Trailblazers 2016: Jacquie Berglund of FINNEGANS

In 2000, long before the current craft beer boom, Jacquie Berglund quit a stable job to start a brewery with a mission that’s as admirable as it is succinct: feed the hungry. In the 16 years since, FINNEGANS has done just that. In 2016, Berglund’s company surpassed $1 million in total donations to community organizations … [ Read more]

First Sip: Urban Growler Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stouts

Urban Growler Brewing will release two barrel-aged Russian imperial stouts and two experimental beers at a ticketed event tonight. The Growler had a chance to get an advance taste of the stouts on Tuesday. The St. Paul brewery made a single batch of the beer and split it between four barrels: two freshly used bourbon … [ Read more]

Bad Weather’s Joe Giambruno reflects on first year of taproom

Bad Weather Brewing Company will celebrate the first anniversary of their West Seventh Street taproom this Saturday. Co-owner Joe Giambruno, who spends much of his time in the taproom, doesn’t hesitate when asked what it’s meant for the brewery. “Obviously, it’s the greatest thing in the world,” he says, “but that doesn’t take away from what … [ Read more]

Minnesota’s 10 best ‘Under 21’ website redirects

If you’ve ever visited a brewery or distillery website, you’ve likely encountered an age verification screen that asks you to enter your birthdate or self-identify as 21 years of age or older before being allowed into the site. While these age verification screens aren’t actually required by state or federal law, there’s strongly-worded language suggesting … [ Read more]

Beers for Bob: 10 perfect pairings honoring Dylan’s Nobel Prize

Bob Dylan became the first singer-songwriter to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature on Thursday for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.” In honor of this achievement by one of Minnesota’s most recognizable native sons, here are 10 of our favorite Dylan songs or albums and their perfect Minnesota beer … [ Read more]

Scottish brewery claims to have made ‘the world’s first truth-telling beer’

If the PolitiFact Scorecards for 2016 presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are any indication, Scottish brewery Innis & Gunn is going to need to brew a lot more their new Smoke & Mirrors, which they’re calling “the world’s first truth-telling beer.” The beer consists of Innis & Gunn Original and three natural ingredients, each of which … [ Read more]

Schram to release IPA fermented in concrete tank

As craft beer continues its unprecedented growth, “firsts” are becoming increasingly hard to come by. This Friday, however, Waconia’s Schram Vineyards Winery & Brewery will become the first modern brewery in Minnesota to release a beer aged in a concrete fermenter. A few years ago, Aaron Schram was on a trip to California and visited a … [ Read more]

The mystery behind the Surly, Dangerous Man “Blutpakt” revealed

Surly and Dangerous Man caused a bit of a stir last week when they announced a mysterious “blutp̈akt” on social media. Speculation immediately began to swirl and ranged from both breweries being acquired by AB-InBev to Surly canning beer for Dangerous Man. In the end however, the most obvious guess was the correct one: a collaboration beer. … [ Read more]

PHOTOS: Pints & Play at Flat Earth Brewing

It’s no secret that the people at the Minnesota Children’s Museum (MCM) know a thing or two about play. Most Twin Cities kids know this firsthand from visiting the downtown St. Paul museum, but the MCM is out to get a message across to adults: play is not only good for your kids, it’s really … [ Read more]

Disco in diapers: These Twin Cities kids Rock the Cradle

You might not know them personally, but you’ve seen them around town. Always front row at concerts like they own the place, dancing like nobody’s watching. Being waited on hand and foot by their entourage. Never paying for their own drinks. So over the whole scene that they’ll leave a concert before the band plays their hit … [ Read more]

Summit Unchained No. 21 Us & Them is two IPAs in one six-pack

Brewing beer is hard work, but sometimes it’s a downright party, er, parti. Parti-gyling, named for a “partial gyle,” (gyle being another name for fermenting wort), is a brewing technique that originated in medieval England, if not earlier. It involves drawing wort from a mash like usual (a “first running”), then sparging the same mash to draw … [ Read more]

Summit announces special beers to mark 30th anniversary

When Summit Brewing Company founder Mark Stutrud wrote to the Brewers Association in 1983 to apply for membership and notify them that he was exploring the idea of opening a craft brewery in St. Paul, the trade organization did their best to dissuade him. Fortunately for craft beer fans in Minnesota and beyond, Stutrud ignored … [ Read more]

7 days, 12 big beers: Town Hall Barrel-Aged Week is Feb. 14–20

When it comes to barrel-aged beer, Town Hall Brewery doesn’t mess around. The Minneapolis brewpub was among the first in the country to take home a medal from the Great American Beer Festival for a barrel-aged beer—they won gold in 2001 for their Czar Jack Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout, which pre-dated the “Wood-and-Barrel-Aged-Beer” categories the GABF … [ Read more]

New board members, renewed focus: The latest at the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild

When Indeed Brewing Company opened their doors and joined the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild (MCBG) in 2012, the Guild’s membership consisted of about 20 breweries. Today, as Indeed co-founder Tom Whisenand gets ready to assume the role of president of the Guild’s board of directors, that number is pushing 100. As the industry has rapidly grown and … [ Read more]

New Beer Alert: Lift Bridge’s The Warden Milk Stout

For a city whose history is inextricably linked to Minnesota’s first prison, it was only a matter of time until Stillwater’s Lift Bridge Brewing Company released a beer like their new seasonal, The Warden Milk Stout. The beer’s name and packaging harken back to the Minnesota Territorial Prison, which was established in 1853 before Minnesota’s statehood and operated … [ Read more]