The Sound and the Money: 3 ways musicians support their dreams of making music

While some musicians are financially successful enough to focus exclusively on music, most aren’t quite so lucky. For the average musician, making a living can be a difficult puzzle to figure out. “It’s not going to look the way a lot of people think it will. It’s not glitzy and it involves a lot of … [ Read more]

Trailblazers 2017: Chadwick Phillips

For many artists, making a name for themselves can be a challenge. Chadwick “Niles” Phillips, founder and CEO of The Avant Garde, is working to change that by putting a spotlight on up-and-coming artists in the Twin Cities. Originally from Lansing, Michigan, Phillips grew up in a musical family and was inspired to go into … [ Read more]

Rock the Cause at 10: Minnesota label celebrates a decade of making change through music

Scott Herold’s nonprofit Rock the Cause is changing lives through music. Many Minnesotans are familiar with Zach Sobiech’s story. Although the 18-year-old tragically died of cancer in 2013, his legacy still lives on through his song, “Clouds.” Sobiech never expected the song to go viral, but thanks to the help of Rock the Cause Records, the … [ Read more]