Bank robbers, prostitutes, and gang members share stories for a new podcast with comedian Gabe Noah

“Profession Confession” is a new podcast from local comedian Gabe Noah // Image via Professions Confession Facebook

A bank robber, a male prostitute, and a gang member sit down with a comedian and share their most insane and personal stories.

This isn’t a joke; it’s a new podcast that launched earlier this month.

Local comedy standout Gabe Noah’s “Profession Confession” podcast is exactly what it sounds like. Each episode, Noah finds people from non-traditional professions that involve death, crime, violence, and sex, and interviews them about their experiences.

“I don’t remember when I came up with the idea, but it was one of those ideas that just wouldn’t go away,” Noah says of the podcast’s origins. “I was the typical kid from a good family who was always drawn to the wrong people, places, things, substances, subversive literature, films, humor, or anything else that was taboo or sick or dumb.”

Eventually, Noah himself stepped off the straight and narrow path into darker territory.

“I moved to Los Angeles to do comedy, but ended up getting hooked on heroin and started a three-year slide that ended back in my parent’s basement at 28 years old,” he says. “I guess this show is just a way for me to go back to that era without losing my wife and child.”

The show itself is an insanely fascinating dive into some of the most unspeakable careers and lifestyles that most of us could only dream about. According to Noah, the guests’ identities are protected so that they can speak freely.

“I wanted it to be like having beers after work and hearing the stories that [the guests] only tell each other,” Noah says. “I’ve always found that people who deal with these kinds of topics always have the best sense of humor, and I think people can tell that we’re not judging them or offending them in anyway.”

When it came time to turn his vision into a reality, Noah reached out to local radio personality Tom Barnard, whose podcast network includes notable Twin Cities personalities like TD Mischke and L.A. Nik.

Barnard, who is well-known as a friend of the local and national comedy scenes, had hosted Noah on his show several times, and after a meeting between Noah and Barnard’s show manager, Tevin Pittman, they decided the show would be a fit for his network.

Then came the fun part: choosing the guests.

Noah has already taped nearly a dozen episodes of the podcast, all of which are unique and engaging in their own way. But there are a handful of guests who stand out the most.

“We had a drug trafficker for The Crips who educated us about Minneapolis gang territory, local drug trafficking, prostitution, ‘Cripnics,’ and much more. We also had the Skyway bank robber. That was really interesting. He robbed 11 banks (focused on downtown Minneapolis) and went to jail for nine years. And then there was the male prostitute who is gay for pay but claims he isn’t gay. He is still genuinely conflicted and does not hide it. That was really, really fun.”

While Noah is the constant presence for each episode, he often has fellow standup comedians stop by to co-host, adding to the insanity of each episode.

The first four episodes are available to listen to right now and new episodes will be released each week.

Noah says he has hopes of finding even more interesting professions for upcoming episodes, with a “dream list” that includes prison guards, high-end prostitutes, and FBI profilers. For now, however, he’s excited to simply start sharing these stories with the world.

“Obvious the show is new, but I’m really happy that it has become what I originally envisioned: people telling fucked up stories and us making some pretty dark jokes without derailing or upsetting the guests,” he says. “The chemistry has been really fun and natural, and I think people are really going to be into it.”