Crossword Puzzle: Issue 68 – June 2019 – “Culture Club”

This Month: “Culture Club” Across 1 Gmail Button 5 Choice for one who can’t choose 9 ___ pants 14 Maker of rows 15 Creative meeting output 16 Gender-neutral pronoun 17 Long-form exam 19 Totaled, as a bill 20 John ___ (tractor company) 21 Kicker’s asset 23 Color of khaki 24 Sports fan’s draft selections 29 “Amazingly…” … [ Read more]

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Better Camp Eats & Drinks: Dehydrated Dining Tips and Recipe for Peanut Coconut Curry

This article is a part of The Growler’s Outdoor Guide. Find more tips for outdoor adventure and dining here.  Extended camping treks involve a lot of planning, especially when it comes to meals. To punch things up—and not drag down your pack in the process—turn to dehydrated food. Before you run out to your local … [ Read more]