No Labels, No Limits: Individuals of all ages, shapes, and identities are proving that fitness is for every body

When she was 9 years old, Molly Lethert was in a snowmobile accident that severed her foot. Doctors were able to reattach it, but the resulting arthritis got worse every year. “Once I had my accident, year after year something got taken away,” Lethert says. “I couldn’t jump, so I couldn’t do basketball. I lost … [ Read more]

Minnesota Opera’s ‘Dead Man Walking’ is the redemption story we need

The character of Joseph De Rocher isn’t an easy person with whom to sympathize. Besides his scary appearance, with his shaved head and violent tattoos, including a Nazi symbol on his back, Joseph is a murderer and rapist. And yet, through the course of the opera “Dead Man Walking,” the audience, through the eyes of … [ Read more]

Many Hands Make Light Work: Coordinating volunteers to accomplish the greater mission

If volunteers are the lifeblood of a nonprofit—essential to accomplishing the organization’s mission—volunteer coordinators are the heart keeping that blood pumping. Part cheerleader, part wrangler, part teacher, and part event host, volunteer coordinators juggle all kinds of people with different skills and motivations for showing up. Whether working with corporate groups doing team building for a … [ Read more]

The Food Pedalers: Why food companies in the Twin Cities are betting on bike delivery

To start her bicycle delivery shift with Brake Bread bakery, Hannah Field straps her bike to a sizable trailer, which doubles as an advertisement and a bread transporter. “Fresh Bread By Bike to You” the trailer reads, “” As she makes her weekly deliveries to homes and local businesses, which serve as makeshift CSA stops … [ Read more]

After ‘Scaffold’ controversy, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden to reopen this weekend

After a dramatic course of events over the past two weeks, the Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board are set to open the newly renovated Minneapolis Sculpture Garden this Saturday, June 10th. Originally scheduled to open on June 3rd, the Walker and the park board delayed the opening after outrage over … [ Read more]

Water is Life: Northern Spark builds on last year’s theme with an art festival along the Green Line

Water is Life” became the rallying cry of the water protectors trying to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock, and now those words flow between St. Paul and Minneapolis via the Green Line train. Andrea Carlson’s colorful train-wrap design, which reads “Mni Wiconi” (water is life, in Dakota) on one side and “Nibi … [ Read more]

New and veteran theater producers look to strike it big at annual Fringe Festival

Natalie Rae Wass enjoys the special energy surrounding the Minnesota Fringe Festival. “It’s almost a small-town culture,” she says. “It’s like a commune of people that have found a thing that they enjoy and enjoy talking about it.” Wass, who performs in professional productions throughout the year, has been a fixture at the Fringe since … [ Read more]

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Snowbate: The vital program keeping filmmaking alive in Minnesota

In his first scene in the film “I am Not a Serial Killer,” Minnesota actor Tim Russell, playing Olson the Barber, encounters a character played by Christopher Lloyd who asks Olson to dance with his wife. Lloyd’s character is happily married; however, he needs new body parts to continue his 600-year existence. Russell’s character is … [ Read more]

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