Autumn Brew Review 2015 Recap

There is a quote often attributed to Benjamin Franklin that reads, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” While the evidence suggests the original quote was about wine and not beer, craft beer fans will never argue with the sentiment. Nor would anyone argue with the phrase, “Autumn Brew Review … [ Read more]

Building better bikers: Quality Bicycle Products’ grand plan to bike-ify America

Photos by Aaron Davidson Many local bike businesses are as friendly to beer as breweries are to bikes. That’s certainly the case at Quality Bicycle Products, or QBP as it is more commonly known. Their headquarters in Bloomington, Minnesota, boasts multiple beer fridges scattered around the office and kegs are frequently purchased for company events. … [ Read more]

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All Pints North 2015 Recap

Four years since first appearing on the Minnesota beer festival scene, the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild’s All Pints North Summer Brew Fest has grown from the most laid-back and relaxing beer fest in the state to an almost required pilgrimage for local brewers and beer fans. Like in years past, the 2015 All Pints North … [ Read more]

Craft Culture: Traditional Snowshoes at Country Ways

Photos by Daniel Murphy The week before meeting with us, Country Ways’ CEO Greg Wilcox was in northern Minnesota at the Winter Camping Symposium, an annual event dedicated to celebrating outdoor winter activities. During our conversation, he spoke enthusiastically about how much he enjoyed the event and not just because beer was provided by Bent … [ Read more]

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Holiday Cheers: Emily Post Institute’s Etiquette for Work Happy Hours

‘Tis the season for company happy hours, holiday work parties, and other social gatherings with coworkers. While you may have the coolest coworkers around, it’s important to remember that these gatherings aren’t purely social. The same rules as when you’re out with friends do not apply. For some guidance, we spoke to expert in the … [ Read more]

The Secrets of Surly

The last year has been a busy one for Surly Brewing. Obviously, the company’s biggest project has been its new brewing facility, which is scheduled to open next fall in Minneapolis’ Prospect Park neighborhood. The new brewery alone would be enough for most companies. But, as founder Omar Ansari once said, “The Surly way is … [ Read more]

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Craft Culture: The Art of Letterpress with Studio on Fire

Photos by Kristine Erickson Do you know any graphic designers? If you do, ask them to see their business card. Odds are high that your friend’s card looks stylish, is printed on thick paper stock, and has a certain tactility to it. If you run your thumb over its surface, you can actually feel a … [ Read more]

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The Top Ten Questions about Autumn Brew Review

The 14th annual Autumn Brew Review will be held this Saturday, September 27th at the Historic Grain Belt Brewery. For many Minnesota beer fans, Autumn Brew Review (ABR) is one of the most exciting days of the year. If you’re attending this year, the following ten questions will get you primed for the weekend. If … [ Read more]

Chipotle’s Cultivate Celebrates Sustainable Food, Live Music, and Local Beer

When you think of brands that host hip outdoor events, names like Red Bull and New Belgium Brewing may spring to mind. Chipotle, on the other hand, probably does not—at least not yet. It may not have featured the extreme sports of Red Bull Crashed Ice or the gonzo atmosphere of New Belgium’s Tour de … [ Read more]

Red Wing Shoes: A Century of Craftsmanship

Craft Culture explores the storied history, and promising future, of Red Wing Shoes. Photos ©Barbara O’Brien Photography 2014 There are some brands that are practically inseparable from the place where they originated. If there’s one fact the public knows about these brands, it’s where they were born. This phenomenon is actually quite common in the … [ Read more]

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NorthWest Canoe: Building Beautiful Boats in St. Paul’s Lowertown

By Jeremy Zoss There has always been a good deal of symbolism tied to the canoe. The Canadians have long considered it a symbol of their national identity. In John Steinbeck’s The Pearl, the canoe represents a link to cultural traditions. Canoes grace the tap handles of Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company beers. On NBC’s Parks … [ Read more]

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Building Beer Brands: Trademark Disputes and Resolutions

These days, brewers find themselves navigating the fast-moving legal waters of naming a brewery and their beers. By Jeremy Zoss CORRECTION: A previously published version of this post incorrectly stated that “Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub in South Minneapolis sued Northeast Minneapolis-based Northgate Brewing over the similarity of their names.” Northbound Smokehouse did not “sue” Northgate Brewing over similarity … [ Read more]

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Bigger and Better: Minnesota Breweries Build for the Future

All around the state, Minnesota’s breweries are expanding brewing capacity and putting ambitious distribution plans in place. By Jeremy Zoss Photos by Joe Alton Four months after opening its small North Minneapolis brewery, Boom Island Brewing’s founder Kevin Welch knew that he would need to expand. Welch and his family—who are also his business partners—planned … [ Read more]

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Boom Island: Fermenting Straight From the Source

By Jeremy Zoss Is yeast the most underappreciated ingredient in beer brewing? Kevin Welch thinks so. The founder of Boom Island Brewing knows a thing or two about the subject. Before founding his brewery, Welch spent time traveling around Belgium and brewing at 13 of country’s most innovative breweries. When he returned, he brought back … [ Read more]

Recap of the 2013 Autumn Brew Review

By Jeremy Zoss A cold, rainy start to the 13th annual Autumn Brew Review couldn’t dampen the mood at the Minnesota Craft Brewer’s Guild’s flagship event. Some in attendance grumbled about the weather and the long lines at the entrance, but once the event got into full swing, there was simply too much great beer … [ Read more]