 8-Bit, Surly Furious, Hell, Cynic, and Wet. (That’s just a few.)

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