Bent Brewstillery Merges with Pour Decisions Brewing

By Brian Kaufenberg

Now Open (or Damn Close): Bent Brewstillery

Bent Brewstillery and Pour Decisions Brewing are making a joint new year resolution to grow stronger—and it’s not with a new gym membership.

One-year-old Pour Decisions and just released Bent Brewstillery announced that on January 1st they have merged into one company under the name Bent Brewstillery. In pooling their resources, Bartley Blume of Bent Brewstillery and Kristen England of Pour Decisions are combining “the best parts of two companies and making a single, stronger one.”

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Bent Brewstillery began contract brewing its beer at the Pour Decisions brewery in Roseville in 2013 during which time Blume and England worked side-by-side and developed a relationship. Now, they will be brewing under the same name, but keeping the “traditional PDBC concepts” and adding “a large expansion of sours beers and all-new Bent beers.”

The new year also holds “increased bottle production, a distillery, taproom expansion, and renovation.” England will continue on in the head brewer role at Bent Brewstillery and Blume will be in charge of the distillery and the crafting of his unaged pure malt whiskey Unpure, an aged bourbon, and a gin.

Bartley Blume of Bent Brewstillery

Bartley Blume of Bent Brewstillery working in the former Pour Decisions Brewery

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