Chasing the Beer Scene: Canada

It was about time for Chasing the Beer Scene to head north of the border…eh? If there’s one thing Canadians drink more than anything else, it’s beer. Wine and spirits can’t touch beer in terms of dollars sold. Canada has just passed its thirtieth anniversary for brewing craft beer and is making enormous strides in … [ Read more]

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The Barrel Mill

Keeping a Cooperage Alive By Jake Lewis It is difficult to look around a craft beer bar or bottle shop and not see at least one barrel-aged beer of some kind. Often times, it’s these beers that command the highest prices and the most attention from craft beer drinkers. It’s fascinating how the craft beer … [ Read more]

The Pint Law, a Year Later

  It has been a progressive year for the Minnesota beer scene since the passing of the Surly Bill just over a year ago, and the momentum keeps building. The efforts of the brewing community to create better business opportunities for themselves has been wholly supported by their consumers, and for the most part, legislators … [ Read more]