Style Profile: New American Gin

Bombay Sapphire, extra vermouth (always extra vermouth), shaken like the dickens, and served with a few plump Sable & Rosenfeld olives. That was the first martini I ever consumed, shaken up after a round of golf by my uncle James. We enjoyed them at dusk prior to a meal shared with my aunt Cynthia, the pleasant … [ Read more]

How to Make the Perfect Craft Gimlet

Making the perfect craft gimlet shouldn’t be a challenge. Photos by James Eastman I had the recent opportunity to make drinks at a dinner party celebrating the release of Twin Cities Chef’s Table, a fabulous book you should absolutely own if you are reading this article. Each couple prepared a different dish from the book … [ Read more]

Craft Cocktail: The AKA

Photos by James Eastman We often refer to bitters as the salt and pepper for your cocktails. So let’s add some über-literal seasoning to your cocktails this issue with a batch of black pepper bitters. You’ll want to use quality peppercorns (Penzey’s here in town is a good source, or splurge on the exceptional Tellicherry Black … [ Read more]

Craft Cocktail: The Lowry

By Erik Eastman, Easy & Oskey Photos by James Eastman Excitement abounds here at Easy & Oskey! Introducing Grapefruit, our first new bitters flavor since we launched the Make Your Own Bitters Kits in April 2013. More than just bitter citrus, this kit offers the warming spice of galangal (Thai ginger) to add depth and … [ Read more]

Craft Cocktails: Autumn Spice Daiquiri

Photos by James Eastman While many of us consume clear spirits regardless of the season, that familiar dip in the mercury can bring about a craving for richer, darker flavors. From crisp to funky, dry to sweet, smoky to clean, rum has a plethora of flavors, uses, and personalities. Rum is brilliant in a Martinez, savory … [ Read more]

Craft Cocktail: Three Easy Pieces

Photos by James Eastman “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” A timeless saying that rings true in many applications, cocktails being no exception. But what happens when you begin with parts that are exceptional on their own? Deliciousness happens, in the form of what could be an instant classic—Three Easy Pieces. This cocktail … [ Read more]

Craft Cocktails: Abeille 75

By Erik Eastman, Easy & Oskey Photos by James Eastman Brunch is officially a thing. No longer is brunch synonymous with soggy pancakes and limp bacon in scalding hot chafing dishes at the Hotel No Name. Some of the best restaurants in our twin towns are offering a fabulous brunch experience, including The Strip Club … [ Read more]

Craft Cocktails: The Martinez

A new take on an age-old classic by Erik Eastman, Easy & Oskey Photos by James Eastman Recently I had the chance to catch up with a friend after the holiday madness had subsided and learned said friend was not particularly fond of my favorite drink, the Martini. My companion posed this question: “Maybe I … [ Read more]

Craft Cocktails: How to Make a Mean Hot Toddy

Turning an old wintertime standby into a modern craft cocktail. By Erik Eastman, Easy & Oskey Photos by James Eastman We all remember Bob Ross, right? The host of the legendary PBS series The Joy of Painting was likely the most positive fella you’d ever want to watch paint happy little footy hills with happy … [ Read more]

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Craft Cocktails: The Boulevardier with Cherry Vanilla Bitters

By Erik Eastman, Easy & Oskey Photos by James Eastman The Negroni has been enjoying a moment of resurgence recently, and with good reason. What’s not to like about the combination of bitter Campari, sweet vermouth, the crisp snap of a quality gin and an orange twist. As the seasons turn, and your football viewing, … [ Read more]