Bent Brewstillery Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Fatha Imperial

ELEVATED_DarkFathaBent Brewstillery
Bourbon Barrel Aged
Dark Fatha Imperial Stout
9.3% ABV
The new seasonal version of Dark Fatha, this beer received a year’s worth of aging in a combination of rye and bourbon barrels, adding a unique signature to the roasted malt flavors. The aromas of pecan and vanilla twirl with flavor notes of dark roasted coffee and bittersweet chocolate. With all the rich flavors, the light finish is a welcome invitation to take a few more sips, and then a few more. Pairing Guide 5: Depth of flavor allows this beer to stand up to a vanilla, fruit, or pumpkin dessert course, or even post meal, enjoying your company into the night.


Reviews by Elevated Beer Wine & Spirits
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