About Josh Weikert

Josh Weikert took up homebrewing in 2007 as a way to stay sane during graduate school (mission accomplished?). He is a founding member of the Stoney Creek Homebrewers, has medaled in every BJCP beer style, is a BJCP Grand Master Judge and Certified Cicerone, and is a two-time Eastern Pennsylvania Homebrewer of the Year. His writing is featured in several brewing publications including Brew Your Own and Craft Beer & Brewing, and he leads a double life as the jet-setting author of the Beer Simple blog (beer-simple.com).

Josh is a professor and lecturer in political science, and lives in Collegeville, PA with his wife, Barbara (also an award-winning brewer), and their dog Biscuit (not yet an award-winning brewer).

Beers for non-beer people

When you love beer, you want to share it. One challenge, though, is that for many people there’s a notion that “beer” is just “fizzy corn water with a touch of alcohol.” The dominance of macro light lager in the marketplace for so long has convinced many people that beer only means one thing, and … [ Read more]