Ballast Point Victory at Sea

LIQUORBARREL_BallastPointBallast Point Brewing Company

Victory at Sea
10% ABV, 60 IBU

This imperial porter is a majestic beast that would make even the mighty Captain Ahab shake in his boots. A dark, foreboding body and a head that’s as unnerving as a thunderstorm might intimidate the drinker, but there’s no need to worry: the beer’s sweet vanilla and toasty coffee nose will calm your nerves. Initially, it hits harder than a shot of espresso, waking the senses and making the vanilla sweetness shine through. The flavor will cling to your palate like a captain to a sinking ship. This beer would pair well with hearty breakfast food after a night of hitting the town like your parachute failed.

Review by Liquor Barrel
5111 Excelsior Blvd, St Louis Park

This year, the Liquor Barrel will be celebrating their 10-year anniversary of being nestled in the historic Miracle Mile Shopping Center in St. Louis Park. The enthusiastic staff here has an unbridled passion for everything craft. They pull no punches when it comes to making sure that customers find exactly what they are looking for, whether it is well inside their comfort zone or something a little adventurous. The goal is to keep the customer more than pleased and eager to return for more insight.


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