Artist Profile: Kyle “Moonguts” Coughlin

By Joseph Alton


The Growler: Tell us something strange about yourself?

KC: Since I was 18, I have not been able to figure out what my first tattoo should be. People are constantly surprised that I don’t have any yet. Ten years of indecision and I keep saying that I will do it “this year.”

G: Medium?

KC: Sketchbooks, Sharpies, Adobe Illustrator, Screen Printing.


G: Cats or dogs?

KC: I love both, but I think I am more of a dog person.

G: What jobs have you had other than being an artist?

KC: Water boy at a Marriott Resort & Spa, U-Haul Assistant, Target Film Professional.

G: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

KC: “Just Do It.” –Nike

G: Do you have a favorite artist?  If so, what about that person’s work inspires you?

KC: I have never officially had a favorite artist. There are always artists whose work I am really inspired by, but they tend to change a lot as I grow as an artist. I really like the work of Drew Millward at the moment. His work has the perfect combination of weird concept, adorable creatures, and perfect line work that I really like.

G: What was your go-to doodle as a kid?

KC: Oh man, I think Ninja Turtles were the ONLY things I doodled for a few years. Then it moved up to NBA logos or slam dunk battles between 90s NBA players such as Shaq, Shawn “Reign Man” Kemp, Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon, Karl “Mailman” Malone. They all had such cool names.

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